Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 42

The scene begins by showing Najma opening the door and shocked. A person is standing there with police cops . He is very hurt as police beat him alot. Everyone looks shockingly.. Zoya comes there..
Police : Madam.. bail has been approved for Farhan(new entry) and we tried to contact u on phone. Ur phone is not reachable. We are going in this way.. So we thought to drop Farhan(that person) in ur home as he cant able to walk.
Zoya : Oh.. now u r getting concerned about Farhan right.. U r very good hearted person sir. U should have think before beating him. See I will complain about u on human rights..
Police : Madam.. Dont speak too much.. He just got bail. He is still in our custody. So Speak with respect to us..
Zoya : U r speaking too much..
Najma : zoya pls.. stay calm..
Zoya agrees and asks Farhan to come in. While walking, Farhan slips. Najma holds him. Farhan too looks at Najma’s teary eyes.. Zoya sees them and goes to help farhan. Tanveer comes out from her room and sees Farhan. She gets teary eyed and goes and hugs Farhan and cries. Farhan consoles tanveer. Anwar helps Farhan and make him sit. Zeenat and Dil looks like “Whats going on..?”

Dil : Zoya.. Who is this..?
Zoya : He is Farhan.. Tanveer’s own brother..
Najma : ammi.. I saw her with Farhan in my college. I thought him as tanveer’s boyfriend. So I asked tanveer.

On the day when zoya caught tanver while talking to phone.
Zoya asks “to whom u r speaking..? tell us the truth..” Tanveer says “Thats not my boy friend.. Thats my brother. I spoke to my brother. He is in jail because of me..” tanveer says her past to zoya and najma.. They convinces her. Zoya says “Dont worry tanveer.. We will help ur brother to come out of jail.” Tanveer thanks them and smiles. Zoya and najma leaves from there.
Flashback ends..

Zeenat : But she told herself as orphan.. Y did she lie..?
Zoya : thats a big story api..

Asad comes there and sees someone new sitting in sofa.. He sees Farhan and gets shocked.
Asad : Farhan.. u?? Here.
Farhan : Asad.. u.. Is it ur house..?
Everyone looks shocked.. Dil asks “Asad.. Did u know him..?”
Asad : yes ammi.. He is my college mate Farhan.. But we are not close at that time.. And what happened to him..? Why he is hurt..?
Zoya : actually Mr.Khan..
Tanu : Zoya.. wait.. I will tell everything to u all.. Me and my brother didnt have parents. After finishing his college, he went to Delhi for job. So I had to stay in hostel. Some boys follow me and started to tease me.. We had complained a lot to police. But those boys belong to rich family. So police didnt take action against them. So my brother comes to help me from those boys. Then they started fighting with my brother and they framed my brother as wrong and hand over my brother to police. After sending my brother to police, they starting behaving bad with me.. On that day, asad and zoya saved me. I was helpless at that time. So I said myself as orphan and came with zoya.. I m really sorry that I lied to u.. But I lied because of my situation.

Zoya : relax tanu..
Dil : dont worry tanveer..We understand ur situation.. If u said the truth, we support u.. No problem tanveer.. We all are with u.. Dont worry..
Tanveer : Thank u so much aunty..
Farhan : I m really thankful to ur family.. because u take care of tanu very well.
Asad : No need for thanks farhan.. Actually where are u staying.?
Farhan : I have to search for new rented house.. So me and tanveer have to leave soon.. We will meet u later.. Come tanu lets go.. And thanks to u all..
Asad : Hey farhan.. r u joking..? Did u see ur condition.? u cant even walk well..
Dil : yes farhan.. its not safe for tanveer too..
Asad : Lets do one thing. Our guest house construction is over.. U can stay there.. If u need any help, we will be there..
Farhan : No Asad.. u helped a lot.. we dont want to disturb u..
Tanveer : yes.. bhai is saying right.. we dont want to disturb u.. we will manage..
Dil : nothing like that.. u have to stay here.. no words against me… Asad take him to room.
Everyone convinces farhan and tanveer to stay there.

Naj : i will call doctor to treat him..
Zoya looks at najma and thinks “Till morning, she is sad. But after meeting Farhan.. she gets excited.. allah miya.. whats wrong with najma..?”
The screen freezes on Zoya’s face.

Precap : Zoya says “farhan.. u r so sweet..” Asad hears this and looks at zoya and farhan laughing..

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  1. Finally u r making him jeously wow

  2. So the new entry is farhan. .. and he’s tanveer’s bhaijaan. … seems interesting. … fabulous. .. precap when zoya was telling that farhan is soo sweet. .. do asad gonna get jealous of farhan(I think so….) wonderful episode didi and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. .. πŸ™‚

    1. And for what reason farhan is in jail? ??

    2. tanveer told the reason sunehri.. read it..

      1. hi….!!
        Kalai……you r a excellent ff writer……i am a silent reader and i hav read every ep of your ff…..but i hav a request plz post nxt ff by nyt……plzz its so intresting πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      2. Haha now I read it properly. … I understood. ……

      3. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Fabulous episode. ….

  3. Priya Dhandapani

    Azad il get jealous so sweet

  4. Nice
    But don’t make all the characters evil & make the main leads to die like in the serial…

  5. Nice y naj become happy to see farha

  6. nice episode. Why naj happy 2 see farhan??? I lve the precap. Finaly asad feel jealous. I am waiting 4 ur nxt updates.

  7. Kalai u r a superb writer ….hats off to u ..I am a silent reader but I couldnot help commenting after reading your ff

  8. Where’s today’s episode

  9. They haven’t posted yesterday’s and today’s episode

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