Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 5


The episode begins with Zoya asking Dilshad about breakfast. Dilshad asks Zoya “what is your favourite dish? I ll make it for u”. Zoya replies “My fav is 1 day old left over Pizza’s.. “. Dilshad laughs and tells ” U r really strange zoya..”. Zoya notices Dilshad and thinks that phuppi is sad thats why she is laughing unusually. She decides to do something and asks “phuppi shall we go out?” . Dil replies “No zoya. Lots of work to do in home.” Zoya says “u are working daily, today please come with me..” and insists her to come. Asad hears this and says “Why are you forcing ammi.? Just let her live peacefully. Dont disturb her..”. Asad leaves and Zoya thinks ” Is he mad or what? ” Zoya asks Dil “Ur son always behave like this or what..??” Dil smiles and leaves..

Zoya is watching cricket match. Later Dil and Najma joins her. Zoya gets excited while seeing Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dil and Naj asks “Did u like Dhoni a lot?”
Zoya : “Yes. I love MSD.. Its not that only I like him. Dhoni too likes me a lot. U know what.. If i say to hit sixer, he will do it. he loves me that much..”
Najma : Relax Zoya.. dont get over excited.. It may be just coincident zoya..
Zoya : No najma. I am not getting over excited.. really.. it happens..
Najma : ” U r lying zoya. How could this happen?” .
Zoya : “It happens najma. ok. Lets have bet. This match Dhoni will score century. If he hit century, U two have to do what I say.. Is it ok for you..??”
Dil and Najma : ” Ok. Challenge..”
Zoya prays to god… “Allah miya please… please..”
Dhoni hits century and zoya gets excited and dances by singing (chinku chikka chinku chikka…) Dil and Naj laughs by seeing zoya.
Zoya : ” I won the bet. So u have to do what i say.. By the way I wanna say shayari..”
“Zoya-dhoni ke chemistry ko dhekh kar aap jealous hona chahiye..
Aur Zoya ke saath Abi issi waqt aap dono baar aana chayiye..
Sukriya.. sukriya..”
Dil : (keeping a hand on her head) Ya allah.. This girl..(yeh ladki bhi na..)
Naj : We will do watever you say. But pls dont say shayari Zoya..
Zoya laughs and asks them to get ready soon.

Rashid is in park and lost in thoughts of Dilshad. He remembers saying to Dil “To live life happily, we need money..” Dil replies “I know.. But Love and family is more important than money. U cant give ur first priority to money..”. Rashid thinks “U r right Dilshad.. I understand Some facts by experiencing this 15 years.. And I am feeling shamed to face u..”

A child was crying for ice cream. Rashid thinks about Asad and Najma enjoying ice cream bought by Rashid in childhood. Rashid bought ice cream for that child and leave. While Rashid (Asad’s dad) comes out of the park, Dil Naj Zoya goes into the park.. Dil feels his presence and thinking about Rashid. (Dil and Rashid tune plays.) But they didnt see each other and Rashid leaves.

They come into the park. They enjoy seeing flowers and childrens playing, etc. They had ice cream. Zoya and Najma sees roller coaster and insists Dil to come with her. Initially Dil doesnt agree but later she agrees. They went for a ride and they enjoyed a lot. They didnt realise that they are getting late and its gonna be night soon. They are enjoying road side gol-gappa and Zoya says this is so tasty than my favourite pizza..

Asad reaches home and sees the note left by Dil stating ” We are going out and we will be back soon.” Asad wonders “Ammi and Najma always returns home before 6’o clock and if they cant reach before 6’o clock they asked me to pick up. Its strange..” . He calls Dil and worries tht Dil is not picking his call. He walks here and there and then remebers Zoya insisting Dil to come with her. Asad angrily says “Ms.Zoya Farukhi…..”

Zoya, Dil and Najma returns home and they were laughing and expressing their happiness about the whole day enjoyment. They were shocked to see Asad. Asad angrily looks at Zoya. The screen freezes on Asad’s angry look and Their shocked face.

Precap : Najma praises Zoya and says that Zoya is different in spreading happiness.. Asad looks at Zoya..(Asya tune plays..) and thinks to say sorry.. Asad and Ayan fighting with some people together in Road. (Asad Ayan Bg tune plays)

To read previous episodes type “Asad aur Zoya ke beech ep (number) ” in google.. or go to Qubool hai telly updates page.

C u guys on Monday.. Happy weekend..

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Missng asad zoya f8 vry much nw. 🙁

  2. Missng asad zoya f8 vry much nw. 🙁 n thank u 4 recreatng it. . . Am so hapy to find ff on asya. 🙂

    1. dont worry liya.. wait and see.

  3. Nice episode kalai

  4. Blessed day to you
    Did Zoya Azad and the rest died in a fire, why start it back there
    Its too long that you have one person running mock after mock in peoples life and still living so long or is it about raising the dead over and over. What happen to the other series that just ended just like that focus on finishing them and make some sense out of it .

    Have a great weekend love always.

  5. I missing them badly and daily watch asya’s epis on utube…plz continue…

  6. Wow !!!!!!!! hey u(kalai)r really amazing n creative i luv d’s really gud.i hope dis story can help us moving out frm d current bakwas story…..rocking…??

  7. Well done kalai, keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  8. awesome kalai
    missing ASYA f8s
    love dem
    HV a hpy weekend ASYA fans

  9. Plz update soon kalai

  10. Plz update fast kalai

    1. hi angel.. i ll update soon.. u ll find it tmrw morng angel..

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