Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 44


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The scene begins by Asad returning home with kachori.. Everyone is in hall.. Asad calls “tanu.. here.. ur kachori..” Tanu gets glad and thanks Asad by taking kachori.. Zoya sees this and acts normal. Asad wonders “What happened to Zoya.. she must have feel jealous at this time.. but she doesnt care..”

Farhan calls Zoya and gives angry bird made in soap. Zoya gets excited..
Zoya : Wow.. Its awesome farhan.. u made it so fastly.. Thank u so much farhan..
Asad calls Zoya.. But she acts like didnt hear him. Asad again calls her.. Zoya is busy in praising Farhan.. Farhan also busy in speaking with zoya. Asad looks at them. He gets angry and leaves to his room..

Asad in his room thinks “What she thinks about herself..? Wow farhannn… Brilliant farhan.. farhan.. farhan. She is reacting too much.. I bought this pizza for her.. But she doesnt care.. Ms.Farukhi.. U r going to pay for ignoring me..”

Asad goes to Farhan and says “Farhan.. I want to offer a job for u in our office.. Here.. ur appointment letter. U can join anytime..” Farhan gets sad and thinks for a while..
Asad : what happened farhan..?
Farhan : Asad.. u did a big favour for me and tanu.. I dont know how to repay for that.. i m really sorry Asad. I dont want to work in ur company.. i dont want to take favour from u again and again. then i cant able to sleep peacefully until I repay u..
Asad : y r u treating this as a favour..? I know u r capable for this job. thats y I offer u..
Farhan : u r trying to convince me Asad.. Please.. I m really sorry.. I cant.
Asad : (smiles and hugs him..) i started to respect u more thn before Farhan..
Farhan too smiles and hugs him. Farhan looks at Najma and Najma too looks at him.. (Raahat Haya tune plays.. – I love this tune. So i thought of using it for naj-farhn..) Zoya and tanveer notices them.

In room, Tanveer asks “Bhai.. y did u refuse Asad’s job offering..? U were in need of job right..”
Farhan : yes tanveer.. But it doesnt mean that we take help from Asad..
Tanveer : Y cant we bhai..?? and dont tell the same reason u told to Asad.. I know its a lie.. just tell me the truth..
Farhan : (remains silent..) Soon i will find a job and we leave from this house.. thats it.. dont ask stupid questions..
tanu gets amazed and thinks “what happened to bhai..?”

Asad goes to Zoya’s room and finds her room empty.. He keeps a pizza box in her room. He sees angry bird soap in her bed. He takes that and smiles on seeing that.. He takes a paper and put πŸ™‚ smiley on that paper. He keeps that paper and angry bird soap above pizza box and leaves.

Zeenat says to Anwar and Dil “Tmrw is new year.. So we will celebrate this new year in our style. Lets go out for dinner today.. What do u all say..?”
Anwar : “Wow.. Zeenat.. Awesome plan..”
Dil : “But tmrw is asad and zoya’s engagement.. we have to make arrangements right..”
Anwar : Engagement is tmrw evening only.. So dont get too much stress api.. Lets enjoy this new year. Trust me.. U will never forget this new year..
Zeenat : Yes Dilshad.. Please..
Dil : ok.. (and smiles..)

Ayan thinks “Today I want to tell my love to Humaira but how..?? Haaannn.. I will take her to dinner. And I am sure, she will agree.. I wish, next year begins by expressing my love..” Humaira comes there.
Ayan : Humaira.. Lets go for dinner today..
Humaira : No Ayan… Tmrw is Asad Zoya’s engagement.. We have to go to their house early morning to make arrangements.. So not today.. Lets go on some other day..
Ayan : So what.. Thts about tmrw.. I m talking about today.. Will u come with me for dinner or not..?
Humaira : Ohhh.. u will never agree.. Ok.. Lets go Ayan.. (she leaves..)
Ayan smiles on looking at her..

Its night..
Dil, Zeenat and Anwar leaves for dinner.. Zoya and Najma asked to take them also with dinner. But they agrees saying “youngsters are not allowed with us.. We are going to enjoy in our way..” They leaves..

Zoya comes to her room and sees pizza box in her bed. She sees that angry bird soap with πŸ™‚ smiley.. She takes that paper and smiles and says “Mr.Khan….” The screen freezes on her smiling face…

Precap : Ayan proposes to humaira saying “I love u humaira..” Humaira remains silent for a while and says “sorry ayan.. I never thought like that..”

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Wow asad scene “miss farooqui didn’t consider me always farhan farhan …… ” was the best part of today’s episode….. and precap…… ayaan proposing humeira was wonderful. …. why did she refuse??

  2. I love u kalai so gooddddd epi

  3. awesome episode kalai. I am also love raahat-haya bgm. Its truely fit 4 farhan-najma.

  4. Priya Dhandapani

    Oh no humaira pls accept ayan

  5. It’s really interesting.. waiting for ur update

  6. It’s really interesting.. please make more asad and joya scenes

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    1. so they won’t post next episode :'( but it’s ok …….. waiting for 4th jan πŸ™‚

    2. Happy New Year kalai and all my friends. .. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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  12. The episode was nyc n nw i cane 2 knw the reason fr nt uploading i came evryday n felt dissappointed bcoz i tot ur nt uploading :p but nw eagerly waiting fr 4 jan 2k16
    Nd happy 2k16 fr all of ul who r reading this episode n my comment ik its going long nw so stop reading n njoy ur 2k16 :p

  13. Hi kalai happy new year sunehri suggested to read ur fan fiction. U r the best πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ . Actually u have to be a written. U have a bright future. Episodes no words to say Fabulous

    1. thank u nafeesa.. πŸ™‚

  14. Hai I’m sai sathya sunehri suggested me to read ur fan fiction too I was a silent reader but today I was not able to control myself from commenting u r marvellous plz update next episode

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    1. Happy new year friends

  16. Asad jealous of zoya? ??? I’m not able to control my laughter. … will he propose zoya??? Hey I was having exams so I was not able to comment

    1. k zoya.. hw was ur exams??

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