Asad aur zoya ki anokhi prem kahani (Episode 2)


Location: mazhaar

Ayan: bhaijan I am in great trouble. U have to save me
Asad: why? What happened? A brother of a beautiful girl is chasing u for dating his sister.
Ayan: ar e nahi bhaijan. Mumani and ammi ( shirin ) is forcing me to get married. And u know me bhaijan, I love to date but hate to marry.
Asad: besharam!!! Don’t u have manners. U should learn to tidy, discipline and responsible.
Ayan: offo bhai don’t start again with your boring lectures. U know I am cool type and ammi wants a gherelu type.
Asad: u must learn to obey ur ammi. And u must hv a girl who would bring to right path.
Ayan: ( sees 3 girls and says ” Salam ” ). Bhaijan first of all I know I will get a good and Almost my type girl but what about you!!!

Location: the bungalow

Zoya: ( completely broken) I will show him what I can do. He can’t do this .
Zeenat: zoya stupid girl get ready fast.
( she drags her and makes her ready. Zoya looked beautiful. Tears rolled down her eyes.)
Zeenat: don’t cry pagli. U will always be in our hearts.
Zoya: Api I don’t know why I am so nervous.
Zeenat: don’t worry!!!
( Anwar calls zeenat)

Location: mazhaar

Asad: Ayan what kind of badtameez its this? Learn to respect girls.
Ayan : bhaijan it is sunnah to Salam everyone. He tells a shayri:

O mere bhaijan, o mere bhaijan Kya hoga apke zindagi ka
Kyu ki mushkil lagraha hai apke liye ek Mrs. Perfect dhoon na

( I know it’s a bad poetry but manage it ??)

Ayan: shukriya shukriya shukriya
Asad: u are wrong . I will get one and it will be of my type .
Ayan: haan haan bhaijan. Must be.

Scene: 4
Location: the bungalow

(The groom’s family comes )

Zeenat and Anwar ( together): assalamualaikum!! How r u??
( they both hug the groom family and give them a warm welcome)

Groom mother: where is my daughter-in-law
Zeenat: she is getting ready

[Our groom is imran and the family members are same but there is no farhan]

Haseena bi: the decoration is nice.
Chand bi: u seem to find a well to do and amir family.
Imran: don’t talk loudly. They may hear. Just let me marry her and u will see what I do.

( zoya comes and she is made to seat opposite imran)

Precap: Ayan says I am alone and nobody loves me in the world. And now my lifeline is also going away from me. Zoya says to her Api “is this Marriage correct decision ” Zeenat is shocked.

Sorry for late updating but I had an invitation so can’t post it earlier. Today I will try to post another epi.
How will zoya refuse for her marriage
How will zoya meet asad and Ayan

Please give me ideas about the precap and I will soon post a praise list for those who gives me ideas. It will not belong to any episode. It will be separate and at the end of a epi which will be short. Thanks for supporting.

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Credit to: Twinkle

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  1. hey dear do sumthing like zoya rejects imran n then let her meet ayan n asad n they fight to save zoya…. n zoya thanks them to help her sumthing like that…. sorry if I have hurt u… n yaa I really sorry if my idea was boring :p

    1. Thanks and good idea. I will try to twist it a bit and present it. Thanks a lot

  2. Nice episode ….. Hmm…. Suggestions…. Asad and ayan’s friend’s girlfriend is getting married to someone….. His friend tells him some adress to kidnap his girlfriend and by mistake ayan kidnaps zoya…. And asad zoya meeting….. I hope u like my suggestion….. Twinkle u r a good writter… Continue

    1. Zoya says she doesn’t want to marry him….. By the time ayan, humeira kidnaps zoya…… If u like my suggestion plz reply to my comments

  3. And u want suggestion for what email did zoya got in her ipad right????? The guy who was suppose to marry zoya is having affair with someone or he is married twice or thrice ….. Hope u like my this suggestion too….

    1. Or else he wants her to marry for money…..

  4. Don’t worry about the poetry. …. ayaan and zoya use to say bad poetry. … 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks yaar sunehri. U r too good and very nice suggestions

    2. Thanks dude. ..

  5. awesome

  6. Ranaji(narendran)

    Nice..???? I really enjoyed it

  7. nice episode.

  8. The episode was beautiful. Suggestions.
    Zoya runs from marriage infront of everyone. Imran rushes behind her. ZoyA collides with Asad and they gets into an argument.

    Well u have this suggestion. If u liked it or not. Maybe it’s boring. Hope u like my suggestion.

    And the poetry was nice. ?☺?

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