Ashiqui – Raglak Ff (Episode 3)

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The episode starts with laksh reaches his office. he takes out his key from bike and rounds the key on his finger stylishly. he get into the lift and about to close. ragini came ragini. laksh looks on and puts hand between the lift door and the door stops closing.

“thanks,” ragini says and get in. laksh looks at her and at the file she has. “interview?” laksh asked. “what?” ragini looks at him. “nothing, are you going to interview?” laksh asked. ragini looks at file and at him. “yes,” ragini smiles and said it.

laksh nods and looks at the lift door. the door opens and ragini gets out. “excuse me,” laksh calls her. ragini turns and looks at him. “all the best.” laksh says. “tha…” before ragini say that word the door closes. ragini looks on and walks away. laksh looks on and said “shit, what did she have said?” he thinks and got a bit mad.

ragini get into the reception place and stop. “where is the interview taking place?” ragini asked. the receptionist looks at her. “there, go straight and turn left. there is the interview.” ragini says and starts to speak on phone. ragini said thanks and fillies the instructions.

laksh came to his cabin and said hi to all the collagues. they said back and laksh sat on his cabin. opposite to him, romi was sitting doing something and busy. laksh puts his bag and does his work.

laksh suddenly got distracted and stops working. he turns and looks at romi. “friend, turn. i want to talk.” laksh calls him. “no, i have so many work to do” romi said and work. laksh looks at him and “do your work. next time, you will ask anything to me, there I’ll see you” laksh says. romi nods and laksh turns away.

ragini is called for interview. ragini looks pale and scare. she get in. “good morning, sir” ragini says and sit on the chair. ragini smiles and gives the file to the manager. the manager checks her file and looks at her. “okay, shall we start our questions?” manager asked. ragini nods.

laksh is working. a collague comes there. the collague claps his hand and others stopped working android looks at him. “hey, vicky? why?” romi asked. followed by him, some others. “because, manager said that we have another collague and here is she. RAGINI.” vicky says. laksh didn’t gave a attention and work.

ragini came there. “hi” ragini says and waved her hand. “hi,hi,hi” the other collague introduced. “so, here she will work with us and manager told that laksh will teach her how to work.” vicky says. laksh stops working and looks up. she looks at him. laksh looks at her and stands up.

vicky introduces each other with and walks away. “hi, thanks” ragini says to laksh. “why? i didn’t start to teach even” laksh says. “no, this is not for this. it’s for wished me” ragini says. “oh, okay” laksh says.

ragini sat on her seat. laksh looks at her and her hands. she is in a mood full of scare. ragini does something in her hands. laksh grabs her hand. ragini looks shocked and looks at him. “don’t be scare. it’s easy.” laksh takes away his hand. ragini nods. laksh starts to teach her. ragini makes some mistakes in that but laksh teaches her very patiently. ragini likes to study this way.

after a few hours of teaching, ragini is full trained. “okay, so you can work on yourself” laksh says. “thank you” ragini says. “let’s be friends and moreover there is no thank you between friends” laksh says. ragini nodded to him and smiles. “good girl” laksh pinched her cheek. “ouch” ragini winced. “sorry” laksh says. ragini beats him and says “no sorry between friends.”

laksh laughs. ragini also laughs. they laughs at each other and get into their work.

the works are finished, Ragini came to house with some groceries in her hand. she sees foods on table. “papa” ragini calls out shekar. shekar came there. ragini puts the things down and walks to him. “what is this, dad? i have told you to not to work.” ragini hugs shekar. “you have been working all day. so that’s i thought to work for this day.” shekar says. “i want you, papa. I’ll not let you work.” Ragini says. shekar smiles and looks at her. “someday, I’ll have to go away from you. so I want you to be happy before i go.” shekar says. “no, you’ll not go anywhere. I’ll not let you.” ragini hugged him and in the verge of crying.

shekar knows that and consoles her. “okay. I’ll be with you. but one day you’ll marry and go to your MIL house.” shekar says. “why? I’ll make my husband to live with me.” ragini says. “okay, stop it. we shall eat now.” ragini pulled him and they eat together.

Laksh came to his house. preetha came there. “I’ve heard that you got a new collague. is it true?” preetha asked. “who told you?” laksh asked. “hmm-romi” balwant says and walks away. laksh goes to his room and looks at romi. “hi” romi says. “why told this?” laksh asked. “just for fun.” romi says.

“they will make fun of this ,” laksh says. “you had good time with her?” preetha asked from downstairs. laksh listens to it and felt shy. he falls down on his bed. romi laughs. “laughing?” laksh asked. romi nodded. laksh throws at him a pillow. romi looks on. laksh puts his heas on bed…


so here is the update. I will try my best to update aur pyar ho gaya…. so wait and keep reading. now enjoy this episode and the movie’s trailer and ennai kollathey song… i hope tamilian guys will listen to it and enjoy it. i hope this will be your one of favourite song…. bye… do comment about this episode and the song… thank you…

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