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Many got confused, few were ok, so as the story proceeds u will get to know…

Note : many related this story with movies but its my concept guys… Solely my imagination.

Thank u so much for ur response, sorry i was not able to  reply u individually…..

Lemme start,

Swara was sleeping peacefully and sanskar lying next to her. His eyes slowly drifted to cealing…..

Flash back : In 3rd POV

YUOP one of the famous college in kolkata, where our hero is studying final yr BBA.
Class was gonna but sanskar was least interested in professor’s bored lecture. Sanskar was playing” X O ” with his best frnd Manik another handsome hunk of the clge.. These hunks were always hot topic of the clge  bcz of their never ending pranks…

Manik was in relationship with nandhini who was his childhood bestie like sanskar but her badluck she got admission in another reputed college in the same city….

Sanskar knew about nandhini and he considered her as his own sister. Through her he came to know about our bubbly shona aka swara. He was not in love with her or attracted. He knew a girl name swara who is best friend of nandhini with moral values and kind heart but same time eye for an eye person.

Sanik ( sanskar + manik) game was disturbed by attender who came in with circular.  Professor stated ” WERTY – college is conducting ICM (Inter collegiate meet) and their college was invited for the meet. Interested students can enroll their names and send the list via through college, Thank you ”

Woaahh!! boys in the class roared with hums and whistles in excitement since it was the best girls college and first time in history they are inviting co-ed colleges…
Boys were shouting!! me sir!! me sir.. Im in for dance, Im in for singing, Im in for dumb charates, Im in for Essay writing and so on….

       Professor removed his specs gave a stone glare by marrowing his brows!!!!! Still now none opened ur mouth but on  hearing the girl’s college name i dont know from wr u got this energy ???

All were smiling silently….

Sir gave a steady node leaving the class with a note ” participants  can enroll their  name in department”.

Entire class was happy!!! Why not!! It was every boys dream to atleast visit that college once….

So our sanik enrolled their names and shared the news with nandhini. She was over excited to be with them on that day.
Manik opted for music competion – guitar + singing…. But sanskar opted for enjoyment

The day came,  sanik entered the clge and their mouth hung open….
Girls were beautifully dressed up in jeans, skirts, traditional wear.. Combo of indo – western…. It was like birds sanctuary filled with colors…

Soon they heard announcement, manik went in search of nandhini and sanskar stood there gazing the environment but his back bumped on girl and the girl’s leg got crossed between sanskar’s. Both were at verge of falling but he held the girl tightly through arms……(practical no men will catch a unknown girl by waist)

Eyelock took place, but someone called her as swara!!!!!! Sanskar’s nerves got straightned.

Sans monologue – so she is shona !!! Whom nandhu will be chanting always… Hmmm not bad… Deceiving looks and kind at heart.. Waah beauty with brains…. His mind made a clear picture of her!! Click a quick snap…. His brain stored it and named ” Match Found – My soul mate”

Swara snapped her fingers on his face??? Excuse me r u okay!!!!

Sanskar gave her wide 32 closeup ad smile if time would be in his favour, he would perform closeup moments face to face lip – lip Nothing im alright…

He forwarded his  hand “Im sanskar”
Swara retorted nice meeting u!! with pleasant smile moving from that place….

Sanskar called her oiiiii ” ur name??”

I will never Intro myself to an stranger she left with chuckle…

Sanskar mumbled “not bad “with wink…

Swara left the place and  sanskar was looking her back view with wide smile…

Helloooo romeo wr are u stuck ??came a voice from his back grabbing his attention..

Sanskar gave nandhu a warm hug!!  Clearing his throat “Met my juliet”

Nandhu got overwhelmed jumping on his shoulder,” shouting show me the lucky girl!!”

Sanskar gave manan a wink ” swara”

Both yelled what!!!!!!!!!!

Arghhh my ear drums are paining reduce ur vocal r else i might make them fuse..
Yes i fell for shona may b first sight but her personality made me she will be perfect for me….

Manan hugged sanskar wishing him All the best. But swara is tough nut to crack answered nandhu leaving sanik shocked..

Sanskar ruffled his fingers inside the hairs ” lets hope!! I will sweep off her feet”
SanManan shared a group hug…

Manik gave outstanding performance from one direction – summer love…

Next sanskar picked a mic, started humming..
He let out to the crowd” Are you ready???”
Ready 3 2 1… Sanskar gave toe shake movements gathering eye of the audiences who retorted him with hoots, claps, screams followed by whistles…

Sanskar’s eye were searching for swara!! There!! he caught her!!! His eyes were glistening in happiness…. Smiling wide…

Sanskar singing :

       I might never be your knight in
                   shining armour
       I might never be the one you take     
                   home to mother
      And I might never be the one who
                brings you flowers
   But I can be the one, be the one tonight

(His eyes ,were fixed on swara while singing above lines and nandhu cheering him)
              Girl, I hope you’re sure
              What you’re looking for
  ‘Cause I’m not good at making promises

Baby, I’m perfect for you ( he raised his finger pointing @ swara)

Entire college was looking at swara with shock…..

Swara was in shock and she hid her face inside her bag due to  embarrasment…

Sanskar finally swore her ” Baby im perfect for u!!!!!!!”

Gallery was filled with cheers….

Nandhu ran to sanskar,hugged him making swara shock….

Nandhu gave intro about sanskar and swara felt shy thinking about her behaviour at morning….

