Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 6


Asad angrily sees Zoya because she takes Dil and Naj with her at late night. Dil realises that and asks when did he come?. Asad asks where did they go and why they didnt attend his calls. Dil says that she kept her mobile in wallet so she didnt know.

Naj : “Bhai jaan. Did u know? Zoya has some special connection with Dhoni. ”
Asad : Dhoni.. Which Dhoni?
Naj : Cricket player Dhoni…. Zoya keeps bet that dhoni will score century. Dhoni scores century today..
(Zoya laughs…)
Asad : what ?? But today there is no match. and last 3 months dhoni didnt score century.
Dil and Naj looks Zoya..
Zoya : (Laughs loudly..) That was recorded match happened a long time before.. Its not live match.
Dil starts laughing and Najma runs to catch Zoya and Dil asks Naj to catch Zoya. Asad sees Dil laughing forgetting her sadness and wonders. Asad’s anger fades out seeing dil and naj happy. Zoya runs to Dil and hugs her. Dil too hugs zoya caringly and zoya feels attached to her emotionally.. ( happy version tune plays).
Naj : Then why did u pray with God at that time to score century.
Zoya : yes. I was praying. But not for dhoni to hit century. Its for that u and puppi should not realise that its not live match. allah heard my prayers.
They laugh again. Dil and naj went to arrange for dinner.

Asad : It seems that u know to deceive people easily.
Zoya : “It seems that u dont know to keep people happily.”
Asad : Stop ur nonsense. Whatever u wish u do. But come home before 7’o clock. Ammi and Naj never went out late night. Today because of u its happening. Thank god they return home safely or else i will kill u.
Zoya : Mr.khan..
Asad leaves without hearing a word from zoya. Zoya thinks “What did he think of himself ? Is he God to save everyone ? I never see a person like him before.. whatever.. I should stay away from him..”

In a jeep, 5 boys drinking and driving very fast. They strike a bike and laughs saying that “Hey.. see here.. We drank a lot. But still we are steady in jeep. But he ( bike-person) falls.. ha ha ha..” .The bike-person stands up and removes his helmet. Its Ayan…. (Ayan intro tune plays). He goes to them and punch heavily on his nose who is driving that jeep. Remaining members gets down from the jeep and rushes to Ayan. At that time, they hear police siren and they all left hurrily. Ayan also leaves from there.

Dil, Naj, Zoya and Asad had dinner. After that dil left to sleep. Zoya is in stress because of Asad’s words so she decides to play with her ipod parrot in hall.
Naj : Bhai jaan. U know wat… Today ammi was very happy. I had never see her like enjoying this much before. I think we are wrong in handling mom’s emotions. When ammi is sad, we left her alone and we allow her to recover alone. But today Zoya had teached me that we should be with ammi in her pain and we should make her forget her pain and we should never leave her alone in any situation. She is different in spreading happiness..

Asad smiles and sees Zoya who is playing and dancing with her parrot ipod saying La Lala Lalalala.. (Mitwa plays). Asad remembers scolding zoya for taking dil and naj out. Asad thinks he should go and ask sorry. While Asad goes near to her, Zoya stands on the sofa and dancing with her ipod singing “chinku chikka chinku chikka..”. On seeing zoya on sofa, asad stops her and asks her to come down.
Zoya : Why Mr.Khan? Dont tell me standing on sofa is also a crime in ur law book..
Asad : Stay in ground like human. Dont behave like monkey. U should behave with manners and discipline in this house.
Zoya : Allah miya.. Wats wrong with u Mr.Khan. Wats relation between discipline and standing on sofa? Its ok. I ll get down.
Zoya slips lightly while getting down from sofa. Asad holds her hand to stop her from falling.. The screen freezes on Asad holding Zoya’s hand.

Precap : Asad and Ayan fighting with those 5 members. Zoya sees Asad fighting and giving wow expressions.

To read previous episodes type “Asad aur Zoya ke beech ep (number) ” in google.. or go to Qubool hai telly updates page.

Credit to: Kalai

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