Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 50


The scene begins with Najma crying in her room.. Dil knocks the door.. Najma wipes her tears and went to open the door. She smiles and says “ammi.. yesterday engagement was very nice right.. Bhaijaan and zoya is made for each other right..” She manages to smile and act normal..
Dil : but we had spoke about engagement last night itself..
Najma : so what ammi.. Zoya is awesome right.. She shocked everyone.. ha ha..
Dil : Najma.. u r same like me.. When u r sad, u smile unusually..
Najma looks on..
Dil : I am ur mother.. U can’t hide ur feelings from me..I noticed u.. And zoya also told that u r feeling something for farhan..
Najma : ammi.. U r misunderstanding me. I..
Najma begins to cry.. Dil goes and hugs najma..
Dil : U know what najma.. Only love can give us lot of happiness.. And the same love can give us unbearable pain.. Share everything with me najma.. Everything will be alright..
Najma explains evrything to Dil “When I first meet him, he saved me. I feel secured with Bhaijaan only. After that I feel secure with him. When I see him with tanveer, I feel jealous and thought that he is not made for me.. But after knowing that he is tanu’s brother I feel very happy.. When I came to know that he is in jail, Dont know why my mind wanted to see him.. When I came to know that he is keeping my bracelet with him for 1 year, I can understand what he is feeling for me in his eyes. ”

Najma : Ammi.. I am so sorry.. I dont know how and when I started to feel for Farhan.. But..
Dil : najma.. u dont want to be sorry.. How far I know him, he seems like nice person. I dont know much about farhan because I saw him before just few days.. But I know u najma.. U r my daughter and I trust u.. U always make good decision. I respect ur feelings Najma.. I will do something..
Najma hugs Dil and says “ammi.. Bhaijaan..”
Dil : I will explain him..

Asad thinks “Today I will go to mental asylum to know about zuleika.. I cant say to Zoya. But she may have something related to her ammi, which help me to find her ammi.. She said that she had her ammi’s bangle. I should get that bangle from her..”

Asad goes to Zoya’s room and holds the door handle.. He stops and thinks “Oh my god.. I am going to see her after our engagement. What to say her..? How to react..? should I smile at her or be asusual..? ” He turns back and about to leave.. (funny tune plays..) He rehearsals how to speak with her.. He thinks “Ok.. I will say Hello Ms.Farukhi.. No Zoya.. Hello Zoya.. Allah miya.. Whats wrong with me..?” (funny tune plays) Asad thinks “Excuse me.. I am saying Ms.Farukhi’s dialogues.. Ya allah.. This girl is really driving me crazy.. Relax.. Just be normal and speak asusual.. ok..” He knocks the door and opens the door and calls “Ms.Farukhi.. I..”
Zoya : yes Mr.Khan..
Asad finds the room empty and says “Only voice is coming.. where is she?”
Zoya : behind u Mr.Khan..
Asad finds Zoya and Zeenat out of her room behind him.. (funny tune plays..) Zeenat and Zoya is watching Asad from before and they laughs on Asad’s strange behaviour… Asad feels embarassed.
Zoya : What happened Mr.Khan..?
Asad : actually.. I.. nothing..
Asad is about to leave.. Zeenat calls Asad and says “Asad.. I am about to leave.. U can speak alone..” and leaves..

Asad : Ms.Farukhi… Actually Zoya.. I ..
Zoya : oh no Mr.Khan.. Dont waste time by caling my name in different way.. (Funny tune plays..)
Asad : Will u let me speak..?
Zoya : Am I stopping u from speaking.?
Asad : Ya allah..

Asad keeps his hand on his head and says “Badtameez ladki…”. Zoya widens her mouth.. Asad is about to leave and goes few steps forward. He again comes and closes her mouth and starts saying “U said u have a bangle related to ur ammi right.. I want to help u in finding ur ammi.. So I want that bangle.. If u trust me, Dont speak a single word and give me that bangle..” Zoya is watching him shockingly.. (mitwa plays.) Asad leaves her.. Zoya goes to her room, takes that bangle and gives it to him.

(asad tells her not to speak a single word. So zoya tries to speak in sign language.) She signals “I am also coming with u..” Asad understands her but acts like he doesnt understand her and ignores her. Zoya again and again signals him and tries to make him understand.. Asad ignores her and left her in home.
Zoya thinks “Allah miya.. whats wrong with Mr.Khan..?? He thinks himself a detective agent or what..?”

After Asad leaving, Zoya hidingly follows Asad. Zoya is amazed that he went inside mental asylum. Zoya remembers the incident on one day Asad speaking to mobile that He will go to mental asylum. Zoya thinks “Mr.Khan said that he is going to help me in searching my ammi.. Y did he come here..?” Zoya tries to go inside. But security stopped him. That mental asylum warden(who is taking care of Zuleika..) watches Zoya and allows her to get in..
Zoya : I want to see Mr.Khan, who went inside just now.. Please.. Its very important for me.. Please. Its about my ammi..
Warden : ur ammi.. Ok beta.. Relax.. Come I will take u..
Warden holds her hand and takes her inside..

Asad asks “I would like to know about the patient Zuleika.. Where did she come from..?”
A Person working in that hospital says “We dont know much about her. An NGO team admitted her 10 years before. she always says that she lost her daughter.. No one had ever come to meet her. First time u r coming..

Did u know her?”
Asad : Actually I am searching someone named Zuleika.. She also lost her daughter.. So I just want to clarify.. If u know any information about her native place, anything, please search ur records for me..”
That person says “Ok i will search sir..”

Asad takes that bangle from his pocket and thinks “I should meet that Zuleika and show her this bangle.. May be she react something.. But now she may be not in situation to recognise her bangle. What to do..?” Asad turns and sees Zoya there. Asad is shocked and drops the bangle.. That bangle rolls and stops near Zoya and warden..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Wow Asad’s scene when he’s practising to talk with zoya was very funny…. finally najma revealed everything dilshad …… yesterday I was going and to read this episode….. finally they posted

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  4. Hey i jst found this ff nd read it from beginning…… I want to say that u r osm writer……i m big fan of asya nd thnks to u i once again remember their wonderful chemistry through ur great storyline…ur story is best……i wish the serial would also be like this……bt my friend u r seriously amazing and outstanding in this writing stuff….keep up the gud work….waiting for u to update new episode soon:)

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  7. conguratz kalai, this is ur 50th episode right. This episode was realy awesome. Keep it up. Nd waiting 4 ur nxt episode…..

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