Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 52


The scene begins by showing Zoya in tears. Asad is watching them.. Zoya says to Zuleika “Dont worry aunty.. Ur daughter will return back to u soon..”

A person who went to search for Zuleika’s records comes to Asad and says “Sir.. We dont know the exact address of Zuleika.. But the NGO pople who admitted here said that they found Zuleika in Punjab.”
Zoya : Punjab.. But Mr.Khan.. my ammi’s native place is Bhopal..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. May be she went Punjab to search u..
Zoya : But Mr.Khan… I can see A MOTHER’s pain in this zuleika’s eyes.. But I can’t able to feel MY AMMI’s pain in her eyes..I.. How could I explain u..?
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. relax.. Lets do one thing..Lets go to that village and bring jeweller shop owner here. After his confirmation, We will decide..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Where is that bangle..?
Asad : Oh God.. I almost forgot about that.. I left that bangle when I saw u..
Zoya : Allah miya.. whats wrong with u Mr.Khan?.. Thats the only thing I have in memory of my ammi.. How could u be so careless.
Asad and Zoya runs to that place.. They cant find bangle there.. Asad and Zoya is searching for that bangle..

(Zoya’s abbu tune plays..)
Zoya sees something through window and stands freezingly.. Asad sees her and slowly goes to her and watches through window.. They saw that lady warden who is having that bangle and crying out loudly. When a tear fall from warden’s eyes, a tear falls from Zoya’s eyes too.. (Zoya’s abbu tune plays..) Zoya remembers the scene when she trying to enter the mental asylum, that lady warden helps zoya and holds zoya’s hand.. Zoya slowly moves from there and stands behind that warden and watching her.

Asad calls that person and asks “Who is that lady..?”
Person : She…. She is Zuleika… She is a warden in this hospital..
Asad : Zuleika…. (Asad gets shocked and asks ) where she is from..?
Person : She.. She is from Bhopal..
Asad : Bhopal..
Asad remembers first meet with her and her soft speaking nature.. Asad too goes near Zoya.. Zoya is watching Warden Zuleika without blinking her eyes.

Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. I dont want to confuse u.. But… u know what..? Now only I came to know that her name is also Zuleika. And she is from bhopal..
Zoya looks at Asad..
Asad : Something is fishy… And why she is crying by holding that bangle..? Is she ur…
Zoya goes close to warden Zuleika and calls “ammi..” Zuleika gets shocked and wipes her tears.. She manages to keep smile in her face and turns and sees Zoya.. She cant able to control herself..
Zuleika : Your bangle.. I found it in ground.. (gives bangle to Zoya and turns and starts leaving..)
Zoya : Don’t you ask Why I called u ammi..?
Zuleika stops and thinks to herself “I am longing to hear this word from ur mouth.. How could I ask u why u called me ammi..?”..
Zoya goes near and asks “ammi.. Don’t u say anything..? Why are u crying ammi.?”
Zuleika shouts “I am not ur ammi.. I dont like someone calling me ammi.. Dont u ever call me ammi…?” Zoya is shocked to hear these words from her.. Zuleika leaves from there crying..

Zoya breaks down and collapses on ground.. Asad goes to Zoya and tries to convince her..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I came here because I had a strong belief that my ammi is longing for me.. She is searching me.. But now It doesnt seem like that.. She dont want me.. (Zoya cries loudly..)
Asad : (he is also in tears..) Zoya.. may be she is not ur ammi..
Zoya : No mr.khan.. She is my ammi.. Y she doesn’t like me..? Y she avoids me..? Am I not looking good..? Or Did I do something wrong..? No.. i will go to her and ask sorry.. She will accept me.. I am sure..
Zoya gets up and starts leaving.. Asad tries to stop her “Dont go Zoya.. This is not the time to speak with her..” Zoya doesnt agree and shouts “Leave me.. I want to go..” Asad shouts “Stop it Zoya.” Zoya is shocked and cries loudly.. Asad hugs her and says

Asad : Zoya.. U are very nice.. No one in this world able to hate u.. And u always say that ur dimple smile make everyone fall right.. Where is that smile Zoya..? How will ur ammi like her crying daughter.. Come on Zoya..
Zoya : But Mr.Khan..
Asad : Zoya.. U Trust me right..
Zoya nods her head “yes..”
Asad : Then.. Smile.. I want that dimple wala smile..
Zoya tries to smile but she cant.. Asad kisses her forehead and says “Everything will be alright.. Trust me.. I will make everything alright..” Zuleika watches everything hidingly and says to herself “I am sorry my dear daughter.. I am scared to admit that I am ur mother.. Because I dont have answers to ur questions..”

Rashid is shown holding Dil’s hands. Ayan leaves from there and let them speak alone.. Dil removes her hand from Rashid’s hands and gives angry look..
Dil : That day u wanted to tell me something right.. Now tell me.. I am ready to hear all ur explanation and lies.. Come on.. tell me..
Rashid : I know Dilshad.. Whatever I tell u, u will think that as a lie. But I want to try.. Still I had a small belief that u will trust me again..
Dil looks on..

The screen freezes on split up screen of Asad hugging Zoya and Rashid speaking with Dil..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. I cried when Zulieka said that she is not zoya s ammi…. and asad says when he wants to see her dimple wali smile was good…. and I have a doubt….. is Zulieka really a mental? ? Be coz. .. In last scene she’s afraid to reveal that she’s her ammi…

    1. hey sunehri. tht mental zuleika is not zoya’s ammi.. tht warden name is also zuleika and tht warden is zoya’s ammi.. i think u skipped reading tht part..

  2. Awesome episode kalai, lovely asya scene, asad consoling zoya n zulaikha can’t accept her as daughter, made me cry tooo…very heart touching scene…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thank u roma..

  3. Really Heart Touching Scene.I’m just so exicited for next eppisode..

  4. nice episode kalai.

    1. thank u kavi

  5. Amayra 4ever for kalai

    Really heart touching epi.
    No dear i ws not busy i have send comments but u have not read see in ur previous episodes..

    1. oh sorry amu.. hw r u?

      1. Amayra 4ever for kalai

        How’s u know i m not well??actually i m suffering frm pain…n plz don’t say sorry n thanks for asking abt my u a lot..dear

  6. awesome episode kalai loving it u r marvellous writer awaiting 4 ur next episode.. Plz update it soon

    1. thanks a lot heena..

  7. thank u shanaz

  8. emotional n heart touching episode yar

  9. Nyc one it was so emotional

    1. thanks kiya..

  10. Waiting for next eppisode Kalai..Plz plz plz update it soon.

  11. Kalaiii… eagerly waiting for ur nxt update. ..If u can olzz update soooooon. …..A can’t control myself. …

  12. Plzz *

  13. I*……
    Sryyyy guyzzz. ..Full of mistakes

  14. sry for late updat frnds..

  15. Hope for a stress free epi nxt tym…btw tis was also gud…but quite emotional….

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