Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 45

Belated New year wishes friends..


The episode begins by zoya seeing Pizza box in her bed and realises that it is gifted by Asad. She thinks “Allah miya.. Whats wrong with Mr.Khan..?? Did he really keep this pizza box here..? If I went and ask him, he will not agree..” She smiles and gets excited.

Farhan is in garden. Najma goes to Farhan and asks “Y u didnt accept Bhai jaan’s job offer..?” Farhan turns and sees najma.
Farhan : Did u want me to take favour from ur bhai jaan..?
Najma : I m not saying like that.. I am just asking u.. U can treat bhai jaan like a boss and accept this job offer right.
Farhan : yes.. tanu also asked me the same.. but I dont know why..? I cant think him just like a boss.. And u cant understand me.. Leave this topic.
Najma : If u think I can’t understand u, then ok..
Farhan looks on… (Raahat haya tune plays..)

Flashback : One year before, in Najma’s college.. One day big fight broke out between two parties in their college and they started a big violence fight. Najma and their friends runs to safe place. One goon comes and goes to beat najma with wooden rod. At that time, Farhan entered and saved najma. He holds Najma’s hand and started running. (Raahat haya tune plays..) Asad reaches college and search najma everywhere. Najma sees Asad and says “My bhai jaan..” Farhan asks “Ur bhai jaan.. who..?” Najma shows Asad.. Farhan again holds her hand and they runs towards Asad. One goon again comes to beat naj and farhan. Farhan holds that goon’s neck and asks Najma to go to Asad.
Najma “U also come with me..” and holds farhan’s hand.
Farhan “go to ur brother.. fast..”
Naj leaves farhan’s hand and goes by watching farhan’s eyes. Farhan too looks at her.
After that farhan beats that goon and goes to tanu. He runs from there with tanu..(he came to save tanu and sees najma there. first time..)
Flashback ends..
Farhan and naj looks at each other and they remember the flashback..

Ayan takes humaira to the dinner. After finishing their dinner, Humaira asks “Can we leave Ayan..??” Ayan says “Humaira, I want to say something to u..” Humaira says “Ayan.. Dont say silly jokes and bore me.. ok.. ” (funny tune plays..) Ayan hits his head himself and says “already i m nervous.. and u r making me more nervous.. first let me speak..” Humaira says “Nervous.. u.. oh my god.. i never heard that u r being nervous ayan.. whats the matter..?” Ayan gets up.. Humaira too gets up and looks at him.
Ayan : Humaira.. I had seen lot of girls and I had flirted with girls.. U already know everything because u r my friend.. But I dont know when my heart has changed. I dont know when I started treating u more than friend. I dont know when u had become my love.. But the fact is, I am in love with u humaira.. I want to be with u and I want to love u till I am in this world.
Humaira remains shocked and in tears.. Humaira says “I am sorry Ayan.. I never thought u like this..” Ayan gets shocked..

Dil, Anwar and Zeenat enjoying dinner by cracking jokes… Couples were dancing for 1980’s old songs. Dil asked anwar and zeenat to dance.. Zeenat says “No.. I dont dance..” Anwar forced zeenat to dance.. Zeenat agrees and they were dancing. Dil remembers Rashid.. Anwar and Zeenat drags Dil to dance with them. They three are dancing..

Zoya goes to Asad’s room without knocking… Asad gets shocked and hides something under pillow.. Zoya sees that…
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. cant u knock and come..?
Zoya : I m sorry Mr.Khan.. I forgot in excitement..
Asad : Excitement.. Why excitement..? (asad smiles lightly thinking that she is excited because of his pizza..)
Zoya : I received a gift for new year in advance mr.khan.. that too an awesome gift..
Asad : Oh really.. Th… (he comes to say thank u..)
Zoya : angry bird in soap. see here Mr.Khan.. how cute this angry bird is.. (funny tune plays..)
Asad : Oh u r speaking about this gift..
Zoya : yes Mr.Khan.. what did u think..?
Asad : nothing.. (asad gets irritated..)
Zoya : Mr.khan.. Farhan is awesome right..
Asad : And what about my gift Ms.Farukhi.. I kept pizza in ur bed..
Zoya : Oh really.. U r saying pizza as gift right.. Really Mr.Khan.. Ur gift is so unique.. No one will gift pizza as gift for new year.. (funny tune plays..)
(Zoya laughs.. Asad gets irritated..)
Zoya : Actually Mr.Khan.. In our college, if anyone give strange gifts like this, we would make them dance..
Asad : U like pizza right.. thats y i bought..Actually its my fault.. If I gave it to tanu, she would have accepted gladly..
Zoya : I m not like tanu.. ok…
Asad : Ya I know..
Zoya : U know what Mr.Khan…. Leave it..
Zoya started leaving. Asad holds her hand. Zoya is amazed. (mitwa plays..)
Asad : U said that those who gives strange gifts to u, u will make them dance..
Asad drags zoya and watches her eyes… Asad and Zoya dances on “bol na halke” song..

(Few minutes before new year starts.. Imagine all below scenes are happening in same time simultaneously..)

