Asad aur zoya ki anokhi prem kahani (Episode 1)


Location: the big bungalow

A Man calls his wife.
Man: zeenat!!! Zeenat!!! Where are u? The groom’s family must be coming . Come quickly.
Zeenat: I am coming Anwar. Why r u so impatient? Zoya is just like u.
Anwar: today our zoya is going to be seen by groom’s family . I am so excited.
Zoya: api!! Api!! I am going kill the pizza boy. He did not bring my pizza yet. He is going to repent.
Zeenat: don’t be so impatient. It will come.
Zoya : I don’t understand api, why r they taking so long.and why r u so impatient to get me married. Don’t u love me anymore
Zeenat 🙁 crying) no pagli we love u a lot but u have to get married one day. Right.
Zoya: I hate that day. Actually I hate today because I m going to be way from u. I wish girls never had to marry.

The atmosphere turned really serious and emotional.

Anwar: enough zoya and zeenat. U both will look ghost if u cry.
Both beat Anwar

Location: the masjid

Few kids are shown begging for money from some people. Those people start beating them. When he was about to beat a girl, a handsome boy stops him.
Handsome boy: don’t u have manners to beat kids especially a girl. He slaps the man.
Man: u shouldn’t have done that and was about to heat him when someone stops him.
Someone: I break the hands of those who try to hurt my asad bhaijan.
He( ayan) and asad hits the men badly.
The men run away. Ayan and Asad hug each other.
Asad: kids why r u begging? U guys come with me.
Ayan: bhaijan what r u doing in the masjid.
Asad: I came for asr prayer. Anyway how r u ayan.
Ayan: I m good bhai.
Asad: let’s drop the kids to the NGO and got the majhaar.
Ayan: yes bhaijan. There will be lots of Beautiful girls there .
Asad: besharam. Learn to respect.

Location : marriage convention hall.

Zeenat: zoya get ready soon.
Zoya: api. I will after eating pizza. I must look beautiful.

Suddenly zoya gets a email in her iPad. She sees it and breaks in to tears. She says to herself: how could he do this.

Precap: Zoya hesitates to say ” qubool hai”. On the other side asad is being teased by ayan about him getting a Mrs: Perfect.

Hi guys!!! Actually I wanted u to suggest what email she got in her iPad. I will mention the name in my story. I m sorry to make the epi a bit boring because I have some spicy twists coming up!! Thanks for ur support.

Credit to: Twinkle

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