Asad aur Zoya (one shot)


Asad aur Zoya ki adhuri prem kahani
One shot

Omg! Omg! Omg! Why does he have to be so cute and hot? He’s so hot. I don’t know how hot the sun would be but I’m sure he is even hotter than sun.
A girl says: Zoya! You are really crazy! Just take him out from your heart and throw it in the trash can! I don’t even know what you see in him! He’s ugly anyways. Plus this is not the age to fall in love. You are just in seventh standard.
Zoya: shut up Anu! I know your my best friend, but I won’t listen to you every time! I will never take him out from my heart nor my life!
Anu: how cheesy! (Cough) (cough)
Zoya: what?
Anu: look who is passing by!… As Zoya turns around, a cute, handsome guy whom almost every girls in the college fall for was walking down the hallway with group of his friends.
Zoya pulls her hair in the front and starts smiling adoring his face: I saw my Asad. I wish he was mine.
Anu pushes her and says: you and your Asad. Come! Let’s go to class now!

Few years passed and by now, they were in 10th standard.
Zoya comes running: Anu!!!! Guess what? I’m so happy today!
Anu: what did Asad do?
Zoya: how did you know I was going to say something about Asad.
Anu (makes a face): everything you say or do is related to Asad. Any who, why are you so happy? Did you bumped into him?
Zoya: no dummy! Asad also likes me back.

After 6 years
Zoya gets a phone call and says: ok! I will definitely come!… As she hangs up, tears roll down through her cheeks! The words Anu used to say flashes in her mind, “ why do you even like him? He’s so ugly anyways”.
As Zoya turns around, a big portrait of Asad was on the wall…she goes near the portrait and says: 6 years have passed, but I’m still not able to get you out from my heart. When will I be able to forget you? Will I ever move on in life? (Humdard plays….) How will I be able to go to your engagement and see you being someone else fiancée in front of me! (Cries)

Zoya reaches Mumbai and gets a call from a girl at the airport
Girl: are you there yet?
Zoya: yes! I’ve reached the airport… soon, I will come there!
Girl: should I send a driver to pick you up?
Zoya: no. Don’t worry about me! I will manage!

After 2 hours, Zoya reaches the engagement venue.
I’m so happy to see you after so long… a voice comes from the back.
As Zoya turns, Asad was standing there with a smile… Zoya thinks: even after many years, he is still the same! He’s still so hot and handsome!
Asad: you seem lost..
Zoya: ohh…uh…n…nothing……that
Asad: are you ok? Why are your eyes teary?
Zoya: oh yea! Maybe mud got in it… anyways, where is your fiancée ?
Asad: I don’t know where she disappeared…oh wait! Look, she’s coming… Zoya goes running to the girl and gives her a hug.
Zoya: I’m so happy for you! I hope you have a great future ahead with him…
Girl: thank you Zoya!
Zoya: we are best friends right? So, no thank and no sorry! Congratulations ANU…

Flashback (6 years ago)
Zoya comes running to Anu and says: I’m so happy today.
Anu: why? What did Asad do?
Zoya: how did you know that I was going say something about Asad?
Anu: obviously its you and everything you say or do is related to Asad. Anyways, did you bumped into him?
Zoya: no dummy! He likes me back!!!
Anu gets shocked: how did you know?
Zoya: actually, last night! I texted him and he told me that he was thinking about me…
Anu hugs Zoya and says: I’m happy for you!
Zoya: since I’m shy to go and talk to him, will you tell him that I love him a lot!
Anu: why me?
Zoya: because you are friends with him.
Anu: alright
Anu goes to Asad and says: hi Asad!
Asad: What’s up Anu?
Anu: so I heard you like Zoya.
Asad (blushes): yeah… I liked her since 7th grade but I’m scared to tell her…I don’t know if she feels the same way for me!
Anu: you are absolutely wrong! She doesn’t even like you! She told me that she hates you. She actually likes Baldev.
Asad’s smile faded away: ohhh!
Anu: yea… sorry!
Asad starts crying and walks away… anu smirks.