Najma started to leave. Farhan calls “najma..” Najma turns and looks on.. Farhan stretches his hand. Najma looks and gets surprised..
Flashback :
While najma leaving farhan’s hands, her bracelet got stuck in farhan’s watch. farhan takes that and looks najma leaving.
Najma remembers her bracelet gone missing at the day farhan saves her.
Flashback ends..
Najma wonders that farhan still keep her bracelet safely..
Farhan : Its urs…
Najma : Its just a silver bracelet and not tht much expensive. U would have throw it right.. Y did u keep this bracelet safely..?
Farhan : (he is speechless..) Ahhhh..
Najma : (smiles..)
Farhan : Keep it..
Najma : until u find answer for my question, keep this bracelet with u..
Farhan looks on.. (rahat haya tune plays..)
New year begins.. Fire Crackers blast in the sky. Najma and Farhan looks at that..

Ayan : What..?? But .. Humaira.. I.. (he stammers and he is in tears..)
Humaira : I never thought that u speaking like this.. I thought u will ask me “Will u marry me..?” But now only u proposed me. Dont know how many years u will take to ask “will u marry me..?” Ya allah..
Ayan laughs loudly and says “Stupid humaira.. I am scared..” Ayan gets releived and smiles.. Humaira goes to him and wipes Ayan’s tears.
Humaira : I was waiting for a long that when will u tell me ur love. And atlast i decided that u wont express ur love like ur Asad bhai.. Thank god… (ayan laughs..) Ayan.. I want to live with u and I want to die with u.. I want to be with u forever.. I love u a lot ayan..
Ayan hugs humaira… Humaira too hugs him… (ayan humaira tune plays..)
New year begins.. Fire Crackers blast in the sky. Ayan and Humaira looks at that..

While dancing, someone spills juice on Dil. Dil makes excuses from Zeenat and Anwar and leaves to clean.. Zeenat and anwar continues dancing.. While going, Dil strikes to someone and asks “sorry..”. Dil gets shocked and turns.. Its rashid..Dil and Rashid have an eyelock.. They remembers their past.. Dil and Rashid in tears..(dil and rashid tune plays.)
New year begins.. Fire Crackers blast in the sky. Dil and Rashid looks at that..

Anwar and Zeenat is dancing. Anwar stops dancing and looks at Zeenat and says “I love u zeenat..” Zeenat smiles and says “Many years had passed.. Bt still u r same anwar.. I cant even imagine my life without u anwar..” New year begins.. Fire Crackers blast in the sky. Anwar and Zeenat looks at that..

After dancing, zoya closes her eyes… Asad goes and takes something under pillow.. Zoya opens her eyes and realises Asad is missing.. She calls “Mr.Khan..” Asad drags her near window and shows her something.. Zoya sees a ring and gets shocked.. Asad looks at Zoya and says “Ur new year gift..” . Zoya is in shocked state.. (mitwa tune plays..) New year begins.. Fire Crackers blast in the sky. Asad and Zoya looks at that through window..

The screen freezes on 5 pairs(asad-zoya, naj-farhan, ayan-humaira, dil-rashid, anwar-zeenat) by watching crackers blasting in the sky..

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  1. Wow wow wow wow so amazing and heart touching epi. Love u kalai

    1. thank u twinkle..

  2. Super duper hit

    1. thanks sindhu.. 🙂

  3. till now i was a silent reader but todays episode ddnt allowed me to stay silent. dear u have awesome creatvity. keep on going thumbs up yar

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  4. Super episode..keep it up nd happy new year bt update daily ha..

    1. sure.. And happy new year kittu..

  5. Nice… Waiting for next part

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  7. Welcome back.. awesome episode. Happy New year #kalai

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  8. kalai i knew that u were gonna Rrrrooooocccckkkkk the new year episode. N u did it so amazingly…… Love u kalaiiiiiiiiiii. I lov all 5 pairs……. N never forget it’s time for wt i said earlier………… I’m waiting to tell everyone that the famous writer kalaivaani is ma good friend………. Hey remember my new yeat wish is on ur favour…………..

    1. thank u my sweet friend lachu.

  9. Really I could say 100 wow’s to your episode. It was like a new year blas for us after a long wait in for the update.
    Thank you so much

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  10. if i may ask u guys are Rahaat nd haya Najma nd farhan same?

    1. I love Raahat haya tune.. So I thought of using that tune to najma farhan.. And one more thing, dont think farhan as bad guy.. He is good guy..

  11. Finally ayaan proposed humeira …..lovely :). ….. when asad got irritated when zoya praises farhan ….. want to see asad ‘s face when he’s jealous. ..;)….. zeenat and Anwar scene was very good :)….. and what? ? Asad presenting zoya a ring as a new year gift or is he proposing her??? Fabulous episode 🙂 waiting for the next episode

    1. thank u sunehri…

  12. New years new episode just awesome
    Best writter eva n sorry fr harasing u dat day to write :-p

    1. thnks kiya.. I dont think that as harassing.. So Dont be sorry..

  13. Waah…nyc episode………jealous asad&zoya.?..
    For me thisNew year episode is chik chik boom fire …..haPpy new year guyZzzz.? …

    1. happy new year ami.. and thank u..

  14. asad will propose zoya? I cant imagine humaira words after ayan’s propose. I think than humaira willbe rejected. But u r awesome. Nice episode

    1. thank u kavi.. 🙂

  15. It was Just Amazing & oviously supper romantic Eppisode.

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  16. Just a BIG WOWWWWW. ..happy new year to you tooooooooo my dearrrr, it’s was really very sweet n heart touching episode, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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