Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 41


The scene begins by Zeenat asking “Are u hiding something from me?” Zoya and Anwar gets shocked. Then Anwar manages by saying
Anwar : Thats secret between me and zoya..u dont interfere.. I m going to have dinner.. So I m leaving..
Zoya : Jiju.. I m also coming.. (funny tune plays..)
Both run from there..Zeenat looks confusingly..

Everyone comes for dinner. Dil asks zoya to call Asad for dinner.
Zoya : Phuppi.. me..
Dil : Haan… u..
Tanveer : Its ok zoya.. u sit.. I will call Asad.
Zoya : (funny tune plays..) what..? No no.. I will call him.
Zoya leaves.. Dil laughs on seeing Zoya’s jealousy..

Asad in his room calls his manager and asks “I asked u the details of patients in mental asylum.. What happened?”
Manager in phone replies “I tried a lot sir. But they said they wont give patient details. If u want, u have to visit mental asylum sir.”
By the time zoya enters Asad’s room.
Asad : Ok.. Thank u.. I will go to mental asylum..
Zoya is shocked..(funny tune plays..)
Zoya : Mr.Khan. Are u going to mental asylum..? (laughs out loudly..).. From the first itself I know u belong to mental asylum.. Allah miya..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. I m talking something. And u r relating it to something..
Zoya : No Mr.Khan.. U r saying right.. U should go to mental asylum.. (laughs loudly..)
Asad : Very funny.. And u first tell, Why u didnt knock the door before entering..?
Zoya : Oh no Mr.Khan.. Not again.. I am not interested in hearing ur law book..
Asad : Its totally waste to make u understand.. I have to bear u throughout my life.. So its better for me to get used to it..
Zoya : Absolutely Mr.Khan.. Wait a minute.. What did u say..? Throughout ur life..(Mitwa plays..) What do u mean Mr.Khan..?
Asad : (stammers..) I mean.. I think u r not going to leave this house easily.. u may stay here forever.. so its better to get used to ur nonsense..
Zoya : U know what Mr.Khan.. U r really irritating..
Asad : Thank u..
Zoya : words come from ur mouth are like poison which kills the entire world..
Asad : Oh really.. Thank u so much..
Zoya : (gets angry..) phuppi asked u to come for dinner. (starts leaving..)
Asad : Thanks for that too..
Zoya leaves.. Asad smiles.. Zoya turns and sees him smiling.. Zoya too smiles. They smiles at looking each other.. (mitwa piano tune plays..) Zoya thinks “Nowadays what happened to Mr.Khan.. He started smiling at me.. When did this angry bird turns to sweety..?” She collides with tanveer who is near Asad’s door.

Zoya : what r u doing here tanveer..?
Tanveer : U didnt come for long time. So Dilshad aunty send me to call u and Asad again.
Zoya : Oh.. K..
Asad : What happened tanu?
Zoya looks at Asad angrily and says to herself “ttannuuu.. hmm… ”
tanveer : Dil aunty called u for dinner.
Asad : Oh k.. come lets go..
They all leave for dinner.

In dinner, Najma is thinking about something. Zoya sees Najma and thinks “What happened to Najma..? Yesterday tanu tells about her truth, she gets glad. But suddenly she is feeling sad and concerned about something.. Is she thinking about a person or what.?”

Dil : Asad.. day after tomorrow u should be in house… Postpone all ur work..
Asad : Ok ammi.. But why?
Dil : Because its ur engagement..
Zoya is drinking water.. On hearing this she spills the water.. (funny tune plays..) Asad coughs.. Both Asad and Zoya was in shock and look at each other.. They both suddenly look at Anwar.. (funny tune plays..) Anwar acts like he didnt know anything and started eating to avoid Asad and Zoya..

Dil says “We decided to do Asad and Zoya’s engagement after two days.. Najma is on semester holidays.. So no problem for her.. Asad u too postpone ur work.. And I had informed Ayan and Humaira too. He will come with his dad” (Asad is in double shock, one is his engagement and other is Dil invited ayan to come with his dad.)

Zeenat says “Zoya.. I want to speak a lot to u.. So i will sleep in ur room.. come lets go..” Zoya and Asad looks at each other and leaves..(Mitwa tune plays..)

Next morning, Door bell rings.. Najma opens the door and looks shocked.. Everyone comes there and shocked to see a man with police cops..

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. ROLF. … 🙂 zoya asking asad whether will he go to mental asylum was very funny can’t control my laughter. … asya reaction when dil tells abt their engagement was so cute. … Didi plz bring a new one to make asad jealous of zoya

    1. Didi I’m not forcing you. …. plz bring if you can. …

      1. sure sunehri.. Wait n watch..

    2. Why did the cops come to asad ‘ s house? ? ? Is it tanveer’s plan???

  2. Really nyc yaar n ya plz update todays episode asap

  3. Too good our exams WS good actually my health is not well so I went able to comment…

    1. Take care of ur health amu…

    2. what happened amu..?

  4. nic kalai u rock dr
    full epi is lol
    expressions spilling of water WS vy cute
    y cops came to khan house wat would hv hpnd ???
    love u ASYA miss u vy badly u rocksssssssssss
    kalai tq fr such a fab ff

    1. thank u anjum

  5. Where’s today’s episode????

  6. Plz update todays soon

  7. They aren’t posting yesterday’s episode. ..

  8. Kalaoi plz post yesterdays n todays episode together only

  9. Kalai really u r a superbbbbb writer…keepit up. Wish u were the real writer of qubool hai then it would have rocked.

    1. thank u frnd..

  10. yesterday i cant able to update.. sorry for the late update frnds.. I had updated today. they will publish soon..

  11. They aren’t posting yesterday’s and 2 day’s episode ….

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