Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 8


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Ayan went to a restaurant and stands behind a girl and starts flirting her. That girl says that your flirting speech doesnt work on me and tell me why u r late. The girl is none other than Humaira. Humaira turns and sees his head injured. Humaira asks what happened and ayan tells everything. Humaira suggests him to give police complaint. Ayan says no need for that. Later Humaira says tomorrow u have interview so lets go home and rest. Ayan replies “I am sure , i wont get job, then why shld i worry..” Humaira says” u ll never b responsible. come..” They leave from there.

Rashid is holding Dil’s picture and thinks “I am here in Bhopal for the past 2 days. My heart says to meet u. But dont know how will I face u. I dont know u will forgive me or not. Infact Asad and Najma also dont forgive me because I seperated Ayan from them. I m sorry Dilshad. I m really sorry.” (Rashid and Dil tune plays) Dil also holding Rashid’s picture and says ” I know u cant come to me Rashid. But u know what, I cant able to hate u even I want. I am sure u ll realise family’s importance. But i dont want u to leave shirin (Ayan’s Mom) and come to me. ” Najma comes there and dil hides Rashid’s picture. Dil and Naj goes to sleep.

While lying on bed, Zoya remembers Asad’s fight incidence, a man who tries to stab him and he escapes, etc.. (Asya piano tune plays..). Zoya thinks dont know Mr.Khan apply ointment in his wound or not. Zoya can’t able to sleep and goes near to window. She realises that Asad’s room window is open. So she carries an ointment and decides to go through window.

She jumps through window. Asad wakes hearing sound and goes back to sleep thinking it as his illusion. Zoya comes near to Asad and applies ointment on his hand. Asad moves his hand to another side. Zoya thinks ” Mr.Khan.. Cant u sleep without moving ur hand” (funny tune plays..) and pulls his hand. Asad wakes up and pushes her in ground and turns on light.

Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. what are you doing here? that too in midnight.. what will ammi think if she sees?
Zoya : She thinks the same like when u come to my room that night.
Asad : I thought u was in danger. Thats y I came to ur room that day..
Zoya : Ohh.. Did u think u can save everyone who was in danger..??
Asad : Allah… First u say.. what are you doing here ??
Zoya : I was here to apply ointment in ur hands. U was hurt by knife so ur wound may get septic. Thats y i bring antiseptic lotion.
Asad : I dont need these.. U please get out..
Zoya : See Mr.Khan, if u didnt do what i say, i ll tell everything to phuppi. I will tell her that u fought with goons in road.

Asad gives angry look.. (Asya Quarrel tune plays..) Asad angrily takes ointment from her hands and applies it. She asks him to tie his wound with cotton. Asad tries to tie his wounds with one hand and he cant able to do. He goes and sits on bed and tries to tie his wound. Zoya comes to him and sits on ground infront of him. She ties Asad’s hurt hand. Asad looks at her.. (Mitwa tune plays.. )

Zoya : Its over Mr.Khan. U can sleep now..
Asad : Thank u Ms.Farukhi. U can go now..
Zoya gives angry look and tries to go by window..
Asad : What are you doing..?? Go through door..
Zoya : Oh..Sorry Mr.Khan. I ll leave..
Asad : This girl.. Oh god.. Please save me from this girl..

After Zoya leaves Asad tries to sleep. (Asya tune with humming plays..) . He thinks about – Najma’s words praising about zoya, Dil’s happiness because of Zoya, Zoya screams “Mr.Khan..” while goon tries to kill him, Zoya cares him by dressing his wound, etc.. He is disturbed and cant able to sleep..

Next morning Zoya tells Dil and leaves early.. Asad comes out of his room and searches for Zoya.. He didnt see her till breakfast and thinks where did she went early?. Dil asks Asad “did u want coffee ? ” but Asad didnt reply because he is lost in thoughts of Zoya. Again Dil calls and Asad replies.. Before leaving for office Asad again sees Zoya’s room..(Mitwa plays..)

Zoya searches in the same street about that jeweller shop owner. One old man says that he is my friend and right now is staying in a village 50 km far from Bhopal.. He gives detailed address to Zoya and he wishes Zoya that Allah will make her job success.. Zoya thanks him and leaves from there. The screen freezes on Zoya’s thinking face.

Precap : Ayan comes to an Office for interview and sees Asad as interviewer. Zoya searches the address of the jeweller shop owner in Map and thinks that “if I go by road, it will take 3-4 hours to reach there. But if I cross this jungle, I can go within 1 hour..”

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Credit to: Kalai

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