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Before starting lemme inform u, I’m ” E grade” in romance ?so dont expect too much from me by witnessing d title?

* read d story carefully*?

Two souls were sleeping comfortably in cuddles with a slight smile on their face. Winds were gushing through the windows making the curtains flutter high. Swara was feeling cold and snuggled more on sanskar for shelter and he too caged her in him arms protectively….

Clouds poured down heavily as a result drizzle’s were entering the room through the window pane disturbing their beautiful soundless dream. Sanskar squeezed his eyes in fustration giving huge sigh…
Swara laughed at him making him more angry.

But something has changed…. Something… Oh nooooo……. Both let out scream at top of their lungs…….
Swasan were clueless how did this happen?????????
They were searching for answers!!!!
How?? why??? When???
But silent was only their answer…
Swasan scrachted their heads like mad searching for an answer but they couldn’t…

After fighting their inner turmoil  swara went to refresh leaving sanskar behind in bed. Sanskar was biting his nails in anxiety” what if he saw my body?? What will i do?? Omg my virgin body i took long time to carve them but but but!!!!!”
Noooo……. He sat on the bed in fustration..

Swara removed her dress with difficulty and threw them  at corner, turned the shower on. Cold showers drenched the body wiping the tiredness. She took careful wash and entered the room in bathrobe. She gave smirk filled smile to sanskar who was sitting on the bed holding the blanket tightly…

Go refresh sanskar said swara with mischieve filled body language…

Sanskar grabbed his towel and fled to bathroom. Where he can hear a chuckle outside.

Sanskar had body wash by closing his eyes and came covered his body with towel and fled inside the room.

Swara was confused what to wear and same with sanskar were he was scratching his head.

Swara picked a short dress upto knee lenght, but sanskar snatched the dress saying ” no ur not wearing that ”
Swara yelled back i will wear dat….. Wts ur prblm…
Sanskar picked a T- shirt and shorts upto knee length and gave hearty smile to swara!!!!
Swara gulped seeing the clothes!!! She shouted at him” dont wear that dress idiot today there is board meeting in our office”..
Sanskar retorted her so u too wear long and nice dress instead of wearing u childhood dress which u took in high school…
After quarrel both wore formals and left office.

@ office :
Sanskar was walked shaking his hips were as swara was walking bolding and left to their cabin. Swasan were doing their works  peacefully…
Swara was feeling tired so she removed her dupatta threw them in corner wr as sanskar was shocked by her behaviour.. He ran picked the shawl and covered her perfect body.
Swara scolded sanskar” shawl is irrtating me and its like someone hanging around my neck”…
Sanskar raised his eyebrow” Think before u speak ”
Swara asked him what u will do???
Sanskar got up removed his tie undid his buttons may b three, pulled shirt sleeve upto upper arm, untucked his shirt and was about to remove the belt……….
Swara shouted noooooo……….. I will wear the shawl.
Sanskar raised his collar proudly giving her humorous laugh…
Swara was about to scold him but they heard a knock on the door… Before he could make him presentable his P.A entered the room shocking swasan…
Trio were in shock
Swara was shooting  daggers to sanskar and he was feeling embarrased and his  p.a left the room mumbling sorry………
Swasan did not know how to handle the situation now…

Afternoon lunch break :
Swasan were about to enter the elevator but  while crossing the  path they heard ppl talking about morning cabin incident… Swara glared at sanskar and if looks could kill a person, sanskar would be 8 feet below the ground…..
Sanskar gave a laugh and entered the elevator…. Swara too follwed him….

At board meeting :
Meeting went smoothly, swara rasied so many questions shocking heads of various departments in their company where as sanskar remained silent. Every minute office heads were gazing swara and sanskar left and right… First time they are watching sanskar silent and bossy swara….
Lastly meeting came to  an end, staffs were leaving the conference room buzzing about swasan new behaviour….

