Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 47

The scene begins by Zeenat calling Dil’s mobile. Dil didnt pick up the call.. Zeenat and Anwar gets tensed.. Anwar suggests Zeenat to call Asad and ask him whether Dil reached home or not..Zeenat calls Asad.
Zeenat : Asad.. Did Dilshad reached home..?
Asad : What..? ammi came with u right..? Then y r u asking her..?
Zeenat : Actually Asad.. We were together. But dont know suddenly Dil went alone without informing us.. when we call, she said that she is returning to home.. So just check whether she is in her room or not.
Asad : Ok wait.. I will check..
Asad finds dil’s room empty and checks everywhere in home. Asad finds Dil near gate coming to home.. Asad gets relieved..
Asad informs Zeenat and anwar. They also feels relaxed. Then Asad goes to Dilshad..

Dil comes towards home with teary eyes. She suddenly stops and thinks “I cant go inside in this state.. Sure Najma and asad will find that I cry..”. She goes towards lawn and wanted to feel relaxed. Zoya sees dilshad coming towards lawn.. Zoya hides behind bushes and thinks to wish surprisingly to Dilshad.. When Dilshad arrives near that bushes, Zoya jumps and says “Happy new year phuppi..” Dil gets shocked and tries to hide her tears. Zoya sees that and asks “What happened phuppi..??”
Dil : nothing zoya.. I was just scared… happy new year…
Zoya asks “Phuppi.. Why are u sad..?” Dil says “Nothing like that zoya..” and goes and sit on the chair.

Ayan goes to Humaira’s room.. Humaira is busy in arranging things in her room. Ayan comes and asks “Are u angry..?” Humaira remains silent and doesnt care Ayan’s words..
Ayan : I know u cant understand me. And u cant understand Y I said no to our marriage..
Humaira : Because U know I am with u only.. And whenever u wish u can make me smile and make me cry.. right.. U never give importance to my feelings right..
Ayan : Till now u understand me this much..?? How could u..?
Humaira : Till now u understand me this much..?? How could u say that I cant understand u..?
Ayan : Oh really..
Humaira : Yes.. U want ur ammi, ur Asad bhai, Najma and ur abbu everyone to be in our marriage.. But, its impossible until ur Asad bhai convinces.. Thats y u r saying to postpone marriage right..
Ayan smiles and hugs humaira and says “U r the best humaira.. No one will understand me like u.. I will wait until my ammi and abbu will unite.. Will u support me..?”
Humaira : definitely ayan.. I am waiting Not just for our marriage… I m waiting to see happiness in rashid uncle and dil aunty’s eyes..

Zoya goes and sit near Dilshad… Zoya tries to cheer up Dilshad..
Zoya : Phuppi.. How was the dinner..?
Dil : Nice Zoya.. We enjoyed a lot.. Food was very nice.. I feel very happy..
Zoya : Oh really..
Dil and Zoya remains silent for a minute..
Dil : Zoya… If u dont feel bad, Can I ask u something..?
Zoya : U can ask me anything phuppi..
Dil : If u see ur Dad, what will u do..?
Zoya realises what Dil means.. Zoya guessed that Dil must have seen Rashid..
Zoya : Dont know phuppi.. But I am sure.. I will cry.. While seeing the person after a long time who are close to our heart , first thing we will do is cry.. Sometimes we dont find words to speak with them.. Sometimes we want to speak a lot but time wont favour us.. U did what phuppi..? U Cry or u dont find words to speak or u spoke a lot..
Dil is amused..
Zoya : I can understand phuppi.. I can guess that u meet someone who is close to ur heart..
Dil : Actually Zoya.. Nothing like that.. Its getting late.. Come lets go inside..
Zoya holds Dil’s hand and makes her sit again.. Dil is in tears..
Zoya : U meet Rashid uncle right..
Dil is shocked because Zoya knows everything..
Dil : yes Zoya.. I dont find words to speak with him.. I started to cry.. When I see him, I cant forget what he did to me.. But when I dont see him, I cant able to forget him.. Why life is so complicated zoya..?
Zoya : Life is not complicated phuppi.. We are making it complicated.. Did u speak him when u meet him..? Did u scold him..?
Dil shakes her head saying no..
Zoya : U know what phuppi..? Next time, If u meet Rashid uncle, scold him a lot.. Speak what u want.. Express all the pain u were tolerating without Rashid uncle.. And the most important thing is let him speak.. After sometime, ur heart will move one side phuppi.. To forgive him or not.. Am I right phuppi..?
Dil : (thinks for a while..) U r right zoya.. After seeing him, I became so weak.. I should be strong.. I should have listen to him….
Zoya : Thats my phuppi….
Asad is watching all this and thinks “Mr.Rashid Ahmed khan.. I wont spare u.. I wont let u hurt my ammi.. ”

Dil : (smiles and says..)Are wahh.. my future daughter-in-law is awesome.. She started to give advice to me.. (dil hugs Zoya.)
Zoya : phuppi.. I dont want to be your daughter-in-law..
Dil : (gets shocked..) what..??
(Asad also gets shocked..)
Zoya : Yes phuppi.. I want to be your daughter eventhough I got married to Mr.Khan..
Dil : (laughs..) U r my daughter.. There is no doubt zoya..
Zoya : But u r saying it in words only.. I dont believe u phuppi..
Dil : Dont u believe me..?
Zoya : No..
Dil tickles Zoya and asks “Dont u believe me..??”. Zoya and Dil laughs.. They leave from there..

Asad goes to Dil’s room and asks “Are u ok ammi..?” Dil says “Yeah Asad.. I am perfectly alright.. Y..?” Asad wonders Dil is very normal instead of being sad.
Asad : Ammi.. Zeenat api called me and said that u return home alone.. I was worried..
Dil : Dont worry Asad.. I am alright..
Asad : Ok ammi.. Good night..
Asad started to leave.. Dil calls Asad..
Dil : Asad.. U dont know how lucky u r to have zoya in ur life.. Never let her go.. She is more precious.. Bechari ladki (poor girl..) She never seen her parent’s love in her life.. She will expect her Dad’s love in her life partner.. And she expects u to be her life partner.. I think u understand what I try to say..
Asad : Yeah ammi.. I can understand.. I promise, I never let her go until she wants… And one more thing ammi.. She is not bechari..
Dil laughs.. The screen freezes on Asad’s face..

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  1. We Waite for written 841.qubool hai,

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  2. “And one more thing ammi…. she’s not bechari”…. this was the epic line of the serial… hahahahha

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  3. Heart touching episode…nice one dear..i ws already sad n after reading this i become more sad..

    1. oh no.. Y sad amu..? Dont be sad yaar..

  4. kalai it was emotional but lovely n i like asads expression when he said ”but she is not bechari”. I laughed alot by assuming his expression keep on writing dear.

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  5. Emotional episode..really nice nd pls make it long

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  6. really nice nd pls make it long

  7. Very… Touchy episode…. I cried a lot after reading this….. Make asad more jealous πŸ˜›

  8. And the last scene when asad says zoya is not bechari πŸ˜› love that part πŸ™‚

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  12. Haha asad:she’s nt bechari was the funniest part

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  13. awesome bechari

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  14. ayan scene was gud wen she said she knows y he’s nt ready fo d marriage…dats called d true love…nyc epi keep it up

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