Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 46


The scene begins by Dil is in tears by seeing Rashid. Dil started to leave.. Rashid calls “Dilshad..” Dilshad stops and she doesnt turn to Rashid..
Rashid : How r u Dilshad..?
Dil remains silent..
Rashid : I know U r angry with me.. I know I did a big mistake.
Dil : Oh.. U had realised that u made mistake.. Are wahh.. How fast u had realised..? that too after 15years..
Rashid remains silent.. Dil leaves from there with tears.. Rashid looks on.. (Dil rashid tune plays..)

Dil leaves from there without informing Zeenat and Anwar..

Zoya is shocked to see Asad with ring… Zoya is amused and asks “Allah miya.. Is it u mr.Khan..??”
Asad : Yes Ms.Farukhi..
Zoya : Are u sure..? Is this ring for me..?
Asad : Yes.. Is there someone in this room except u..?
Zoya nods her head “no..”
Asad : Then its for u..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. What does this ring mean..??
Asad : Matlab..? (means..??)
Zoya : I mean.. Mr.Khan.. I dont want anything to imagine myself.. I want to hear it from u.
Asad : What do u want to hear from me zoya..?
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. For me, marriage is the biggest commitment.. I cant able to do fake engagement. And I know that u also feel the same.. I just want to hear, whats in ur heart Mr.Khan..? u want this engagement to happen

or not..?
Asad : What do u want Ms.Farukhi..? Do u want this engagement to happen..? (mitwa plays..)
Zoya : (looks at Asad..) Mr.Khan.. Actually.. I.
Asad looks at her and waiting for her reply eagerly.. Zoya notices this.. (funny tune plays..)
Zoya : First u tell me Mr.Khan.. (Asad gives ring to Zoya..)
Asad : Ok.. Ms.Farukhi.. I m going to sleep.. Good night..
Zoya widens her mouth and says “Mr.Khan…” Asad closes his blanket and sleeps..
Zoya : Allah miya.. whats wrong with Mr.Khan..?? He is making me crazy…. (zoya gets irritated and jumps saying “crazy khan..”)
Asad watches this and smiles.. While Zoya leaving from the room, Asad calls “Zoya..” Zoya opens the door and asks angrily “Now what angry bird..??”
Asad : If u want this engagement to happen, wear that ring tomorrow..
Zoya : What..???
Asad : And Happy new year Ms.Farukhi,,
Zoya : He is really crazy and making me crazy…. Ahh…

Zoya thinks “Actually what he wants to say..? engagement to happen or not.. Ya allah.. I cant able to sleep this night..” Zoya goes to lawn and sees Najma with farhan. She sees najma leaving and goes to her.
Zoya : what are u doing najma..?
Najma : zoya.. vo.. I.
Zoya : I m noticing u and farhan from the first najma.. Dont tell lie to me.. Whats going on between u both..?
Najma : Zoya.. I know him before in my college. He saved me from a fight. After that I saw him with tanveer. But I dont find chance to thank him..
Zoya : Oh.. U saw him with tanveer and thought him as tanu’s boy friend. So u didnt speak right..
Najma : yes.. Ahhh.. No no.. not like that..(funny tune plays..)
Zoya : (laughs..) ya ya najma.. I can understand everything..
Najma : Zoya.. dont think too much.. I m going to sleep.. Good night.. And happy new year..
Zoya : ya ya.. happpyyy new year najma.. (Zoya laughs..)

Zoya thinks “I can see Najma’s heart clearly.. He is feeling something for Farhan.. I dont know whether he is good person or not.. Ya allah.. make everything fine..”

Zeenat and Anwar is waiting for dilsahd a long and calls her. Dil says “Sorry.. I left home… U also come home..” Zeenat gets shocked and says “Anwar.. Dil is returning to home.. Her voice is very dull.. I think something is

wrong.. Lets go home fast..”

Rashid is thinking about Dilshad and is in tears. He watches Ayan and humaira returning home happily by holding hands together. Rashid wipes his tears and acts normal..
Rashid : Whats the matter..? U both are very happy..
Ayan : abbu.. bless me and humaira..
Rashid : it means.. u proposed humaira..?
Ayan shakes his head.. Humaira also feels shy.. Rashid says “Then.. Lets start marriage preparations soon..”
Ayan : No abbu.. Now I m not interested in marriage..
Rashid : But why..?
Ayan : Dont ask anything.. I dont want to marry now..
Rashid looks on.. Humaira feels bad and looks sadly..

The screen freezes..

Precap : Zeenat calls Asad and says “Dilshad returns to home alone without informing us..” Asad gets tensed..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Zoya wants to hear from asad and asad want to hear from zoya….. ROLF…… The scene where asad says zoya to wear the ring if she wants the engagement was the best part of today’s episode……. Make asad propose zoya and make asad more jealous… Plz :p 🙂

    1. and asad is not a bechara ………. only zoya is bechari 😛 😛

      1. ha ha.. 🙂

      2. Didi have u updated today’s episode

  2. Awesome episode kalai

    1. thank u anhsaa

  3. It’s really interesting year. Your way of writing was tooooooooo good.

    1. thank u jo..

  4. good episode . Realy good

    1. thank u kavi..

  5. Hppy ñew year hh kalai u r awesome

    1. hi amu.. happy new year to u and Odet..

  6. asad and zoya are best ?????? even a kid knows about their popularity. then why the hell barun sobti and sanaya irani compared with asad zoya. if they want they can check with their trp and qubool hai trp. please don’t call asad zoya as ugly and coming to barun and karan body first ask barun why did he leave the serial because he was thin and they threw him out remember that and speak about asad zoya.

    and your story is best the reason why I posted here because they commented on asad zoya.

    1. Both Asad and Arnav are best.. But according to me, I love both fictional characters of Arnav and Asad.. So I dont care about Barun and KSG.. Dont get emotional shals.. Lets dont care about those who dont like Asad..

      1. Of course shals kalai is right…. ASR and Asad are best 🙂

  7. Super episode..asaya rockss..pls yaar update daily waiting fr next..

    1. thanks kittu.. 🙂

  8. Awesome asya r fab

    1. thanks kiya..

  9. Happy new year Kalai.You’r FF is the best.I’m a crazy fan of you’r FF.But I was a silent reader.I can’t wait for next eppisode.

    1. thank u shanaz.. Keep commenting yaar..

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