Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 51


The scene begins by showing bangle rolls and stops in between Zoya and Warden.. Zoya angrily looks at Asad and she is in tears..
Zoya : what r u doing here Mr.Khan..? What did u say now..? Why are u asking about my ammi here..? (Zoya’s abbu tune plays..)
Zoya holds Asad’s collar and asks “Mr.Khan.. Stop being silent.. Just tell me everything…”
Asad takes Zoya’s hands from his shirt and steps backward… Zoya is shocked and is giving “What he is upto..?” expression.. Asad leaves from there.. Zoya follows him..

Warden takes that bangle from the floor and looks at Zoya.. Then she also goes behind Asad and Zoya..

Asad goes to lawn and strikes his leg with a rock.. He is in full angry mood..
Zoya : Mr.Khan..
Asad : (shouts..) Why did u come here..? Whats the need to follow me..? Dont u ever think that Why I left u home..?
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Dont u ever think that I need to know each and everything about finding my ammi..?
Asad : Oh.. Really… Do whatever u want…?
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Who is that Zuleika..? Is she my ammi..?
Asad : I dont know.. Go to hell.. (shouts angrily and started to leave..)
Zoya looks Asad with teary eyes.. Asad goes few steps and realises that he is reacting too much… He turns and looks at Zoya.. (mitwa plays..) He goes and hugs her and says
Asad : I m sorry zoya..
Zoya : (cries loudly..) Mr.Khan.. my ammi..
Asad : Zoya.. Relax.. MY ABBU said that he heard a patient named Zuleika.. That day I went to meet MY ABBU for u only.. And I also meet the same lady who asked me to find her daughter.. So I doubt.. Thats y I came her just to confirm.. Its nothing like that u thought..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I want to see her..
That warden hears everything.. Asad takes Zoya inside to meet Zuleika..

Dil calls Ayan and says “Ayan.. I want to buy things for Asad’s marriage ceremonies.. Can u come with me..?”
Ayan : What question is this ammi.. I am on the way..
Ayan comes in bike.. Dil asks “Bike.. Can u ride me on bike..?”
Ayan : I am dying to ride bike with my ammi.. So dont worry.. Come on..
Dil thinks “How nice Ayan is..! He thinks me as his own ammi..” Ayan and Dil went to shopping in bike..

Rashid also comes in same shopping mall.. He sees Ayan’s bike and calls him.. Dil and Ayan is behind Rashid.. Rashid hears ringtone and turns. Dil and Rashid sees each other.. Ayan gets shocked.. A bike comes behind and hits Rashid within a second.. Rashid falls.. Dil shouts “Rashid..” and runs to him.. Ayan shouts “Abbu.. what happened..” Dil is shocked seeing Ayan calling abbu.. Rashid gets up and says “I am alright Ayan.. Nothing happened to me..” Ayan : Are you sure abbu..? Lets go to hospital..
Rashid : No Ayan.. I am perfectly alright..
They turns to Dil.. Dil sees Ayan and Rashid.. Ayan is about to say “ammi…. I..” Dil stops him and says “I dont want to hear any explanation from u.. Ayan..” Dil is about to leave.. Rashid holds her hand.. Dil turns and gives angry look.. Ayan moves aside to let them speak alone..

Zuleika is shown by speaking to herself “I lost my daughter.. Who is going to help me..? I want to find her.. I want to get out from here.. Leave me..” Asad comes in.. She recognises Asad (bcz they met in road..)
Zuleika : U.. Why did u take so much time to come here..? Come.. We have to go to search my daughter right..
Asad : We will go.. But before that one person wants to meet u.. Zoya…
Zoya sees her and comes in… Zoya goes ner Zuleika.. Zuleika watches Zoya and goes to her and holds Zoya’s hand.. Zoya is amused that Zuleika is holding her hands..
Zuleika : Do u know my daughter…? I lost her.. Please let me go out..
Zoya is shocked and tears fall from her eyes..

The screen freezes on Zoya’s face…

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. oh my god……..!!!
    last part was so emotional and zoya and asad scene was good
    overall from day one ur ff is rocking and will always be…..

    1. thank u sam.. 🙂

  2. Amayra 4ever for kalai

    Very well done ayan n dil n rashid part is too good can’t wait for dil’s reply…

    1. hi amu.. very busy nowadays..

  3. Very emotional episode and last part was very touchy….. I that updated soon…. good episode 🙂

    1. thnk u sunehri..

  4. O kalai it’s awesome epi, very nice n emotional, rashid n dil scene was good n asya hug was heart touching, the last part zoya n zulaikha was very emotional….keep it up buddyyy…n I forgot in last episode to congrats you for half century, I mean golden jubilee of your ff…love you loads and take care

    1. ya half century roma.. thanks to all fr encouraging me ..

  5. It was soo emotional the trackbis going good keep going

    1. thank u kiya..

  6. emotional episode. It’s too good kalai. But where is 2day precap? I am waiting 4 ur nxt epi

  7. nyc epi….

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