Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 9


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Ayan is waiting for interview wearing casual dress and he is totally informal for interview. Asad comes there and on seeing Ayan, Asad calls “Hey Ayan..”. On seeing Asad, Ayan runs and hugs him saying “Bhai…”.. Everyone looks on..
Ayan : What are you doing here? U r also working here. I am here for interview.
Asad says that he is working here and we will meet after interview.

Ayan enters cabin for interview and shocked to see Asad. Ayan thinks “Areyy Ayan.. U r finished.. “. Ayan comes inside and Asad asks lots of questions related to interview, but Ayan doesn’t answer anything good. Manager comes inside and says “Our new project will be in a village sir. We should buy that land as soon as possible sir. If u say ok, we ll proceed..”
Asad : Did u see that land and analysed it ?
Manager : No sir. That village is 50 km away from Bhopal. So i asked information from that village people sir.

Ayan : Arey manager sir. Without seeing land how could u proceed..? If u go to that village in week end , it will be like a little vacation and u can see that land too right,..
Manager : this is a very good idea.
Ayan : Hello sir.. This is not idea. This is common sense.
Asad watches and smiles lightly and says “I will go myself to see that land as this project is more worthy and important.” Manager leaves.

Ayan : Ok bhai.. C u later..
Asad : Ok.. leave.. and before going get your appointment letter..
Ayan : What..? It means.. Arey wah.. U selected me. Superbb bhai. Give me a hug…
Asad too hugs him and thinks “I know that u r totally unfit for this job. But dont know I feel that u should always be with me.. Thats why i appointed u as my PA(personal assistant..)..”

Zoya comes back home and searches the jewellery shop owner’s address in her ipod. She founds a shortcut and thinks that “If I go by road, It will take 3-4 hours to reach there. I have to search tht jeweller shop owner and i have to know lots of information. It takes more time for me.. If i come late to home Mr.Khan starts to scold me. So I think its better to go through this jungle. By this route i can reach there within 1 hour. So i should prefer this route. ”

Ayan went home and says to Rashid and Humaira that he got job. They didnt react as they think Ayan is lying. Ayan shows them appointment order and they starts shouting and celebrating. Rashid asks about the company and is shocked to know its Asad’s company. He didnt show his disappointment and acts that he is happy..

Zoya says to Dil “phuppi.. Tomorrow I am going to a village, Most probably i will come before 6’o clock. If i cant come early will u please manage Mr.Khan. This work is very important phuppi.. please..”

Dil : Ok zoya.. Try to come early. But always keep ur mobile on. I ll contact u..ok…
Zoya agrees and leaves to sleep because tomorrow she has to wake up early..

Asad comes home and says to Dil “Ammi.. tomorrow I am going to a village to visit an estate. So I have to leave early..”. Dil realises that they are talking about the same village. Asad sees Zoya’s room (Mitwa plays..) and thinks “Did Ms.Farukhi leave this house? I cant see her from morning..” Dil spots Asad seeing Zoya’s room and smiles.. (Qubool hai plays..).

Dil calls Asad to have dinner. While having dinner Asad asks “Did everyone had dinner..?” Dil replies “yes..” . Asad then again asks “Did u and Najma had dinner..?” Dil smiles and says “Now only u ask.. Everyone means Me and Najma also included in that right..??” Asad replies “ahhh.. Woh.. I am just asking.. ammi..” Dil smiles and leaves..

In his room Asad tries to sleep and thinks ” why should I know about Ms.Farukhi..? I doesn’t matter whether she lives in this house or not. IT DOESNT MATTER WHETHER I SEE HER OR NOT….”…
Zoya in her room thinks ” IT MATTERS A LOT TO ME…. Tomorrow I should find something about my past life. Else I will lose entire hope.. ”
The screen freezes on split up screen of Asad and Zoya lying on the bed and trying to sleep..

Precap : Dil asks Asad and Zoya to go together. They were shocked and doesnt agree to go together.. Rashid takes Humaira to join the same college where Najma is studying.
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Credit to: Kalai

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