Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 56

The scene begins by everyone is chatting in hall.. Asad is silently watching everyone and feels happy seeing their happiness.. Ayan and Humaira comes there.. Ayan comes and sees Dil sadly..
Dil : Hey Ayan.. Come. come and sit..
On seeing Dil greeting him, Ayan gets happy and feels relaxed.. Dil looks at Humaira.. Humaira signals sorry for hiding everything from Dil.. Dil smiles and hugs her..

Zoya : Najma.. Did farhan propose u directly..?
Najma : (smiles and shakes her head) No..
Zoya : see api.. All men are dumb… They cant able to express their love..
Anwar : Who said like that..? Farhan.. Its a great insult.. come on.. U have to propose her..
Farhan : But.. Now.. How could I..?
Zoya : jiju… just agree that what I said is true..
Tanveer and Zeenat agrees to Zoya and shouts supporting her.. Asad says to Farhan “Go and propose Farhan.. Or else This crazy girl wont leave u.. ” Asad signals go ahead.. Farhan wakes up.. Anwar and Ayan

encourages Farhan.. Najma looks surprisingly..

Farhan and Najma is standing in middle.. Everyone is sitting around them.. Farhan takes Najma’s bracelet (which is left by najma in college at their first meet) from his pocket and stretches his hand..
Farhan : On new year, do u remember what u told me? when I found answer to ur quuestion, u asked me to give this bracelet back to u.. Now its time to give that bracelet.. And its time to express my heart.. Farhan sits on

his knees, gives her bracelet and asks “Will u accept my heart..?”
Najma’s eyes filled with tears and she gets glad.. Zoya, tanveer and Zeenat asks Najma to say “I love u..” But Najma feels shy and She stretches her hand.. Farhan wears bracelet on Najma’s hand.. Everyone shouts and


Zoya : U r superbb farhan.. Some people are not daring like u.. Especially Mr.Khan and Ayan.. Am I right Humaira..?
Humaira : Absolutely Zoya..
Ayan : Hey Humaira.. Dont include me.. And Zoya.. U know what.. I proposed Humaira first..
Everyone surprised and asks “What..? U proposed humaira..” and begins to tease humaira and Ayan..
Zoya : Oho.. Ayan.. Finally u made it.. And tell me when is ur marriage..?
Ayan looks at Dil and says “Allah knows…” Dil looks at him and says “Soon Ayan’s marriage will happen..” Ayan and Humaira thinks “Why Dil is saying like this..?”

Humaira : And by the way.. What about u Asad..?
Tanveer : Asad can express his love infront of everyone.. But not infront of Zoya.. Am I right Asad..?
Zoya : Why..?? Am I a wild cat…? Am I making him scary..?
Asad : Actually Ms.Farukhi.. Wild cat is much better than u.. Because cat can’t able to speak.. But U never let others speak..
Anwar : Ha ha ha.. Absolutely right Asad… Both Sisters (Zeenat and Zoya) are like this.. Ha ha ha..
Zeenat and Zoya looks angrily at Anwar and Asad..

Tanveer : Ok lets do one thing.. Zoya is good in shayari right.. She will tell shayari about Asad.. And Asad also have to say shayari.. Ok..
Anwar,Ayan and Farhan says “Ok.. We all agree.. Lets c who rocks..”
Asad : Hey I have to say Ok. Without my permission u r involving me.. I dont know any shayari vayari.. I am leaving..
Asad goes few steps..
Zoya : It means that Mr.Khan is scared.. So Girls rocks.. And I am the best..
Asad stops and turns and looks at Zoya.. Zoya raised her eye brows and says “What..?” Asad says “Lets see..” (Asad Zoya Quarrel tune pays..)

Zoya begins..
Tere saath har pal kuch khas …
Tere saath har pal kuch khas …
Tabh baki duniya lagti hai bakwas….

Anwar says “Areh wahhh.. Superbb..” Everyone claps.. Zoya says “Shukria..Shukria..”

Asad looks and Zoya and begins to say in husky voice.. (He comes close to Zoya by saying everyline..)
(mitwa piano tune plays..)
Peheli baar Mila to koi bandhan na tha…
Dono ke beech ek sanaata sa tha…

nasdeekhiyan badi par karaar na hua…

Dheere dheere..
haule haule…
kabhi socha na tha..
mohabbat hua miss farooqui se…

Asad is standing close to Zoya.. Zoya is looking at Asad’s eyes.. They lost in their world and they never sense everyone is around them.. (Mitwa plays..) Everyone claps for Asad.. Asad smiles at everyones and looks at Zoya.. Still Zoya is standing freezingly watching Asad.. Asad calls “Ms.Farukhi..” Zoya is lost in him.. Asad shakes her and calls “Zoya..” Zoya wakes and says “Ahh.. Vo.. ” Everyone laughs at Zoya.. Asad too laughs out loudly.. Dil watches this and thinks “Ya allah.. Always keep this family happily..” Asad laughs and turns and looks at something.. His smile fades out.. Everyone turns and looks at door and gets shocked..

The screen freezes..

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  1. Finally asad confessed :). … and farhan ‘ s was fab…. last scene was funny…. why asad ‘s smile faded out???? Did rashid come there???

    1. thank u so much sunehri for ur shayari.. awesome shayari..

  2. 🙂 🙂

  3. Superb Kalai.It was the best part of you’r ff.Just AWESOME,FABULOUS,FANTASTIC,&AMAZING eppisode.Now I just want to see Asya’s Marriage.Will u invit us in Asya’ Marriage;)

    1. Of course u r right shanaz . . Kalai didi will u invite us in asya’s nikkah?? 😛

    2. of course.. u all r invited my dear frnds.

    1. thank u shanaz..

  4. it was best… U r awesm

    1. thnk u nandini..

  5. Excellent episode very lovely

    1. thnk u jo..

    1. thank u ahnsaa..

    1. thnk u kiya..

  6. Wowwww, what a cuteeeee n amazing episode. ..all are rocking in it…farhaan proposal very cute….n ayan’s humaira cute fight …lol…asya shairee very adorable. .zoya can’t believe what she heard from asad…wowww…kudos to you kalai…such an amazing writer. …kudos episode it up….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thank u so much roma.. love u a lot fr encouraging me from the start..

  7. What an episode awesome n osm… 🙂

    1. 😀 thnk u amu..

  8. Comeon kalai update fast and complete century of your ff

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