Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 54


Zoya, Asad and Zuleika return home.. Everyone looks at them.. Zoya is very happy and says “She is my ammi.. Zuleika..” Everyone welcomes her. Zuleika feels happy that everyone is taking care of Zoya very well.. Asad and Najma is speaking with Zuleika.. Zeenat feels insecure and tries to smile infront of them.. Anwar looks at Zeenat and understands her.. Zoya goes to Zeenat and says “api.. I am so happy.. I found our ammi..”
Zeenat leaves from there saying “yes.. I am also happy..”.
Anwar : Finally u have made it alone zoya..
Zoya : Not alone jiju.. Its all because of Mr.Khan.. Allah miya.. whats wrong with me..? I didnt even say thanks to Mr.Khan..
Zoya turns and sees Asad.. Dil comes near Zoya and asks “Did ur ammi know about ur engagement?”
Zoya : No phuppi.. I will tell her..
Zoya goes few steps and stops..
Zoya : Phuppi.. U Dont tell to my ammi….. Mr.Khan have to say everything..

Dil : Zuleika.. U are going to hear a very happy news.. Asad will tell u.. Asad.. tell her..
Asad : ammi.. What..?
Dil goes near Asad and says “Tell zuleika about ur engagement.. And also tell her how much u love Zoya.. Else she may reject u..”
Asad : What..? Reject.. But ammi..
Zuleika : What happened Asad..?
Zoya laughs and sees Asad.. Asad stammers because everyone is watching him..
Asad : actually.. I.. Zoya.. actually We all wanted to marry.. (funny tune plays..)
Zuleika : What..? all wanted to marry..?
Zoya and Anwar laughs out loudly.. Dil keeps her hand on his head and thinks “Ya allah.. I dont know when Asad will learn to speak frankly..”
Asad hides his face with his hand and says to Zuleika “Actually I want to speak with u privately.. Can u come..?” Zoya signals to say No.. But Zuleika agrees to go with him.

Asad : I dont know why I am stammering infront of everyone while saying my heart’s feelings.. Thats y I had to bring u alone.. Sorry..
Zuleika : No problem Asad.. Tell me..
Asad tells everything to Zuleika from the starting scene to engagement scene… Zuleika hears this and says “It means that my daughter is going to marry.. Thank god.. I cant able to be with her for past few years.. Atleast I am going to see her marriage.. From the moment I saw u and Zoya, I realised that u r made for each other..” Asad gets happy on hearing this and take blessing from Zuleika.. Zuleika leaves inside home…

Asad sees Zoya hiding behind pillar and trying to hear what Asad is speaking.. But she cant hear them… Asad smiles on seeing her and goes infront of Zoya.. Zoya gets shocked and manages the situation by saying that “I am cleaning wall..” (funny tune plays..)
Asad : Oh really.. U r cleaning very well.. Come and clean my room walls also..
Asad holds Zoya’s hands and drags her. Zoya stops and gives angry look..
Zoya : very funny.. What were u speaking with my ammi..?
Asad : Why do u want to know..?
Zoya : Because she is my ammi..
Asad : Then ask ur ammi.. (funny tune plays..)
Zoya : What..? But I wanted to hear it from u Mr.Khan..
Asad : U want to hear it from me.. right..
Zoya : yes..
Asad : Then u have to wait..
Asad leaves.. Zoya thinks “Mr.Khan is thinking himself as a smart hero.. He is reacting too much.. But I swear u Mr.Khan. I will make u say ur feelings..”

Asad and Zoya gets inside home and shocked to see Farhan and tanveer with luggage.
Asad : Farhan.. Whats the need to leave now..? Atleast stay here till my marriage..
Tanveer : (interrupts farhan) No Asad.. We have to leave… And we came to say good bye and thank u..
Tanveer takes leave from everyone and Farhan follows her.. Dil is watching everything silently.. Najma sees Dil and farhan and tears fall from her eyes..
The screen freezes on split up screen of Dil in between Naj and Farhan..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Good episode when asad stammers in front of zuleika was very funny… 😉

    1. thnk u sunehri..

  2. kalai u r d best……i love ur ff plz update evry episode daily…..

    1. thnk u sam..

  3. Fantastic episode . When will asad propose zoya???!?

    1. soon ayesha…

  4. Plz make it lil long nd ya zoya cleaning the pillar was so funny

    1. ok kiya.. 🙂

  5. When asad says we all wanted to marry
    Is the best hahahha?????

    Very good kalai
    I am impressed
    Keep going on

    1. thank u so much arohi.. 😀

  6. I juzt wanted to aslk sumtng actually one of my friend wanted to post a series buh the web page (telly updates) shows that you hav to upload more than 800 characters but where as sum fictions are less than 500 also so could u plz tell me how to go about

    1. if there is some problem, u can contact telly updates using contact us page kiya.. go to this link..

      1. Thnk u soo much

  7. Superb… But i feel sad for zeenat she feeling alone….

    1. thnk u meghs..

  8. nice episode.

    1. thank u kavi..

  9. Awesome & Fabulous Eppisode..

    1. thank u shanaz..

  10. Hi kalai dearyyyy, mind blowing episode, loved it very much. ..asya n family scenes are adorable, the convo at the end btw asya was hilarious, zoya saying I’m cleaning the wall…lol…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thank u roma dear..

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