Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 49


The scene begins with Asad saying something to Dil. Zoya interferes and says “I wont agree this..” Everyone is looking shockingly.. Asad thinks “If she says, everyone will get angry on her.. I wont let her hurt because of me..”

Zeenat : Zoya.. What the hell are you saying..?
Dil : What happened Zoya..?
Asad : Ammi.. I will explain everything to u..
Zoya : phuppi.. I wont agree this ring.. For my engagement, Mr.Khan should make me wear this ring..
(Happy mitwa tune plays..)
Zoya shows the ring which Asad gave her last night.. Asad looks amazed.. Zoya is watching Asad’s expressions.. Asad’s eyes filled up with tears because of happiness. Asad smiles and turns and a tear drop fall from his eyes when he closes his. He wipes his face with his hands and looks at Zoya.. Zoya gets glad and her eyes also filled with tears.

Dil and Anwar gets relieved and looks happily. Ayan goes to Dil and says “great escape ammi..” Dil hits him to shut up..
Zeenat : Ya allah.. This girl will make us crazy. Cant she directly say..? Y she is saying everything indirectly..?
Anwar : Zeenat.. To understand some special person’s heart, we should do everything indirectly..
Zoya looks at Anwar and smiles..

Flashback :
After Asad leaving to Office, Zoya goes and calls Anwar. Anwar is busy in his work So he didnt hear Zoya.. Zoya is standing sadly…
Anwar sees Zoya and goes to her.
Anwar : Hey zoya.. (zoya is in tears..) Hey why are u crying..?
Zoya : (she shouts..) jiju.. I am going to kill Mr.Khan.. He is really crazy.. Mad.. (funny tune plays..)
Anwar : sshhh.. dont shout.. come.. lets go to ur room..
In room, Zoya explains everything to Anwar.. Zoya says about Asad gives ring as gift for new year. Suddenly Anwar laughs out loudly..
Zoya : jiju.. I am saying seriously.. U r laughing.. I hate u jiju..
Anwar : oh. I am sorry.. Zoya.. I wont laugh.. (again anwar bursts out laughing..)
Zoya looks angrily and begins to leave.. Anwar goes to her and says
Anwar : Zoya.. First tell me whats ur confusion.. Asad said clearly that If u want this engagement to happen, wear that ring right.. It means that everything is in ur hands right..
Zoya : yeah jiju.. But he doesnt tell that he wanted to do this engagement..
Anwar : Zoya Zoya.. U itself told me that Asad is so unexpressive.. I am shocked that he expressed this much..
Zoya : But jiju.. U already know right.. Engagement, marriage these are all biggest commitment in my life… I cant think myself something and decide.. I want to hear it from Mr.Khan..
Anwar : Ok.. I have a plan.. If Asad gets happy on this plan, u should agree that he want to marry u.. ok..
Zoya : ok jiju..
Flashback ends..

Anwar signals thumbs up to Zoya… Zoya winks her eyes.. Zeenat sees this and asks “So anwar.. its ur plan right.. I will treat u specially.. ” (funny tune plays.) Anwar says “No zeenat.. I am just.. ” Zeenat leaves.. Dil laughs on seeing this..

Asad smiles on seeing Zoya .. Asad stretches his hand and signals Zoya to give her hand.. Zoya’s eyes are sparkling because of happiness.. Asad wears the same ring to zoya.. Zoya too wears ring to Asad. Everyone is happy.. Ayan takes video and thinks “If abbu sees this, he will be happy..” Asad and Zoya having eyelock.. (Mitwa plays..)
Engagement gets over..
Asad and Zoya thinks about each other and they cant able to sleep..
Asad and Zoya goeas near window in their respective rooms. They look at sky.
Zoya says “Finally.. My engagement is over with Mr.Khan.. I cant even imagine.. Allah miya.. ”
Asad says “I cant believe it Zoya.. I thought everything is over between u and me.. But finally… U r really impossible Ms.Farukhi..”
They gets excited thinking about their first meet, their first hug, asad stops zoya from leaving to US, etc..

Ayan return home and shows engagement video to Rashid. Rashid sees and feels emotionally.. Humaira goes and tries to make rashid smile by saying what zoya did in engagement..

Next morning, In breakfast, Farhan comes and searches for Najma..
Dil asks him “Whom u r searching Farhan?”
Farhan : No one aunty.. I got job. I came to inform u..
Dil : Aree wahh.. Congrads Farhan.
Everyone congratulates farhan.. Najma hears this and comes there smilingly.. Farhan smiles at her. Tanveer comes and says “Tomorrow we are leaving from this house. Bhai got job. So we decided to leave from here..” Najma gets shocked.. Farhan too looks at tanveer shockingly.. Tanveer leaves from there.. Everyone is looking at tanveer and thinks “what happened to tanveer..? why she is behaving strange..?”
Dil : But farhan.. Stay for some more days.. Whats the urgency to leave soon..?
Farhan : No aunty.. Its time to leave.. And no one can change tanveer’s decision..
Dil : I think najma can convince tanveer.. (Dil looks at najma..)
Najma is struggling to control her emotions. Dil and Zoya notices this.. Farhan too cant able to control his emotions and leave from there. Dil is looking like “whats going on here..?”

The screen freezes on Dil and Zoya’s face.

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Credit to: Kalai

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  3. Finally suspense is opened…… 🙂 best and touchy part of today’s episode is when zoya took the ring to see asad’s reaction and asad’s reaction was mindblowing ……. what happened to tanveer? ? Why she refused to stay in asad’s house???

    1. And the last scene where najma trying to control her feelings. …. fabulous

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  4. Zoya’s plan was nice. Asad n zoya finally engaged. Waiting for next episode.

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  5. Fantastic episode 🙂

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  6. Awesome finally engagement done nw next phase should be of their expressing love u each other i guess

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  7. Awesome, marvellous episode, finally asya engagement done, lovelyyyyyy narration….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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  8. Keep it up kalai,today’s eppisode is the best.Waiting for next eppisode.

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  9. wow!!! Finaly asya’s engagement was done. Nice episode. Keep it up dr.

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  10. Amayra 4ever for kalai

    Very good episode dear love u too much…janu

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