Asad aur zoya ki anokhi prem kahani (Episode 4)


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Location: the mazhaar

Asad lands zoya on the the ground.

Asad: are u ok, Ms._____
Zoya: zoya farooqui and thank u,Mr._____ , meri jaan bachane ke liye .

Asad keeps looking at zoya with bewildered happiness….

Asad: Asad Ahmad khan, Ms. Farooqui

Zoya suddenly sees a married couple and her eyes get welled up with tears. Asad notices that. He looks that way.

Asad: r u ok.
Zoya: apse matlab. Main ro oon ya hasoon.

Saying this she runs towards the mazhaar. Asad is shocked and appalled.

Location: inside the mazhaar

Zoya: ya allah, why did you do this to me. I can’t believe that marriage can be so disastrous for my life. I thought marriage is beautiful, and that’s why I had agreed . But now I have decided to not marry. It is a life spoiler.

Zoya was sitting in the middle of candles looking very beautiful and pretty. Asad sees her like this and continues to look. He forgets about the marriage ceremony and loses in front of zoya’s beauty. Suddenly when zoya was standing her dupatta catches fire and she panics. Asad gets shocked and starts to throw away all candles with bare hands. He panics seeing zoya crying.

Asad: don’t panic, I will save u at any cost.

He keeps ranti that he will save her. Throwing away lots of candles, he doses the fire of but the fire spreads. He finds a big jar of water and puts all of it at the top of Zoya. After the fire doses. He hugs Zoya really tightly.

Asad: r u ok , ms. Farooqui
Zoya: yeah….

Asad realizes the situation and releases her.

Asad: I am sorry.. Actually….
Zoya: it’s ok u don’t…

They both r confused and zoya takes leave from him.

Location: siddiqui mansion

Karan: happy new year, nuzhat
Nikhat, humaira: won’t u wish us…
Karan: of course , happy new year to u to.
Ayan: Karan mia. If u hv time rather than eyeing my sister then we can celebrate.
Karan: yeah I yeah sure…

While going , humaira slips and lands in Ayan’s . They both goes into a deep eyelock. Karan coughs to alert them and says:
Karan: Ayan Mia… Now do u hv time .

All burst out laughing while Ayan humaira r embarrassed.

Location: marriage hall in the mazhaar

Dilshad: Asad where were u. U missed the nikah.
Asad doesn’t reply.

Najma: bhaijan what happened.. Are u alright..
Asad: yeah…

Precap: Ayan and zoya meet and Ayan has a crush on her. Ayan tells asad about zoya… Asad gets a queer feeling in the heart.

My eyes and I will show my face.

Credit to: Twinkle

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