Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 53


The scene begins by Rashid explaining his past to Dilshad..
Rashid : I accept that I married Shirin and did a big sin to you.. After knowing that I married u, Shirin hates me and She left me and Ayan.. Thats y I bring Ayan to you.. After 6 months I meet Shirin’s brother Gaffaur and his wife Razia.. He told me that I have to return to Shirin, else he will kill u, Asad and Najma.. I didnt accept this and thought that he is just blackmailing me.. Dilshad… U remember one day, there is a gas cylinder leaks in our home.. That day we got escaped from fire accident.. That was planned by Gaffaur and Razia..
Dilshad remembers the flashback of that fire accident and they escaped from their house. Dil is shocked.
Rashid : After that I have no option. I had to leave u, Asad and Najma.. When Ayan cries to see Asad, I feel helpless. Many years passed, still Ayan had the same affection on Asad, Najma and Dil. One year before Shirin,

Gaffaur and Razia dies in an accident. I dont want to return India because I have no courage to face u. But Ayan insisted me to return to India.. U know what Dilshad.. Ayan had lot of hope that we will unite together.. And I think u already know that Ayan loves humaira. He said that he will marry only when u and me unite.

Dilshad turns and looks at Ayan… Rashid says “I dont know whether u believe me or not.. But whatever I said is true.. Hereafter I wont give any explanation to u. I left everything in ur hands..” Rashid leaves from there.

Dil looks Rashid leaving. (Rashid Dil tune plays..) Ayan goes near her and says “ammi.. I am sorry I didn’t tell u before. Because I was scared that u may hatee because of abbu..” Dil remains silent and looks at Ayan..
Ayan : Sorry ammi.. Come I will drop u home..
Dil holds Ayan’s hand and says “What do u think of urself Ayan..? ” Dil hugs Ayan and asks “Y u hide everything from me..? Hw could u think I hate u..?” Ayan gets teary eyed and hugs Dil and calls “ammi.. I am sorry ammi..”

Asad goes to Zuleika and shouts “How could u react to Zoya like this..? If u were not Zoya’s ammi, you could have tell her in nice way.. Whats the need to hurt her feelings..?”
Zuleika : Beta.. Who are you to Zoya..?
Asad : I had met you earlier. U speak very nicely to mentally retarded persons.. But I cant understand that how could u speak to her own daughter.?
Zuleika : Sometimes situation turns against us.. So I have to be a bad person infront of Zoya..
Asad : Thats what I am asking.. Y??
Zuleika : I saw u and Zoya.. And I believe u that u will always be with Zoya.. Will u be with Zoya in all her happiness and sadness..?
Asad : Yes I will.. Because I love her.. And thats Y I am speaking with u..? And u please Dont change the topic and tell me the truth.. Please..
Zuleika : I dont want to tell anything..
Asad : I know that u r Zoya’s ammi.. And without knowing reason I wont leave from this place.. And by the way.. Lets see.. how long will u run from me..?
Zuleika turns and looks at Asad..
Asad : U know what..? Zoya come to India without informing anyone to see u.. She is searching her ammi and abbu crazily..
Zuleika : her abbu.. Thats the reason I dont want to tell her that I am Zoya’s ammi..
Asad : What..? I cant understand u..
Zuleika : What if Zoya ask about her abbu? What answer i will give her ? What if she knows about her father..? How will she react .?
Asad : But..
Zuleika : Please beta.. Dont ask me to tell anything.. Its better that Zoya dont want to know about me and her abbu..
Asad : But she knows about her father..
Zuleika : What..??
Asad : Yes.. She knows everything about her abbu.. her abbu loves money more than his family right..
Zuleika : Ya allah.. After knowing this, my beti would have hurt a lot. She would have cried a lot.. But I am not with her to share her pain..
Zuleika cries a lot.. Asad goes near her..
Asad : Infact she cried a lot knowing this.. But now, she totally shattered hearing such a harsh words from you.. You shouldn’t tell her “not to call ammi…” Even my love can’t able to cure the pain u created in her heart..

Zuleika looks at Asad and feels very hurt on hearing this… Asad consoles her..
Zuleika : Asad.. where is Zoya..? I want to see her.. I want to explain everything to her..
Asad : U dont need to explain everything ammi.. She heard everything..
Asad takes phone from his pocket.. (Asad calls Zoya’s mobile before speaking to Zuleika.. Zoya hears everything through mobile..)
Asad : Zoya…
Zoya comes inside with tears and looks at Zuleika.. Zuleika is seeing Zoya emotionally.. Zoya goes and hugs Zuleika and cries a lot..
Zuleika : I am sorry zoya.. I am really sorry.. I cant able to defend u from ur father.. And I cant able to be with u..
Zoya : ammi.. dont leave me.. please..
Zuleika : No zoya.. I wont leave u.. I m sorry..

Asad feels glad on seeing them and smiles.. The screen freezes..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Kitna Intejaar kaaroai Kalai &Finally Update thow kiya..Eagerly Wait for Next eppisode.plz update it soon

    1. really sry fr making u wait shanaz.. i am trying . 🙂 and thank u so much shanaz.

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    1. 😀 thank u so much falling star.. 😀 happy makar sankranthi.. 🙂

  4. Kab se wait kar rahi ti didi. … finally they have posted. … and asad admitted to Zulieka that he loves zoya???? Fantastic. … waiting for the next episode 🙂

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  5. happy pongal frnds.. / happy magara sankranthi.

  6. update nxt soon….tis was awesome as always

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  7. nice episode kalai. Wish u a happy pongal dr

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  8. awww dear this is soo awesome
    i’ve never commented on your ff but i can’t hold my feelings any more

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  9. Asad finally said that he loves zoya
    Keep going n plz update soon

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  10. Wow emotional

  11. Awww, kalai dearrrr, such a heart touching episode, really sweeeeeet n emotional but soothing one….loved it to the core…all the misunderstandings got cleared…rashid n dil….n …zoya n her mom…lovely story. ..keep it up. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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