Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 55


The scene begins by showing Dil is silently watching tanveer and farhan leaving.. Najma is in tears.. (Raahat haya tune plays..) Farhan wants to turn and look at Najma once.. But he is controlling himself.. Finally he cant able to control himself and turns and looks at Najma… Najma and Farhan have a very small eyelock.. Again Farhan started to leave.. Dil is watching this.. When tanveer and farhan reaches near door, Dil calls Tanveer.. Everyone looks at Dil.. Farhan watches Najma.. Asad notices this..

Dil : Tanveer.. Just wait for a while.. If u respect me, U should not leave till I say..
Tanveer : But.. We.. (tanveer cant able to disobey dilshad..) Ok aunty..

Dil goes to Asad and says “I want to speak to u privately.. Come with me Asad..” Asad gives look at Najma.. Najma gets scared and hides behind Zoya.. Asad follows Dil..

Dil : Asad.. What do u think about farhan..?
Asad : Ammi.. u already asked me about him. I also said that he is good.. But Now whats the need to ask about him..?
Dil : Its needed Asad.. That day, I asked because we are just going to let him stay in our home.. But today I am asking because I am thinking to let him enter into Najma’s life.. As Najma’s life partner..
Asad : What..? Tamatar.. and Farhan..
Dil : Yes Asad.. Najma started feeling for Farhan..
Asad : Tamatar is like a child.. what she know..? That Farhan.. I am respecting him more than friend.. But he is.. Ammi.. What farhan said about this..?
Dil : I didnt ask him about that.. But when he turns and look at Najma before leaving, I can understand that he is also feeling for Najma..
Asad : Ammi.. But how could ..? And I thought Najma will do arranged marriage only.. I can’t even imagine how could she fell in love..?
Dil : Why can’t she fell in love Asad..? And by the way, Its going to be arranged marriage only.. If we all agree…
Asad : Ammi.. But..

Dil : Just think Asad.. U already know Farhan in ur college.. And if he value money more than his respect, he would have accepted ur job offer.. But he is not like that. And I think.. That day he didnt accept ur job offer because he don’t want to work under u.. If he is working under u, how could he ask Najma’s hands..? That’s y he should have refused..
Asad : ammi.. Najma treats me like a father.. And she is like a child to me.. I cant take any wrong decision in Najma’s life..
Dil : Asad.. I can understand u.. But her happiness is more important for us.. And Farhan is also nice person.. Do u have any reason to reject Farhan..??
Asad : (shakes his head ) No..
Dil : Asad.. U have no idea that how it feels when Our love is not with us.. I always pray to Allah that My daughter dont want to bear that pain.. But now..
(Asad looks at Dil and understands that Dil is indirectly speaking about Rashid..)

Asad starts to leave.. Dil is calling “Asad.. Asad..” But Asad doesn’t stop and goes to Farhan angrily.. Tanveer is shocked. He drags Farhan’s hands and takes him to lawn. Asad is walking here and there.. Farhan is standing like “whats going on.?”
Farhan : Asad.. Why did u take me here..? What happened..?
Asad turns to Farhan and by that time he sees someone is hiding behind pillar..
Asad shouts “Ms.Farukhi.. If u comepleted cleaning pillar. please go inside..” (funny tune plays..)

Zoya is shocked and comes out and says “Mr.Khan.. I am..”
Asad : Zoya.. go inside..
Zoya gives angry look and leaves from there..
Asad : Badtameez ladki..

Zoya goes inside home and tells Dilshad “Phuppi.. Mr.Khan find me and kicked me out from there..”
Dil : Its ok zoya.. Lets wait and see.
Najma : ammi.. I am scared..
Dil : Dont worry.. Everything will be alright..
Tanveer : Can anyone tell me whats going on here..?
Zoya and Dil looks at Tanveer and goes to her..

Asad goes near Farhan and says “I dont want to speak indirectly.. I want to ask u only one thing.. Are u in love with Najma..?” Farhan is shocked and standing speechless..
Asad : Tell me Farhan..
Farhan : Asad.. I know that I dont have any qualities to marry ur sister. I am not as rich as u.. Now only I got new job.. Now I am not financially stable.. Because of this reason I didnt express my love to Najma also.. Once I became financially strong, I decided to ask ur family about najma..
Asad : I dont want to hear story from u..

Farhan : I am sorry Asad.. But..
Asad holds Farhan’s collar and asks “Do u love Najma?”

Dil : Tanveer.. I think u should have known about ur brother.. It seems that Najma and ur brother are in love.. but they cant able to express to themself..
Tanveer looks down and remains silent..
Dil : Ur silence itself says that what I am saying is truth..
Tanveer : But we are not rich people.. Its like we are greedy.. My brother should not feel for her.. I made my brother understood everything.. He wont disturb najma.. Thats y we are leaving this house now..
Dil : Y are u speaking like this tanveer..? Its not like that.. We should care about people’s hearts.. Not about money.. And ur brother is very responsible.. He has all the qualities to be this house’s son-in-law.. I accepted him.. Najma accepted him.. And soon Asad also agree..
Tanveer : Asad.. Now Asad is speaking about this to my bhai jaan.. Ya allah.. What if he hit my bro in anger..?
Zoya : Tanu.. Mr.Khan will never do like this..

Tanveer runs outside and gets shocked.. Dil, Najma and Zoya follows her.. They all shocked to see Asad holding Farhan’s collar..

Asad : Tell me.. Do u love Najma..?
Farhan : (says Bravely..) Yes Asad.. I love Najma.. I am not going to say that “I am not able to live without Najma..” I can live eventhough Najma is not with me.. But I cant love anyone except her.. She is my first love and she will be my last love.. Whatever punishment u want to give, give me..? But still… I never stop loving her..
Asad hears this and leaves his collar..
Tanu, Dil, Zoya and Naj starts running to Asad and Farhan.. Suddenly they stopped seeing Asad hugging Farhan..
Asad hugs Farhan and says “I have no doubt that u r perfect for Najma.. But I wanted to know how much u love her.. And I can feel the intensity of ur love in ur voice..” Farhan gets shocked..
Asad : Will u marry my tamatar..?

Farhan is standing freezingly.. He is looking like he is not in this world..
Asad shakes him and asks “Farhan… Come back to our world and say Will u marry my sister..?”
Farhan nods his head yes and smiles lightly. But his smile fades out seeing Tanveer behind Asad.. Asad turns and looks at them..
Tanu goes near Farhan and says “I am sorry Bhai.. I stopped u from ur happiness.. But hereafter I won’t.. ” Farhan is shocked and says “But tanu..”
Tanu : U know what bhai.. We are lucky to have such a nice family… (and looks at Asad, Naj and Dil..)
Farhan smiles and hugs tanveer and looks at Najma.. Asad goes to Najma and asks “Are u happy now tamatar..?” Najma nods her head.. Asad hugs Najma.. Dil and Zoya gives hi-five to each other and hugs..
The screen freezes..

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Credit to: Kalai

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