Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 60


The scene begins by Zoya saying “Mr.Khan.. So u have to agree what I say.. Ok..”
Asad : First tell me..
Everyone looks at Zoya like “What she is going to ask ?”
Zoya : On marriage… I will wear lehenga over jeans.. Ok..??
All says “What..? Jeans… At marriage..” at same time..
Asad : Zoya..
Zoya : Thank u Mr.Khan..
Zoya runs to her room.. Asad follows her by calling “Zoya.. stop..”
Zeenat : ya allah.. This ladki..
Anwar laughs and says “Zoya is the only girl who mixed both tradition and western culture in her marriage dress..”
Zuleika : Dont worry.. I will make her understand..
Dil : No Zuleika.. Dont try to change Zoya.. I like this Zoya a lot.. Let her be like this..
Rashid says to Dil “Zoya is always different.. She speaks frankly.. Her heart is so pure like u Dilshad.. I think Thats y Asad love her a lot..” Dil smiles..
Everyone wonders where Humaira and ayan went.. Humaira and Ayan is in a room.. Ayan asks her to do 10 situps because she drags ayan by holding his ears.. Humaira excuses by saying “my mehandi will get spoiled. so I will do situps later.”
Ayan doesn’t agree.. So humaira begins to do situps.. Ayan laughs out loudly.. Najma, Farhan, tanveer, Anwar,zeenat and Dil hides and sees humaira and Ayan.. They were laughing at their childish fights.. Humaira is about to fall. Ayan holds her.. (humaira ayan tune plays..) a small eyelock..
Ayan : U r scared that u may fall right..?..
Humaira : Not at all.. Because I know u will always be there for me…
Everyone comes in and teases them by saying “Ohoo.. How romantic..!! ” Everyone laughs..

Asad catches Zoya and takes her to his room.. Zoya says “Mr.Khan.. u lost in mehandi game.. So u have to agree what I said.. Dont do arguments..”
Asad : If I say something, u never going to agree.. So its totally waste to say something to u.. Actually I brought u to my room to gift u something..
Zoya : What..? Gift…
Asad gives her two boxes. Zoya opens a box and sees the purple lehenga which is chosen by her in Shop. Zoya is surprised.. Asad says “U liked this lehenga a lot right.. Thats y i bought it for u..” Zoya opens another box

and gets even more surprised.. In second box, there is a jeans which is also selected by Zoya.
Asad : I know that u do something and will defintely wear jeans… So I bought it too.. (Asad smiles…)
Zoya : (in tears..) Mr.Khan.. I dont know what to say.. I.. I am very lucky..
Asad : Sometimes I feel I am lucky to have u…
Asad hugs her and says “I love u Zoya..” Zoya is shocked and hugs him back and says “Love u a lot Mr.Khan..”

Farhan comes to Najma and says “Najma.. u didnt asked me anything.. Why..?”
Najma : Yes farhan.. Because I am going to ask a big promise from u.. And u have to follow that promise throughout ur life..
Farhan : What..?? Promise..
Najma : Farhan u have no idea how much I love u.. I can’t even imagine my life without u.. When I was 3 years old, my abbu left us.. Sometimes I think ,what will I do, if u also leave me like my abbu..?
Farhan : Stop it Najma..
Najma : Farhan.. It doesn’t mean that I am not believing u.. Sometimes situation makes a person bad.. What I want to say is..?
Farhan : U dont have to say anything.. I understand everything.. I promise u Najma.. In any situation, I wont even look at another girl.. I wont leave u at any situation.. U trust me or not.. I wont deceive u at any situation..
Najma feels happy on hearing his words..
Farhan : U know what.. Tanu also feels the same like u.. She cried a lot thinking about our parents. But after coming into ur house, tanu is very happy.. I had never seen her such happy.. Its all because of u..
Najma : Infact ammi also liked tanu a lot.. She had become a member of our family at the day she entered this house..
They smiles..

2 days later,
marriage ceremony begins.. The hall is decorated with flowers.. Everyone looks very happily..
Ayan is amazed to see Humaira with the dress selected by Ayan.. Humaira looks at him and signals “How is my dress..” Asad signals superbb..(Ayan humaira tune plays..)
3 couples are seated and they are taking marriage vows.. maulvi asks Qubool hai to bridegroom.. They all said “Qubool hai..” maulvi asks Qubool hai to bride. They all said “Qubool hai..” marriage happened successfully.

Everyone is happy.. After marriage, all sat in hall and chatting happily..