Evening @ swasan house :
Swara refreshed and was waiting for sanskar at dining table. But he took long time so she turned on television watching news channel seriously and she forgot world around her. Sanskar came quietly stood behind swara and shouted boom…
Swara’s heart skipped a beat and she remained  frozed for minutes.
Sanskar shook her but swara got angry and twisted his arms making him yell. But no hardly yet it will cause pain.
Sanskar was not able to fight her back so he bite on her shoulder ferociously making her shout in pain releasing his arms.
Sanskar told ” minus × minus – plus” with wink….
Swasan settled to have their dinner followed by movie watch….
Movie was running with twist and truns but but sanskar can sense the next scene, so he moved his head from east,west,north and south were as swara was gazing him and t.v to and fro.
What happened sanskar she asked with curiosity but sanskar gulped his throat and nodded nothing. Sanskar stood up not able to accept the next scene. Swara pulled him by arms. Due to sudden pull sanskar legs stumbled and he fell over swara on the couch… Swasan had a passionate eye lock… Gap between their lips were decreasing only a inch left to touch the other’s lip…. Suddenly light went off, we can see a white  figure appeared for seconds and disappered. Swasan can feel the magic around them, it was cozy with love,desire  and passion.
Sanskar rolled swara above him which lead into searing kiss smooching ferociously perfectly moulded lips were we can see only their face but devoid of lips( was it vulgar)
After several smooches swasan felt dizzy and slept on the couch in eo arms.

Morning :
Chripping birds waked our swasan who were cuddling in couch like bread & butter slowly swara woke up and saw her condition and smile crept her face..
Sanskar was blushing like teenage girl spreading red color on his cheeks visible over his stubble…..
But again some thing went wrong and their hearts became heavy but last nite they were back to original. The kiss was from their soul which made blush like anything.

Swasan refreshed and left to office with huge smile on their face yet sad deep inside !!!!!!!!!

Day passed at night sanskar was sleeping but swara was continuously tossing on the bed making him wake from his asanskari dream with swara ??

Ahhhh…… My stomach is paining swara sat on bed holding the bedsheet tightly… Sanskar was worried for her and he calmed her by giving water…

Swara started crying more and sanskar was unable to control her… So to make the environment light he stated” you should fill ur stomach according to the capacity, If u fill it with loads not only stomach even kidney will pain”….

Swara gave a hit on his stomach using her feet and sanskar yelled in pain…

Swara was roaming btwn washroom and room. Sanskar was thinking deeply how to reduce the pain…. Suddenly bulb glowed enlightening that it was monthly period….
Shit he uttered under his breath, sweat beads forming on his forehead… Sanskar started twisting the bedsheet due to awkwardness…..

Swara was calling sanskar for help,” I cant tolerate the pain plz take me to hospital”.

Sanskar was helpless seeing her… He went down to the kitchen brought sone fenugreek seeds along with warm water to give her massage… He made swara lie on the bed on her back

Sanskar made her eat the seeds which maintains body tempreture and cools down during menstrual cramps. Swara was crying while holding his hands tightly not letting do his work….. Swara was feeling pained she learnt new lesson and sanskar was caring her like small baby….

His hands were shivering and hestitant to do next wrk. Swara was clueless and crying. Now she knew how girls are suffering from this monthly cycle…. She was cursing god for this pain….
Sanskar with hesitant dipped a cloth in warm water and squeezed them to drain excess water….
Swara was blinking at him…
Sanskar closed his eyes and took several breath ( monologue – Its ur body u have to relieve the pain, he is innocent to understand)
Swasan had eyelock without breaking them sanskar slowly raised her shirt upto mid ribcage, she was looking at him with shock yet he continued his work… He gave her warm water massage on her lower abdomen to ease the pain……

Slowly swara’s pain were diminshing and she drowned into slumber….. Sanskar made her sleep properly and he discarded the vessels and slept next to her without making noise…..

So keep guessing y swasan r behaving different at times…..

A/N – will post nxt part soon and sorry if this part was boring…

This part is dedicated to YAZ (Pangu ?)
Belated happy budday devil ?

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  1. Sus

    omg what is all this, have they any kind of bet to behave lime this
    awesome dear and different

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much sus ?? u will gt 2 know in nxt part?