Anu goes to Zoya.
Zoya: did you tell Asad that I love him a lot?
Anu: first, do me a favor! then I will tell you
Zoya: ok what?
Anu: actually, I love Baldev so will you please give this read rose to Baldev from me?
Zoya goes to Baldev and gives him the flower, while Asad was watching this from the terrace and assumes that Zoya likes Baldev. Zoya comes to Anu and says: now I gave him flower… tell me what Asad said.
Anu acts sad: yes! I told him that you really love him, but he told me that he was joking around with you! He changes girl everyday and a girl like you is nothing for him!
Zoya starts crying and runs away… few months passed by and Asad started falling for Anu seeing her supporting him so much. One day Anu comes to Zoya and says: Asad asked me out! And I said yes.
Zoya gives a fake smile: oh really? I’m happy for you! I’m soon moving to Delhi… Zoya goes from there with tears in her eyes.
Flashback ends

Present time
Anu: I’m so happy to see you after such a long time! Come on! Lets go! You have to dance on my engagement!
Zoya goes inside without saying anything.

Engagement day.
Anu is getting ready and think: Zoya, you had snatched everything from me! Everytime, they always thought you as first and me as second in everything… that was fine, but then! I loved Asad so much since I knew what love was, but I was too scared to admit it. You suddenly came out from no where and said you like Asad. I tried so hard to take out his name from your heart but couldn’t. I’m sorry Zoya for lying to you, but you deserve it. You tried to snatch my Asad from me… now my dream is going to get complete finally… I’m so happy!
Zoya comes to Anu.
Anu sees Zoya in the reflection and says: You and here? Come and help me get ready!
Zoya goes near Anu and hugs her… Anu lets a scream out… as screen zooms out, Zoya had stabbed Anu with a Knife.
Anu: why did you do this?
Zoya: because I love Asad! God damn it… you had said he is ugly so why did you date him? And not only that, but you are getting engaged to him… I will remove anyone who gets in the way of mine and his love… I had told you that I can’t live without him.
Anu: I…m..Soorrrrr….sorry.. Dies.
Asad comes in and is shocked to see Anu lying on the floor.
Asad: Zoya! What happen?
Zoya: mar diya!
Asad: what?
Asad slaps Zoya and says: how can you? She was love of my life..Why did you kill her?
Zoya: no no! she is not love of your life! I am. Ok???? You love me! You love me and only me!
Asad pushes Zoya and says: no! I don’t love you! I love Anu!!!
Zoya starts breaking everything and says: how can you love her? I love you so much? I can’t live without you. Now she is dead. She won’t come on our way. Lets get married. Hold on.. She might be alive so I will stab her more…
Zoya goes to stab Anu more when Asad come on the way and says: you have gone crazy! Stop this drama… asad tries to snatch the knife from Zoya’s hand… they start snatching the knife and it accidentally gets stabbed into Asad’s stomach….
Zoya: NOO! Asad!!!!! I love you!!! Nothing will happen to you….
Asad: Z..o…Zoya (dies)
Zoya starts crying and throws everything, everywhere… police comes there.
Police: surrender yourself.
Zoya keeps on crying and says: I can’t live without Asad… he is no more so why am I still alive??? Zoya takes out the knife from Asad’s stomach and stabs herself falling in top of Asad.. (Yeh kasoor mera plays….)


( in my point of view, all three of them is at fault. They lost their life because of their own self. )
Asad: if you truly love someone then you shouldn’t believe what other says about your love… listen to your heart and ask “would she ever say this to me?” The biggest mistake he did was by believing in Anu…

Anu: if you truly love someone then let them be happy except of being selfish and thinking about self first… she did a big mistake by creating misunderstanding between Zoya and Asad and separating them..

Zoya: she trust her friend ( everyone trust their best friend). But she shouldn’t of had asked her friend to do everything because they won’t be there for you 24/7 to do every single thing…. She did big mistake by not trusting her love…. It wasn’t her but it was the circumstances that forced her to kill Anu! She had fallen in love so much that she couldn’t see anything else. “Love someone, but don’t be blind in love”

Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. Sry yamuna… the story is nice but doesn’t suit ASYA…. Its sounds psycho love……ASYA love was, is and will be pure……. Im a huge fan of ASYA so saying like this. And i find it unrealistic as well…… Sorry no hard feelings for you…..

  2. Murderer tag doesn’t suit Zoya…Zoya would kill herself to see Asad happy…

  3. priya tripathi

    Sorry for disoppointend u i like ur ff but it not suit Asad zoya love story i don’t like the end

  4. Best story i ever read

  5. Powerful story plot. Really shocking n wonderful to see Zoya in Psycho lover avatar! u were awesome dear. Thank u a lot for the message conveyed. We really needed it

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