Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 57


The scene begins by Asad’s smile fade out and giving shocking expression.. Everyone turns and looks at door and gets shocked on seeing Rashid.. Asad’s face turned red due to anger.. Najma looks at Dil and thinks “Ya allah… Again abbu entered into our life.. Dont know how will ammi react.. ” Ayan and Humaira is shocked and thinks “Y did abbu come here..?” Asad goes to Rashid and asks “Why did u come here..?”
Rashid : Asad.. I came to speak to u..
Asad : Mr.Rashid Ahmed Khan.. Would u please get out..?
Rashid : Asad.. Please let me speak..
Asad : Dont u feel ashamed to come inside this house as unwelcomed guest..?
Rashid : I am not unwelcomed guest Asad..
Zoya interferes and says “Mr.Khan.. Relax.. And let him speak..”
Asad : Oh.. Now I understand Ms.Farukhi.. Its because of u, he is here.. Or else he wont have courage to return this house.. What the hell are u thinking Zoya..? Dont u think about others feelings.. (asad shouts..)
Zoya : Allah miya.. Whats wrong with u Mr.Khan..? I am just…
Asad : Shut up Ms.Faukhi..
Dil interferes and says “Stop it Asad… I called Rashid.. ” Everyone is shocked..
Asad and Najma gets shocked..

Najma : Ammi.. u..? But Y ammi..? U know what he did to us..? Stilll….
Asad gets angry and goes to his room.. Najma follows Asad.. Dil looks at Rashid..

Rashid : Y did u called me Dilshad..? I told u right.. Asad and Najma is not interested to see me.. How will they listen to my words..?
Dil : Rashid.. U had explained me ur situation.. But its ur responsibility to explain it to Asad and Najma.. If u feel they are important to u, u have to convince them.. Come with me..
Rashid : Dilshad.. It means that u forgive me.. right..??
Dil : My forgiveness is in the hands of Asad and Najma.. Because more than me, they both got hurt a lot. They never seen their father’s love.. And its not easy to live without father’s love.. So when they can forgive u, I also forgive u..
Rashid : U forgive me or not.. thats the another problem.. But Atleast u understand me.. Thanks for that Dilshad..

Asad and Najma is in room..
Najma : Bhai.. What happened to ammi..? While seeing abbu, ammi got weaken..? Thats y she again making big mistake by trusting abbu..

Asad : No Najma.. Ammi is not like that.. She is not that much weak to fall in that man’s trap.. There must have been a reason.. But when I see his face, I can’t tolerate my anger.. I can’t control myself..
Dil come in and says “U have to control Asad.. I know that u dont trust rashid.. But u will trust ur brother Ayan right..?? ”
Asad gets shocked and says “ammi. Did u know about Ayan…?”
Dil : I know Asad.. On hearing Rashid, it doesnt seem that was his fault. I feel that its because of situation, rashid left us.. And that too for our goodness.. Trust me Asad.. Just listen him..
Asad says “Ok ammi..” Dil smiles and goes to call rashid.. Najma asks “Bhai jaan.. Why are u..? ”
Rashid enters.. Dil is waiting in hall with Zoya..

Rashid cares Najma’s head and asks “How are u Najma..?” Najma nods her head and goes and holds Asad’s hands and gives angry look to Rashid.. Rashid feels bad..
Rashid : I know that its not easy for u to trust me again and forgive me.. Because I made such a big mistake.. But still Its my responsibility to explain to u.. And dont think that I am saying this to enter in ur life again.. I dont have such intention..
Asad : Its good that u r not having such intention..

Rashid explains everything to Asad and Najma.. Rashid is in tears said that “If I stayed with u, I would have lost u all forever.. So I think its better to stay away from u and watch u alive…” Najma gets shocked and feels bad for him.. Asad didn’t express anything.. On seeing Asad, Rashid understands he is not able to forgive him.. Rashid begins to leave.. Asad calls Rashid.. Rashid gets glad and goes with smile to Asad..
Asad : Ammi had cried a lot thinking about u.. U deceive my ammi by marrying shirin.. still she forgive and accept u.. Because ammi loved u a lot.. And I know that ammi will forgive u now also.. So I decided.. for ammi’s sake, we will act like forgiving u..
Rashid : Asad..
Asad leaves.. Najma looks on Rashid sadly and goes behind Asad.. Rashid sits on ground and feels very bad..

Dil asks Asad “What happened Asad..?”
Asad smiles and hugs “ur happiness is more important for us ammi.. I will do anything for u..” Dil replies “I cant even imagine Asad.. how easily u understand him.?” Ayan and humaira is shocked.. Ayan hugs Asad and says “Bhai.. thank u so much bhai.. I am waiting many years for this day..u have no idea how happy I am..? ”
Dil : U r happy for me and rashid or for ur marriage.?

Asad : whats the relation between this and ayan’s marriage..?
Dil : U dont know right.. ayan told that he will marry only when our both families unite..
Asad feels bad thinking that he is cheating everyone by not forgiving rashid.. Zoya notices this and thinks “something is wrong with mr.khan..”

Zuleika returns home.. Zoya asks “ammi.. where have u gone..? U know what..? within short time, many incidents happened.. farhan proposed najma.. asad’s abbu is back in their life.. All are very happy ammi..”
Zuleika : Aree wahh zoya.. Its seems that this day is good day for us..
Zoya : yeah ammi.. but where have u gone ?
Zeenat and Anwar comes down to hall..
Zuleika : For past few years I saved some money.. From that money I bought dresses for my daughters and sons-in-law..
Zoya : wow ammi.. show me..
Zuleika gives dress to Zoya and Asad..
Asad : Thank u aunty..
Zuleika : Dont say thanks beta..
Zuleika says “And this dress is for my elder daughter.. Zeenat.. And this is for Anwar…” Zeenat feels amazed.. She also feels guilty.. Zeenat and Anwar accepts dress from Zuleika.. After zuleika leaves, Anwar asks “What happened Zeenat..?”

Zeenat : i never think her as my ammi… But she think me as her daughter.. I feel very guilty Anwar..
Anwar : There is nothing to feel guilty.. U should feel happy that u got a mother.
Zeenat : Not mother.. very good mother.. Now I am feeling lucky that I have good sister, good husband and good ammi also..
Anwar laughs and hugs her..
The screen freezes..

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Credit to: Kalai

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