  2. Mahavir

    akka wait lemme take my medicines…!! *gulping the talets..!! akkkkkaaaaaaaa…!! what was that…!! ennadhu adhu omgg..!! semma akka u know its not at all vulgur..!! thapa eduthuka kudaadhu ennaku ene therla siripa niruthave mudiyala..!! amma kita thitu vangunadhu dhan micham..!! semma akka superb duper kili kili kilinu kilichteenga hahaaaa…!! but evanga renduperum yen werid a behave panranga..!! sometimes swara is ASANSKARI nd sometimes sans is ASANSKARI or sometimes both are INNOCENT..!! plzzzz indha doubtsa unga thangachikaga seikaramave clear pannedunga…!! plzzzzx *teary eyed..!! love u akka post soon…!!

    1. Scooby

      Achachooo… Sorry thangachi enala nee thitu vangita ????
      About swasan u wil gt to knw in nxt part ????

      1. SNY

        Paru devil unnala enn kutty thangachi thittu vangirukku??????unmaiya ennalaiyum sirippa adakka mudiyala????

      2. Mahavir

        haahaaa yaz akka same pinch ennalayum siripa adakave mudiyala..!! omggg thala ippo nanum yaz akka team ayitom..!! heheee

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much anu ?

  3. Independent


    1. Scooby

      Sorry dr.. Wt is confusing u tell mel.. I will clear u now?

    2. Independent

      the whole story is confusing dear but no worries i guess it will be cleared as the story progress and also plz dont be sorry

  4. Harshita

    Awsm and really interesting

  5. I thnk their soul in the movie ithihasa & bogan..
    Am i correct??
    Anyways itz intrstng

  6. SNY

    Nandri pangu?????
    Semmaiya irukku stry ….???idhula yaaru sanskari yaaru asanskari kandupitikka mudiyala?????neeye sollitu ….nammaluku yosikira madhiri nadikkadhan theriyum?????aprm enna sonna devil la naanga angel needhan devil ?????maruppadiyum mikka nandri machi?????Nxt one soon k…

  7. Interesting.. Swara’s soul is in sanskar body n sanskar’s in swara body…

  8. I like it it is some where similar to bhaskar ban gya bharti I think

  9. Praju

    Have their souls interchanged????? Or something like that. …

  10. Shivan

    its a story about transformation of souls,good theme something different


    Ha ha ha machi.. avanga ?? mariduchu right eh ???? apdi tha nenaikurean?… sema po.. waiting ????

  12. I think there souls were interchanged thus body is of swara bt he behaves like sanskar vice a versa…. Nice update next part soon can’t wait….

  13. Awesome part dear…looks like both of them have interchanged their souls

  14. Abirsha

    Omg sema navi!!! Loved it….. By reading comments i came to know the souls are changed….. Sema and neyabagam vachuko yas devil kedayathu!!!

  15. Scooby

    Thanks to every1 who took time to say a single word atleast ?? so cnt reply to ur msgs individually.

    1. Scooby

      *sorry i cant

  16. Arshaanya

    Loved it..
    Bt ya its confusing me y dey r bhvng differently on different tymz situations…
    N its noy at all vulgar… it was not even 1% of romamce ??
    I want more ???
    Continue soon

  17. Anu

    granny its very confusing! nd the major problem i cant even understand by reading commentss as all r commenting in tamil! huh *pout face* but one thing i come to know its about transformation of sould! really????? tht means in last one sanskar soul is inside swara?? but how it is happening?? ohh god i will go mad!

    but one question! when they r watching movie tht time sanskar know tht will be the next scene! but uh didnt tell us! tell me wht was tht scene please!!

    1. Mahavir

      arey sammu we r just talking in tamil u know i dont have any guesses i leave it to navi akka itself…i know i know u also dumboo like me so dont worry akka will clear it heheee

  18. I think their souls r exchanged that’s why they r behaving different…… The concept is so nice…… Like it…. Continue soon

  19. Meera_s

    Nice dear…but i’m lil confused

  20. Gayathri.visu

    Its look like tamil film BOGAN! But I loved it……its interesting!!!

  21. Simi


  22. NICE DEAR…but is it a korean serial story??

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