Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 58


The scene begins by Rashid saying Dilshad “I am leaving to home..” Dil asks him to stay here.. Rashid looks at Asad and says “I kept all my things in that house.. So I will come after.. And let najma and asad take their own time to feel comfortable with me..” Dil agrees.. Rashid leaves..

In night, Asad is watching stars in the sky in garden.. Zoya sees Asad from her room’s window and thinks “On the day in mental asylum, he used the word My abbu My abbu..But infront of Rashid uncle, he is saying Mr.Rashid Ahmed Khhaannn… Really.. Mr.Khan is weird.. He express his love to everyone but not infront of the person whom should know..” Zoya goes to Asad and sits near him..

Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I never think that u can say such a good shayari.. Ur shayari is awesome like mine..
Asad : Ur shayari.. Awesome.. Only u can say that ur shayari awesome.. (funny tune plays..)
Zoya : Oh really.. Dont react too much Mr.Khan..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. I..
Zoya : Zoya… call me Zoya..
Asad : (smiles..) What u think about Mr.Rashid?
Zoya : I dont know much about him.. But I know that u love ur abbu a lot..
Asad gets angry and gets up from the chair..
Zoya : Sometimes I wonder how could u give such an expression..
Asad : Ya I know.. That angry bird expression right..
Zoya : Yeah.. How cute..!! (Zoya pinches his cheek..)
Asad : What are u doing Zoya..? Am I a child..?
Zoya laughs out loudly.. Asad too laughs on seeing her..
They sat and watch the sky for a while.. After few minutes, Asad says
Asad : Its not easy for me to accept my abbu in my life..
Zoya : Its nice to hear the word “my abbu” from u..
Asad : (is amazed..) I am doing all this for ammi.. We had overcome all problems in our life alone.. We had practised to live without him.. There is no need for him in our life..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. U may have practised to live without him.. But u are not practised to live without his memories.. That memories may be good or bad.. but still, u always think about him..
Asad wonders and realises what Zoya saying was truth.. He silently looks at Zoya..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Allah had given chance to correct Rashid uncle’s mistake.. Y u r stopping him..? And allah had given chance to change all ur bad memories to good memories.. Y can’t u change ur mind..?
Asad : But its not..
Zoya : Ya I know its not easy.. But its not that much difficult too.. U always see Rashid uncle with old memories.. Just look at him as ur abbu… Everything will be alright..
Asad remains silent for a while thinking about this.. Zoya feels bad about him and thinks to change the topic..(mitwa piano tune plays..)

Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Today a big incident happened.. First time in the history, Mr.Asad Ahmed Khann listened Zoya’s words without interrupting.. How is it possible..???
Asad looks at her and smiles.. Asad says “Its getting cold.. Come lets go inside..”.

When they enter home, they find the hall is empty and everyone went to sleep…
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Phuppi told that u like chocolate cake.. I am going to prepare cake today.. Just wait here for few minutes..
Asad : U know to prepare cake..?
Zoya : Ya Mr.Khan.. I learnt it for u.. Today my ammi teach me to prepare chocolate cake..
Asad smiles.. Zoya goes and prepares cake.. Asad watches her by sitting on the dining table.. (mitwa plays..) She throws all things here and there. Asad gets irritated and cleans the dirt.. (funny tune plays..) Zoya is throwing dust and Asad is following her by cleaning the dust. Atlast he gets irritated and asks “Ms.Farukhi.. Don’t u know how to manage house neatly..??”
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. do u know how to manage house neatly..?
Asad : Ya. I know very well..
Zoya : Then whats the problem Mr.Khan.. If I cant manage, u can manage right..
Asad keeps his hands on head and says “Badtameez ladki..”
Zoya smiles on seeing his expression..

Finally Zoya prepared the cake and keeps on the dining table.. Zoya gives the knife to Asad to cut the cake.. Instead of holding knife, Asad holds her hand and goes beside her and says “Lets cut the cake together..” Zoya smiles and they cut the cake.. Cake was little harder so they can’t able to cut easily.. Asad laughs and says “U really want me to eat this cake..? Are u sure..?” Zoya too laughs..

Dil is very happy and arranging things in her room.. Najma sees her and thinks “On seeing ammi’s smile, i can forgive anyone.. Y can’t I forgive my abbu..? Definitely I can.. Everything will be alright…”

Next morning Rashid comes to Dil’s home and knocks the door.. Asad opens the door.. Rashid sees Asad and stays outside.. Asad remembers Zoya’s words and signals Rashid to come inside.. Rashid comes inside.. Najma smiles at Rashid.. Rashid feels relaxed on seeing the changing behaviour of najma and Asad.. Rashid is surprised.. Ayan and humaira also comes in.. Asad asks “What happened..? U all come here in this early morning..”
Ayan replies “Dont know bhai.. ammi asked us to come here..” Everyone arranges in hall.. Dil announces “I am thinking of doing 3 marriages at same time.. Asad-zoya , Ayan-humaira , najma-farhan.. That too in next week.. I want to know ur suggestions..”
Rashid : Wow dilshad.. its really good news..
Tanveer : Wow.. 3 marriages at same time.. it will be fun..
Farhan : Next week.. its very short time.. How could be possible..?
Zuleika : We all are here.. we will make all arrangements.. u guys dont worry..
Zeenat : Yes.. Infact we can arrange everything in one day itself..
Anwar : But zeenat, u will take one day to make-up.. how will u do other arrangements in one day…
Everyone laughs..
The screen freezes on happy faces of family members..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Nice epi plz upload everyday nd Anwar character is good I like it …………

    1. thnk u anu..

  2. Khushnuma Afzal

    Asya scenes were really cute today….
    Especially the part asad listening to zoya quietly about his abbu…

    1. thnks khush.. 🙂

  3. I love your ff . But I wish the show happened just way you write.

    1. wow.. thnk u asha..

  4. Ha ha 3 nikkah at the same time 😛 asya scenes were fantastic. … waiting for their nikkah 😛 …. by the way did asad eat the cake or not? ? 😛

    1. thnk u sunehri.. He didnt eat.. else he will be in hospital.. :P…

      1. 😛 🙂

  5. Wow kalai its awesome……. Like 3 marriages together!!! It will be fun n how romantically you potraied as ad and zoya in this epi HARD CAKE lol!!! Keep it up!!! I’ll be waiting for your next epi… Pls update soon

    1. ha ha.. thnk u falling star..

    1. thnk u anhsaa..

  6. Waiting for next episode

  7. Loved asya scenes

    1. thnk u kiya..

  8. Wow….
    Really u r awesome…..

    The writers of qubool hai should learn from u….

    1. thnk u jasmine..

  9. Please update yesterdays episode

    1. thats this sarah.. i cant update day before yesterday..

  10. wow yar 3 marriage at same time… usually only 2 marriage happens but u made it different…
    azya part was cute…
    anwar is funny yar

    1. ha ha.. thank u meghs..

  11. Qubool Hai over today..i m really very sad.will miss qubool hai n surbhi too…n guys u know what the show ends also with Zoya..bcoz arman gives Zoya mahira seikh name to her very cute daughter so the show ws also started with cute Zoya n also ends with great…yeah n one more thing that is we can meet AsYa again on Zee Anmol from 15th Feb.n it is toooooo much good…

    N kalai ur today’s epi is very very nice…

    1. Zoya’s character always rocks.. I love that character a lot.. I am missing Zoya a lot for the past few years..

  12. Awesome episode kalai, wowwww loved it, 3 niqaah at the same time. ..lovely. .keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thank u roma..:)

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