Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 43


Hi frnds.. I m really sorry for not updating yesterday.. Really Really sorry..
I am not making Farhan and Tanveer as negative character. So there is no need to imagine QH’s farhan and tanveer. Because they may not adapted to this character. U can imagine of ur own..

The episode begins by Asad taking Farhan to guest room. Tanu and Zoya follows them. Zoya says “I will take first aid kit for him..” Najma comes there with first aid box.. Zoya is amazed. Tanveer takes first aid box and dresses Farhan’s wounds.. Doctor comes and treats Farhan and tells that everything is fine and he needs some rest.

In Asad’s room. Dil comes and asks “Asad.. U said that u were not close to Farhan.. Y Asad..? By seeing, he looks like very good boy.. Still I just want to clarify whether he is good or not. ”

Asad : He is really good and responsible person ammi.. Sometimes I wonder how could he be so responsible and sincere. He doesnt waste time or money in roaming with friends. So he didnt have much friends in our college. He always used to stay alone and study. But now I understand why he didnt make much friends. Because of his family situations, he didnt make much friends.. Infact ammi.. I am going to offer a job for him in our company.. Would u mind..?
Dil : No problem Asad.. Ur wish..

In night, Asad goes near Zoya’s room. When he goes to knock her door, Zoya opens the door. Asad is amused. (piano tune plays..)

Zoya : Tell me Mr.Khan..
Asad : It seems that u r going somewhere.. u go.. I will come later.
Zoya : No mr.Khan.. I m not going anywhere. I feel like u r coming. Thats y I opened the door..
Asad : (smiles lightly but doesnt show to her.) Do u know what day is day after tomorrow..?
Zoya : yes Mr.Khan.. New year.. Why..?
Asad : Its our engagement Zoya..
Zoya : (widens her eyes..) Ya allah.. I forgot Mr.Khan..
Asad : forgot..?? How could u forgot our engagement Ms.Farukhi..?
Zoya : Allah miya.. Whats wrong with u mr.khan..? U r asking me like real engagement.. Anyway u r going to stop this engagement right.. Then why should i keep this in my mind.
Asad : (gets angry…) I dont want to.. (Asad tries to say “I dont want to stop this engagement..” but he didnt say..)

Asad leaves from there, Zoya thinks “What he wanted to say..? He didnt want to..” Zoya runs behind him by calling “Mr.Khan..Mr.Khan..” Asad stops suddenly and turns.. Zoya collides with him. asad and zoya falls on sofa.. (mitwa tune plays..) They gets up.
Zoya : I m sorry Mr.Khan..
Asad : U know what Ms.Farukhi.. U r really impossible..
Zoya : U know what Mr.Khan.. U r really crazy.. U dont even know what u want. U r not aware of what ur heart says..
Asad : What do u want to say Ms.Farukhi..?
Zoya : Nothing Mr.Khan..
Zoya leaves to her room.. Asad says to himself “Actually Zoya is right.. What do my heart wants..? Y my heart is always swinging between two sides..?” Tanveer comes there and says “Its not ur heart is swinging between two sides Asad.. Ur heart already chosed Zoya.. Its just that ur mind is swinging whether to express ur love to zoya or not…”
Asad : “Nothing like that tanu..”
Tanu : I m sorry for interrupting in ur life Asad.. I can feel whats going between u and Zoya..
Asad : (remains silent..)
Tanu : And.. Where is my kachori..? U said that u will buy me kachori..
Asad smiles and says “I will buy it tomorrw..” Zoya comes out of her room and sees Asad smiles at tanu.. Zoya thinks “Allah miya.. whats wrong with Mr.Khan..?.. He is smiling at ttaannnuuuu.. why should I care..? Go to hell..” and zoya goes back to her room. Asad thinks about zoya’s and tanu’s words..

Next morning, After having breakfast Farhan goes to zoya and says
Farhan : Zoya.. I want to thank u for taking me out of jail.. But I dont know what to buy for u.. So i made this flower from soap. (Asad and Najma watches this from dining table..)
Zoya : Wow.. Its so nice farhan.. thank u so much.. U r really brilliant.. And y did u gave me two flower soaps.. one is for me. another is for??
Farhan : Both r for u.. If u wish, u can share it with ur friend..
(najma looks on and smiles..)
Zoya : Oh.. u r so sweet farhan..
(Asad gets up from his dining table and comes to Zoya and farhan..)
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. see.. Farhan gifted me flower soap.. its so cute right..
Asad : yeah..
Zoya : Farhan.. one request.. can u make angry bird in ur soap..??
asad gives angry look..
Farhan : Do u like angry bird a lot..
Zoya looks at Asad and says “Yes.. I like angry bird a lot..” (mitwa plays..) Asad too looks at her..
Zoya : U know what farhan..? some persons dont know to give gifts.. They always remain angrily to me.. but smiles with other people.. I hate them..
Farhan : oh really.. (looks at Asad and Zoya confusingly.. He didnt know whats going on..? ) (funny tune plays..)
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. Can u please leave us for a minute..? I want to speak with farhan..
Zoya gives angry look and leaves..
While leaving zoya strikes on sofa and about to fall.. Asad stretches his hand to save zoya.. But Farhan holds her hand and stops her from falling.. Asad gets jealous and looks angrily at farhan and zoya.. zoya looks at Asad and realises that he is jealous.. Asad leaves from there. Zoya too leaves smilingly..(Asya quarrel tune plays..)

Farhan turns and looks Asad leaving.. Farhan thinks “asad was about to say something.. what happened to him..? why he went..?”

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Finallay asad JEALOUS……… ROLF 🙂 🙂 so…… tanveer is trying to boost up his feelings towards zoya…………… and soaps made by farhan to zoya was veryyyyy beautiful scene……. when zoya falls from the sofa farhan catches zoya…………. asad not able to control his feeling…….. i think asad should confess….. good job yaar………

  2. Finally hevis jeoual love it yar

  3. Make asad more and more jealous

    1. Ya didi make asad veryyyy jealous so that he will confess his love for zoya

    2. ha ha.. bechara Asad.. :p

  4. thank u frnds..

  5. hey di itz episode…. I was a silent reader… but I couldn’t stop my self from commenting today… ur so fab qubool hai’s writer’s should Learn sumthing from u… ur episode always makes me smile…. keep updating itz was awesome when asad got jealous….

    1. thank u heena..

  6. asad jealous wao

  7. nice episode.

  8. Really your all episodes are fabulous. Please continue updating like this.I am so excited to know, what’s next?

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  9. Hey kalai its really osome luv Aur story ….

    1. thnk u starlight

  10. Priya Dhandapani

    No words to say about tis episode kalai really really superb

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  11. finally mr. acruu ahmed khan is jealous

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  13. today i cant able to update frnds.. i ll update tmrw.. 🙁

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