Manan & swasan had  great time…

From that time, when ever manan planned outing sanskar would stick like lizard to them making his plans for swara… Nandhu had difficult time convincing swara to their plans….

Days passed, swasan were turning out to be good friends but in limit… Swara would never show she had interest on him…. Not even a single friendly hug ( poor sanskar)

During outings Manan would b enjoying but sanskar will be sad since swara has never shown any interest on him but she was best company for him.. They never felt bored in others company….

Valentine day :

Manan had their plans and went off with it… Sanskar’s emotion was now overflowing like flood he was no more able to control them.. He was sure today he would confess her…

Sanskar picked a bunch of roses called swara to meet at silent valley their favourite common place…  Swara was sitting on the bench, enjoying the heavenly sunset….

Sanskar was nervous yet played a stiff face… He knelt down before swara making her astonish ” when? where?? how ?? I dont know but ur kind heart and ur looks made me fall for u!!! Will u give me the oppturnity to hold ur hands forever swara!!! ”

Swara was in shock!!!!!  She took seconds to picture the events… Sanskarrr!! her voice was deep with guilt… I never felt any vibe for u!! Ur my best friend…  But….. Sorry sanskar she spoke with sad tone seeing his disappointed face… He had hopes she might accept him…

Sanskar gave a sigh!!  Its ok swara… We cant force the other for something which we expect from them…

Swara was feeling sorry for him.. Hurting her best friend…  She made him sit in the chair… First time she held his palms in her’s he felt heavenly!!!! Sanskar dont get disheartened…. I have never thought about love and all… My goal is to achieve my dreams without any barrier… Hope u will understand sanskar…

Sanskar gave her smile.. Yup swara…

Swara patted his shoulder saying “Thats like my sanskar boy with huge laugh”..

Sanskar smiled seeing her smiling happily…

Swara “so wts ur next plan??”

Sanskar  said hmmm… May be luking for another girl…

Swara slapped his arms playfully..  Sanskar!!! Im asking about ur future!!

Sanskar gave a sheepish smile.. Nothing now swara. May b later i would have a dream..

Swasan planned to move to their respective places but sanskar being sanskar planned something..

“Swara why dont we visit our favourite resturant before we depart”, asked sanskar with puppy face..

Swara accepted his offer happily…. sanskar was happy eventhough she rejected him. They were normal and no awkwardness btwn them.

Their restaurant was hustle bustle!! Some how they got a place ordered their fav desserts ” Red velvet cake, hot snizzling brownie, choco lava and expresso”….

They loved everything dark except red velvet

Both fighted for their orders since everything arrived in single.. Hot brownie was melting!! swasan were fighting for the throne…. Both pulled from either side and it landed on their hands but in liquid form… Both were licking their fingers which were dripping with brownie and cake spread on the plate shattered…. Soon they finished eating all the items slowly relishing the desserts  with beautiful person infront of them…

Huuhhh finally they finished!! Haha sanskar planned something naughty…

Swara!!! he called her name in husky tone..

She raised her head looking into his deep dark black eyes lashes wide apart. She got drowned into his eyes.. First time she was checking out  His face…. Sanskar smirked..

Swara there is piece of cake on left side of ur cheek and Ice cream smudged on this side he pointed out…

Swara was struggling to wipe them !!!

Sanskar moved from his chair reducing the gap between them. Her eyes glued to his face… Sanskar’s finger trailed towards her cheek wiping the cake were his fingers brushed her lower lip.. She gasped watching his fingers… And he moved to another side wiping her cream smudged smooth as silk… He made round patterns… Swara pushed his hands… Thanks sanskar she replied him…

Sanskar gave a node ” No mention”

Swasan were in complete silence..  Sanskar was enjoying his moment were as swara was blank… Soon they paid the bill  bidding bye…

Night :
Manan & sanskar were in skype call.. They asked sanskar about his confession… He narrated the entire story leaving manan shocked…

Manan” buddy ur happy instead of being sad by her rejection!!”

At first i was sad guys!! But not now…
I have just sown seeds of love inside her heart which may later sprout and give me fruits of labour…..

Aahaan!!! some one is trying to be philosophical…..

Sanskar said ” philosophy r pythagorus!!! Im in love and  I am sure I  would win her heart!!”..

They had long night chat…

Same at swara side :

Today he proposed me!!! Mummy my throat got stuck with air.. May b chocking to death….. I never thought he will propose me.. We were never more than friends but donno!!! I liked something about sanskar… His smile his nature his caring his sense of humour his way of handling situation… Everuthing makes me fall for him… But im not in love with him.. Im sure… But today his closeness made me numb.. His fingers brushing my lip ahhhh… Wt was dat???
She twisted her hairs making her look like devil…. She was fighting what was that feeling….

Okay!!!! Take few long breath…. Inhale… Exhale…. Inhale…. Exhale…. Haan… Cool..
Now sleep swara…. Sleep… She murmured herself….

Dump a bottle opener ringtone made her awake…. She took her mobile and saw sanskar’s gud nyt msg with moons snd stars… Another common thing in them.. They loved Night with twinkling stars and gleaming cresent moon bringing wonderful view to the the world which is majestic for night lovers…..
She texted him back and drifted into slumber adorned with wonderful smile….


Tadda!!!!! Im stopping here today!!!!

I know swasan scenes were less and non romantic but sure u will get them on  next part which will be probably on saturday…

Thank u for reading !!!

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