Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 48

The scene begins by showing everyone making arrangements for engagement.. Zoya is in confused state thinking “I cant do this fake engagement.. I want to know whats in Mr.Khan’s mind.. But how..??” Zoya goes to Asad.

Asad’s manager comes to Asad’s home early.. Asad is speaking to his manager “I cant come today.. I already told u not to disturb me.. U handle by urself..” Manager replies “Sir.. Clients want to meet u today. If u cant come we may lose crore’s business sir.. Just think it once..” Asad says “Cant u understand.? I cant come… I promise my ammi.. So I cant come today..” Dil hears this and enters Asad’s room.. Manager explains everything to Dil.

Dil : Asad.. U go now.. Engagement is evening only.. U go now and come as soon as possible.. We will manage everything..
Asad : But ammi..
Dil : Asad.. I said right.. Go..
Asad agrees to go.. Zoya goes to Asad’s room.. While Asad leaving, Dil says “Asad.. Its not necessary to lose everything because u promised me.. I am ur mother.. and I know that if u break my promise u will do it for good reason.. I always wanted u to be happy.. So Dont sacrifice ur happiness because of me..”

Zoya hears this and thinks “Ya allh.. It seems that Mr.Khan said everyhting to phuppi.. Thats y phuppi is saying this to Mr.Khan… Everything is over right now..” zoya feels very sad and her eyes welled up with tears.. While leaving Asad sees Zoya’s hand.. Asad thinks “She is not wearing that ring.. Y she didnt wear..? Does it mean that she is not interested in this engagement..” Asad sees Zoya’s eyes..(Mitwa plays..) A small eyelock.. Manager again comes and calls Asad. Asad leaves.. Zoya watches him with teary eyes.

Dil comes to Zoya and asks “What happened..?” Zoya hugs Dil and says “phuppi.. Mr.Khan told u…. Everything is over now phuppi.. I am so sorry if I hurt u..” Dil is giving “What is going on expression..”
Dil : Nothing is over Zoya.. He just went for his work.. He will come before engagement..
Zoya : What..? Will he come for engagement..? (Funny tune plays..)
Dil : what question is this..? obviously he will come..
Zoya : But u r saying not to lose happiness because of promise.. etc etc..
Dil : Yes.. he promised me that he wont go office today.. Thats y…
Zoya : What?? Thats it..
Dil : yeah.. what do u think..?
Zoya : nothing phuppi..
Zoya runs from there and goes to her room.. Dil thinks “What happened to this girl..? I thought After marrying Asad, she will become mad.. But it seems Before marriage, she will go mad.. Ya allah.. Bechari ladki..” (funny tune plays..)

Zoya in her room thinks “Allah miya.. Whats wrong with me..? I am about to spill everything.. If phuppi knows Asad lies about this engagement, she will get angry on Mr.Khan.. I can’t tolerate if phuppi hates Mr.Khan Because of me.. So I should do something before mr.khan stops this engagement..” (mitwa tune plays..) Zoya goes to Anwar and calls”jiju..” But Anwar is busy and he doesn’t hear Zoya.. Zoya is standing sadly..

Its evening.. Ayan goes to Asad’s office and urges Asad to come fast as it is getting late.. Asad and Ayan returns home. Asad watches Zoya and goes towards her.. He again notices that she is not wearing that ring..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. U didnt wear.. (he is about to say “u didnt wear that ring..”)
Humaira interferes and calls Zoya..
Humaira : Zoya.. U r not ready yet.. Come fast.. Its getting late..
Ayan : Bhai.. come lets go and get ready.. U will watch her later..
Humaira and ayan Drags them.. Asad and Zoya goes in different direction.. (mitwa piano tune plays..) Zoya thinks “What Mr.Khan about to say..? I didnt wear.. Oh.. He may be asking, Y I am wearing jeans today also.. how judgemental he is..!!!.. Allah miya..” ( Zoya dont even think about that he is asking about that ring..)

Najma and Farhan collides each other.. Najma smiles and Farhan too smiles.. Tanveer comes in between them and looks at Farhan and signals him to leave…. Farhan leaves.. Tanveer smiles at najma and says “Come lets go to engagement hall..” Najma looks back at Farhan.. Farhan also wanted to turn and look back Najma.. But he is controlling himself and goes without turning back to najma.. (raahat haya tune plays..) Najma feels bad..

Engagement ceremony is about to begin.. Everyone arrives.. The hall is decorated with pink and yellow flowers.. And the hall is covered with violet screen.. Everyone is waiting for Asad and Zoya.. They comes.. Asad is in black sherwani.. And Zoya is in Red.. Both Asad and Zoya is in confused state.. But somehow they manages to smile at everyone.. Asad and Zoya looks at each other..

Asad thinks “Its clear that she dont want to do engagement.. I never force her to be in this relationship. So its better that I should stop this engagement..” Humaira and Ayan takes ring for their engagement and gives it to Asad and Zoya.. Asad is hesitating to get ring from Ayan..

Dil goes and asks “Asad.. Take the ring..” Asad is about to say everything..
Asad : ammi.. I
Zoya : Phuppi.. I wont agree for this..
Dil and Anwar is shocked and looks at each other.. Zeenat asks “What the hell are u speaking infront of everyone Zoya..?” Asad is in extreme shock.. Zoya and Asad looks at each other.. (Sad mitwa plays..)

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  1. Suspense…..what will happen next will the engagement happen or not????? When asad wanted to say zoya to,were the ring was the best part today….. Can’t control myself…. I can’t bear with suspense …. 😛 …. Lovely episode didi update as soon as possible 🙂

    1. thnk u sunehri..

    1. thanks sravya..

  2. Asad was in black sherwani and zoya in “red”…..does that mean ahe was also in red sherwani or lehenga

    1. oh.. sorry sam.. 😛 😛 .. i forgot to type.. its red lehenga.. ok..

  3. I’m totally Confused & little bit worried also.I can’t bear this suspense.I’m just waiting for next eppisode.

    1. cconfused..??

  4. Nyc as always

    1. thank u kiya..

  5. Awesome episode, suspense is killing me…can’t wait to know what will happen next…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thans roma..

  6. suspense are kill me. I can’t wait nxt episode. Plz update soon dr.

  7. U write better than even the serial writers. … I love what you write… excited for next episode. …..

  8. U write better than even the serial writers. … I love what you write… excited for next episode. ….. Please Zoya don’t cancel the engagement. .. I lyk the best part in ur writing dat u don’t make it a family drama n nt bring those witches. … All are good here n only situations go wrong lyk normal life…

  9. Awesome jani

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