Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 59


The scene begins by showing everyone is busy in marriage arrangements. They all are talking in phone and doing arrangements, inviting everyone for marriage, etc..
Asad, Ayan and Farhan is chatting in hall.. Zoya comes there and asks them to take her shopping.. Asad refuses and says “U go by urself… We are busy..” Zoya gives angry look… After some time, Dil comes and says
“Asad.. I need help from u.. we have to take dress for everyone..”
Asad : Ok ammi… I will go..
Dil : Asad take Zoya also along with u.. She will help u..
Zoya comes and winks at Asad by giving “I win” expression.. (funny tune plays..) Asad thinks “Ya allah.. this girl never let me live peacefully..” Asad asks ayan and farhan to come with them.. But they refused..Zoya calls Najma and Humaira to come for shopping.. On seeing najma, Farhan says “Asad.. How will u go alone with girls.. I also give company to u.. Come lets go..” Everyone laughs at him..
Zoya : Ayan.. what about u? R u not coming..?
Ayan looks at humaira and says “I m not coming..” Humaira gets shocked and gives angry look at Ayan.. Humaira says to Zoya “U go and wait outside.. I will come..”

Zoya, Asad, Farhan and Najma waiting outside for Humaira near car.. Humaira drags Ayan by holding his ears and comes..(funny tune plays.) They all sees this and laughs out loudly.. Ayan says “Humaira.. leave me.. Sorry.. I will come.. first leave me..” Humaira leaves him.. Zoya says “It seems Ayan always need special invitation like this.. Only humaira can handle him..”
Ayan acts normal and says “Lets go..”
Asad and Farhan looks and says “Dont overact.. We had seen everything.. If u come earlier, u would have escaped from this torture right..”
Ayan : Bhai… I know its a torture.. But LOVELY torture..
Everyone laughs.. Asad says “Stop flirting..” and pushes him inside car..
They all reached shopping mall.. They are selecting dresses for their marriage.. Farhan selects dress for Najma and najma selects for farhan..
Ayan selects dress for humaira and says “Humaira.. Pink color suits u.. It will be nice for u.. Do u like it..?”
Humaira : Yuck…. I dont like this design Ayan.. I dont want this.. See I like this.. Orange color..
Ayan : Go to hell.. In this orange dress u will look like pumpkin.. I am going to select my sherwani..
Humaira : U go to hell.. tasteless fellow…
After Ayan leaving, Humaira smiles and says “Pack this pink one…” (which is selected by Ayan..)
Najma asks “Then y u irritate Ayan bhai.. I pity on him..”
Humaira : Hey najma.. dont pity on him.. U dont know him.. We have to handle him carefully.. Else he will started to control me..
Najma : It means that I also should handle farhan like this..
(on hearing this farhan gives shocking expression..)
Farhan : Hello humaira.. Y r u playing in my freedom..? Dont include me.. I am also going with Ayan..
Humaira and Najma laughs.. They turns and shocked to find that Asad and Zoya missing.. They wonders where Asad and Zoya would have gone.

Zoya buys jeans.. Asad asks “Ms.Farukhi.. Y did u buy jeans for marriage..?”
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I feel comfortable with jeans only.. So I will wear lehenga over jeans..
Asad : What..? Are u mad..?
Zoya : Allah miya… Whats wrong with this Mr.Khan..?
Asad gives “oh my god.” expression and says “U should not wear jeans on marriage.. Dont pack jeans..”
Zoya : But Mr.Khan..
Asad : Thats final.. dont take jeans..
Asad suddenly sees golden color lehenga and picks it.. Zoya chooses purple color lehenga.. They both shows lehenga at same time and asks “How is it..?” Asad and Zoya looks at each other and smiles.. (mitwa plays..)
Asad : If u like purple color, take it.. thats also nice..
Zoya : No.. I like golden lehenga.. I take the dress which is selected by u..
Asad looks at her and smiles..
Asad : What a miracle..? U r agreeing my words..
Zoya : Yesterday u agree my words and behave nicely to Rashid uncle right.. Thats y..
Asad smiles.. Zoya goes and shows dress to najma and humaira.. They all finish shopping and returns home..

On evening, mehendi function is going on.. Their life partner’s name is written on Zoya, humaira and Najma’s hands.. Asad, Ayan and Farhan has to find names on Zoya. Humaira and Najma’s hands respectively. Farhan is searching for a long time and can’t able to find easily.. Najma signals to farhan for helping him.. Tanveer looks at this and shouts “cheating.. cheating..” Farhan agrees that he can’t find.. Everyone shouts Najma to ask anything to Farhan..
Najma says “I will ask him privately..” Tanveer teases her by saying “Oho.. privately.. hmmm..”
Ayan is sincerely searching his name in humaira’s hands. Humaira tries to distract him by saying U cant do this ayan.. leave it..” Finally Ayan finds his name and shouts “yeah.. I win.. I win..” Humaira is shocked.. Ayan goes to Humaira and says something in her ears.. Humaira says “No.. I cant do this.. never..” Everyone asks “What he asked..?” Humaira calls Dil and says what Ayan told to her. Dil gets shocked and says “Ayan.. How will she do it infront of everyone.. Bechari humaira.. Leave her.. ” Ayan says “Ok.. No problem.. no need to do infront of everyone.. ask her to do privately.. That too now..” Everyone wonders.. Humaira said “Ok..”

Asad is searching in Zoya’s hands.. Zoya prays to Allah by closing her eyes that Asad should not find his name.. (mitwa piano tune plays..) Asad sees this and smiles and says “I accept my defeat.. I cant find my name..”
Zoya opens her eyes and gets excited.. Zoya gets up in sofa and jumps..
Anwar laughs loudly and says “My Zoya is always different in expressing her happiness..”
Zeenat : Stop it anwar.. because of u Zoya dont know what manners is.. See how she is jumping like child..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. Get down..
Zoya excuses herself and gets down..
Zuleika : Asad.. How long will u call her Ms.Farukhi.. she is going to be Mrs.Ahmed khan..
Asad : ammi.. first ask her to stop irritate me..
Dil : dont shout at her Asad.. Bechari ladki… (dil hugs Zoya..)
Asad : Ammi.. I can tolerate anything.. But I can’t tolerate that u r calling her bechari..
Anwar : Zoya.. Ask him what u want.. Come on.. it should be very special..
Zoya looks at Asad.. Asad thinks “Actually I am bechara.. dont know what she will ask now..”
The screen freezes…

Precap : Marriage ceremony begins..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Todays episode was just awesome n hilarious and the last part was so funny i m bechara 😀

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  2. Extraordinary episode. .. finally they have posted. … The scene when humeira drags him holding ayan’s ears was very funny…. asya scene was wonderful. … and what did ayan say in humeira ‘s ears??? Waiting for their nikkah 🙂 … and asya back in zee anmol from 15th Feb 🙂 …. can’t wait. ..

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  3. Awesome hilarious and lovely episode

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  5. Awesome episode, especially ayan n humaria excellent track. I like this track. Keep going on

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  6. Very very cute episode, now what humaira has to do in private, what zoya ask asad to do? So curious to know. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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