Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 7


The scene begins by showing Asad holding Zoya’s hand. Asad leaves Zoya’s hand and says “I said right.. u r behaving like monkey. U had proven tht by falling like monkey..” and leaves. Zoya widens her mouth saying “hahww.. U r really unbelievable Mr.Khan. If i will have a situation to beat u, I ll make ur face like monkey by punching u..”

Next morning after breakfast, asad leaves for office, naj leaves for college and zoya also leaves for some place. Zoya is having some Khandhani bangle (family bangle) having “KV” name at the end. she thinks that this must be the name of the jeweller shop. If i search that shop, i may get some details. She searches in internet and founds that previously this shop was in some place and she should ask about it. She asks about the owner of the shop and no one gives positive responses.

On the road, The 5 members who hit ayaan’s bike yesterday searching for ayan and says ” there are many chances that he will come here”.. They see Ayan’s bike and says its the same bike. While Ayan comes, They hit him with a big rod. Ayan falls down and blood comes from his head. He stands up and stops that man from beating by holding that rod. Asad comes there in his car.

They all started to beat ayan and he misses balance and falls before Asad’s car. They kicks Ayan and Asad comes out of his car. Asad kicks goon from his back and he falls on another two infornt of him. asad punch the person who is on his right side by right hand and left side person by left hand. All 5 falls down.

Asad stretches his hand to Ayaan. (Asad ayan bro fight tune plays). Zoya comes there and the scene is shown like Zoya is middle[zooms out] while Asad and ayan Holding each other’s hands. Asad and Ayan fight them. Asad kicks goon head by his foot. Zoya is watching this fight with widening eyes and says to herself ” Zoya. wat u think.. u ll punch Mr.Khan and make him look like monkey.. he is really flying like monkey and beating them. Wow.. wat a pose yaar.. Really Mr.Khan is awesome..”

A man tries to stab Asad with Knife. Zoya sees him and shouts “Mr.Khan…” (Mitwa plays).. Asad turns and escapes but knife cuts his arm. Finally Asad and Ayan holds their hands and fight together. All of them ran away. Asad and ayan hugs each other and they feel emotionally attached. (Asad and Ayan tune plays).

Ayan : Thank u so much Bhai.. By the way.. I am Ayan Ahmed khan.
Asad : I m Asad Ahmed Khan.
Ayan : V both have same surnames. Wah.. Can i call u bhai?
Asad : Sure. I feel strange when u call me Bhai. I like it.
Zoya : Mr.Khan. Are you ok?
Ayan : Salam waleikum Bhabhi..
Zoya and Asad : “Bhabhi..” (at same time.. ) (funny tune plays and they look each other..)
Asad : She is not Bhabhi. she is problem.
Zoya : I m not problem. I am Zoya.
Ayan : It means i have chances to flirt with her.. right Bhai.. (Zoya gives What expression)
Asad : Did u want a punch from me ?
Ayan : No Bhai. today I got enough punch from goons. c u at some time…
Asad : take care ayan..

While leaving ayan thinks ” I feel like i met my asad bhai after 15 years. I wish he could be my Asad bhai..” . Asad thinks “If my Ayan grows, he too speaks friendly and non stop like him. I felt like hugging my ayan.” (they were seperated 15 years before and they didnt see each other for 15 yrs. So they didnt realise they are brothers.)

Asad : What are you doing here?
Zoya : I was here for some work.
Asad : If ur work finished, u can come with me?
Zoya : What did u say Mr.Khan? Did u offer me help.?
Asad : Its ok Ms.Farukhi. U come home by urself.
Zoya : No Mr.Khan. I m coming.

They get into the car.
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. U fight very well. Awesome. By the way. I too know Karate. Do u know how i learn it.. By seeing films.
Asad : Oh.. really.. If u know karate means then y didnt come to help us? (funny tune plays.)
Zoya : Ya u r right Mr.Khan.. But at that time I dont know wat to do..

Zoya sees asad’s hand hurt and asks him to do first aid. Asad replies “I know to take care of myself. And Dont say anything to ammi.. She will get disturbed. ” Zoya agrees.. Dil sees asya coming together and asks ” U two coming togehter..!!” Asad replies “I see her on the way. Thats why..” .Asad covers his hand by his coat and leaves from there by saying that he already had dinner. Dil asks zoya to have dinner.

Precap : At night, zoya went to Asad room. Asad thinks her as thief and pushes her down. Zoya says “if u didnt do what i say , then i ll tell everything to phuppi now…”

To read previous episodes type “Asad aur Zoya ke beech ep (number) ” in google.. or go to Qubool hai telly updates page.

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Oh this was awesome. …nice going…loved it sooo much. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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    loved it a lot
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