[ Flashback scenes shown between..]
Zoya thinks ” Mr.Khan is really crazy… He always used to misunderstand me.. (Asad scolds Zoya at Najma’s gun shot) I never seen such an unexpressive person.. Anways.. My Life had changed a lot after seeing him.. Not only my life, Everyone’s life.. Mr.Khan also started to understand Rashid uncle.. But he may take many days to forgive his abbu completely.. But I am sure his love for his abbu always increase when they stay together…

Dilshad phuppi had been alone and in pain for past few years.. Hereafter, she will be in happiness only.. And my ammi.. She is showing love towards everyone.. Me and my api will always be with her.. But I still can’t believe how I started to love Mr.Khan.. When I met him first, he saved me from falling.. (Asya first meet..) But that day I dont know, I will fall in his love.. When I was scared, he was there to console me.. (Zoya’s dream- Asya first hug..) When I am sad, He is there to cheer me up..(In jungle, Asya scenes..) But his way of cheering up is also different.. by scolding.. Crazy khan.. ha ha.. I have habituated to live with the mixture of his anger and love.. If he doesnt scold me, I feel like whats wrong with him.. If he scold me, still I say whats wrong with him.. Allah miya.. Whats wrong with me now..? I am thinking crazily..”

Asad thinks “U are crazy Zoya.. From the day I met u, I can’t realize whats going on with me.. U r not the type of girl which I wanted to marry.. But still my heart always wanted to marry u.. (Asad’s smile on watching Zoya’s childish behaviour, Asad’s dilemma to accept Zoya or not.. Asad stopped Zoya from leaving by saying I love zoya to zeenat..) Because of u my ammi is happy.. I started to forgive my abbu..(Zoya’s words to forgive rashid..) I know that u will miss ur abbu’s love.. And I promise u Zoya.. I will replace ur abbu’s emptiness with my love.. ”
(Mitwa plays…)
The screen freezes on everyone’s happy faces and Asad and Zoya looking at each other smilingly..

Hi frnds… Its time to end the story here.. I will be back soon with new story..
And u guys are really special to me.. Each and every word of ur comments had inspired me a lot.. I want to say Thousands of thanks to everyone who read this story and support me.. Happy life frnds..

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Credit to: Kalai


  1. kna786

    I think you should start the new story happily and make as good as this one and plz start the new one quick as i like it th3 most and i have not missed one

  2. Amayra

    Hey kalai u can’t do this yaar..even i can’t imagine that this ff finished…plz continue it yaar..i become really sad to read that this is last episode yaar..i can’t imagine that the best ff of asya without u..u r the best asya writer forever yaar..plz don’t break my heart..plz plz plz kalai..plz accept my day can’t end without read ur plz u a lot…

  3. Sunehri

    Wow ayan humeira situp scene was very funny 🙂 and asya scene no words to say fantastic. .. and flashback and last scene was fab… will miss this a lot 🙁 … u will bee back with a short hug??? For asya or sahil???

  4. Khushnuma Afzal

    Kalayi I will miss your ff…
    This ff of yours was just awesome…
    Please come back soon with the new story…
    i will be waiting for ur new ff..
    Hey why don’t you make ur new ff on arnav nd khushi from iss pyar ko kya naam do…
    Please please

  5. Khushnuma Afzal

    Kalayi I will miss your ff…
    This ff of yours was just awesome…
    Please come back soon with the new story…
    i will be waiting for ur new ff..
    Hey why don’t you make ur new ff on arnav nd khushi from iss pyar ko kya naam do…
    Please please..
    Miss you kalayi…

  6. Hey,Kalai Yaar plz bye maat kaho.I’ll miss u a lot & I’ll miss u’r ff.Plz come back soon.Today I’m feeling alone and upset also.I can’t think my day without u’r Ff.Love u a lot..Just love u

  7. Kiya

    Episode is very good but its ending this is not fair
    this was a shock to all of us
    hope to see you writting another one soon nd best of luck for your future

  8. i am a silent reader but 2dy i couldn’t stopped myself. . . so plzz continue ur ff..i liked it a lot n yes the ending was superb.

  9. nandini

    OMG!!!!! r u really gonna end it… Will miss it a lot… Hope u b back soon wid a supeb ff… Lyk tis

  10. Roma

    Awesome episode, so lovely, marvellous, outstanding story…it was way so much better than the show. ..for this epi…I loved all the pairs convo, zoya’s funny request to wear jeans under lehnga…so cute. ..ayra n farnaj too lovely….n in the end pov of asya was really awesome. ..was cute short summary of this amazing story. you loads kalai for your awesoooooome work…waiting for your another amazing story. ..keep smiling always. ..take care sweetie. ..muaaaaahhhhhh, lots of hugs n kissesssss

  11. Priya tripathi

    I like ur ff and i read ur all ff but i could’nt comment any thing but ur all episode r very good n I am fan of this ff thanks for writting and come soon with new story

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