Asad aur zoya ki anokhi prem kahani (Intro)


Hi my friends!!! I am starting a new fan fiction on a sad and zoya. I know there are lots of fan fictions on asad and zoya’s love story. And may be mine will not be so good but please support me. I am a silent reader and I don’t comment much as well. I will try my best to avoid any mistakes and errors. Today is the intro day and I will tell the characters. If u want me to add some please comment down below.

All characters:

Asad Ahmed Khan- an angry young man with six packs and handsome body. Really perfect, clean and discipline. Doesn’t talk much but very caring. He loves his step- brother but hates his father.

Zoya farooqui- a bubbly, carefree and happy girl. Very untidy and totally opposite of asad. She loves pizza accompanied by soft drink.

Dilshad Ahmad khan – a caring mothers with soft heart. She is proud of her son asad and daughter Najma. She is the first wife of rashid Ahmad khan.

Najma Ahmad khan- asad’s sister and dilshad’s daughter. She is soft hearted and caring just like her mother.

Gaffur Ahmad siddiqui- an elderly strict man. He is kind of secretive and is perfect as the eldest in the house.

Raziya siddiqui- she is the mumani of the house. She is also secretive. She likes to rule over the family and acts bossy

Rashid Ahmad khan- he is soft hearted and caring towards his children. He loves his son asad very much but asad hates because he left his ammi.

Shirin Ahmad khan- she is stylish and foolish. Very particular about getting the latest fashionable items. Quite a good mother. SHe is the second wife of rashid.

Nikhat Ahmad khan- a dark complexioned girl who gets rejected by every suitor because of her complexion. But she is really very sweet. She is the daughter of rashid and shirin.

Nuzhat Ahmad khan- a Chubby and jovial girl. She is the daughter of rashid and shirin.

Humeira siddiqui- a shy girl who is in love with ayan. She is the daughter of gaffur and Raziya.

Ayan Ahmad khan- a jovial and fun loving young man with no discipline. He loves his brother asad but totally not like him. He is the son of rashid and shirin.

Zeenat farooqui- Zoya’s sister who adopted her.

Anwar farooqui- zeenat’s husband and a friend to Zoya.

I will add some new characters as the story progresses. If I missed any then please tell me. I have a poll for u.

Whom do you want opposite zoya???

Karan Singh Grover
Rakesh Vashisth

I am post the wallpaper with both of them presently. But after you vote I will change the wallpaper.

I have decided to not include tanveer. Is that ok for u or not. Please tell me. I will include villains to make the story spicy. Thanks for reading.

Credit to: Twinkle

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Nice twinkle continue

    1. Thanks and keep encouraging

      1. Ranaji(narendran)


  2. Nice whom ever u choose its ok
    Thanks for not bring tanveer

  3. Thanks for giving a comment. Please encourage

  4. And i choose rakesh

  5. hey nice story but please put karan singh grover as asad
    and thanks for not including tanveer

  6. Nice twinkle continue..

    1. Karan singh grover

  7. ksg for sure

  8. the best opt for zoya’s bubbly looks is ksg….

  9. Ksg
    Please update regularly twinkle

  10. I want Rakesh

  11. nic start twinkle
    hope u get the appreciation
    vy gud plzzz it shd b karan Singh gorver he’s the perfect match don’t listen to rakesh fans plzzzzzzzzz

  12. hey twinkle that’s really good that u r nt bring tanveer n dont bring her itz quite boring when villian enters… plz update soon I m very excited to read ur ff plz update it daily… n yaa make ksg opposite surbhi…

  13. Karan singh grover

    1. Nice pls continue

  14. awsum dear… Without a doubt KSG!!!!

  15. karan singh grover

  16. Priya Dhandapani


  17. Twinkle very nice BT..keep Kara Singh as asad and the other one as villian

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