Asad aur zoya ki anokhi prem kahani (Episode 3) mahaepisode aur asya ka milan


Happy new year my dear friends and really really sorry for updating late. Thus it’s going to be a treat for u guys. A very longggggggg maha episode.

Location: at the mazhaar

Asad: Ayan I m sure that I will get a girl easily.
Ayan: bhaijan din dahare sapna dekhna achi bat hoti hai. Time pass ho jata hai. A girl of your type will never be born in the world.
Asad: ( he hits Ayan on the head) u r making fun of my habits . I hate u and will never talk to u.
Ayan: ( shouts) BHAIJAN!!!!! How can u even think and say this. U hate me. Will never talk with me. U know what bhaijan, u don’t love me anymore. U used to be my support and lifeline but I don’t thing that this lifeline is so lifeless towards me.
Asad: AYAN!!!!!! I was joking. U know u r my life. It was a kind of slip of tongue.
Ayan: bhaijan u knowwwwww!!!!!

They give each other a really tight hug

Location: the bungalow

Zoya is made to sit in front of imran. The maulvi asks if they could start the marriage. Zoya says to stop all of a sudden with teary eyes. Anwar and zeenat look on shockingly. Zoya asks them to come with her to the room.

Location: In the room

Zoya: api I just hv one question in my mind that do u think this marriage decision is correct for my life because I am really doubtful.
Zeenat: what are you saying zoya . Have u gone nuts. Do u have any idea about what unjust did.
Anwar: zeenat enough. Let zoya speak.
Zoya: Api jiju I know what I did was wrong but I am compelled. U know marriage is a very big commitment for me. And I don’t want to be the 4th wife of my husband. Yes, api imran is a lier. He married 3 more girls before and made all of them mad by giving false medicines. See I got this email with the video.

Anwar and zeenat are shell shocked. They apologize to Zoya.

Location: unknown mansion

Few girls r descending from the stairs and r really happy.

Humaira: I am so happy that a suitor is coming to see nuzhat. I am sure she will kill the boy with her husn
Nikhat: u r right. After all she is so pretty and cute.

The rest 4 girls r their friends. Suddenly they hear a huge scream. They get shocked and runs upstairs. They see nuzhat crying. They ask her and she says :
Nuzhat: I don’t have a good dress to wear. I don’t know what Karan( suitor and bf of nuzhat) will think of me.

Ar e behna kyun pareshan ho… Tumhara bhai hai na.

Nikhat, nuzhat: BHAIJAN !!!!!!!!!!….
Ayan: yes…. Mere behna tumhara one and only Ayan bhaijan. And here is ur dress.
Nuzhat: thanks bhaijan.

Just then a fashionable lady enters and says:
Shirin.: oh my god nuzhat, why aren’t u ready yet…. Oh god how will I handle all this.. And don’t know where is rashid….

Location: dilshad’s villa

Asad: ammi r u ready we need to go to the mazhaar. Najma where r u.
Just then a chubby cute girl enters.
Najma: bhaijan here I am
Dilshad: let’s go Asad .. I am ready..

Location: the bungalow

Anwar, zeenat and zoya come from the room. Anwar come in front of imran and slaps him hard.

Anwar: why the hell did u do that with us and zoya . U will be going to police. And u haseena bi, how can u do this with us…

Police comes and arrests the entire family.
Zeenat hugs zoya.

Zoya: api jiju I want to relax and gotta the mazhaar. Pleasessssss.

Location: mazhaar

Zoya and asad’s family enters at the same time but they don’t see each other.

Zoya: ya Allah, why can’t I live happily and why did u do that with me.
Asad: Allah I hope u will give me my type girl and my true love. And u will not listen to Ayan.

Suddenly there is a loud announcement that 5 minutes to new year. Everyone is happy . Zoya was standing on the top floor of the mazhaar. Suddenly the fireworks start and zoya slips and lands in asad’s arms. Both of them have a deep eye lock and wish each other happy new year while zoya is still in asad’s arms. On the other hand, humaira and Ayan wish each other happy new year.

Precap: zoya says to Asad ” thanks meri jaan bachane ke liye. ” Asad keeps looking at her with bewildered happiness.

Really really really sorry friends . I was really sick and the fan fiction area was closed. I tried to send email but they didn’t reply. It just opened today. Really sorry. Thanks and sorryyyyy……

Does any of you wanna see how do I look??? Do u wanna see my face???? If I get loads of votes then I may show u….

Credit to: Twinkle

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  1. Asya. Scenes were fab dear… And I mran married to 4 girls?? ROLF…….. Best part of today is when new year starts zoya fell in asad’s arms and both wishing in the same pose 🙂 love ur episodes …. Twinkle plz update soon

    1. U r the best sunehri… U encourage me so much.. I am thinking to make u my advisor… Love u.

      1. Thank u my bestie.. love u 🙂 and Happy New Year

      2. Another thing make zeenat as zoya’s biological sister….. and make many shaayaris for zoya….. if need help u can ask me becoZ I use to write many shaayaris 🙂

      3. And try to be regular. … I’m not forcing you becoz u may have work right….. and if u r writing a fan fiction always try to focus on the same characters that is focus more on asad and zoya 🙂

    2. U r so sweet. ….. R u a college student? ?????

      1. I want to see how I look plz…

  2. Awesome episode, loved asya face off…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. priyatharisini

    Twinkle please write fully in english ma. I am tamilan and i dono hindi. I am big big fan of asad and zoya so please update fully in english

  4. Hey when will you post next episode? ?? And plz mention the date after writing the fan fiction 🙂

  5. nice episode. Waiting 4 ur next updates….

  6. Wow!!!
    The episode was fabulous fantastic amazing awesome mind blowing dear.
    I’m eagerly awaited for the next episode.
    Zoya in Asad arms were the best part.
    I wish I could get a video of it. But unfortunately that can’t happen.
    And I want to see ur face.

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