Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 40


The scene begins by Zoya asking Asad,
Zoya : then y did u come to meet rashid uncle?
Asad : For u..
Zoya : For me..
Asad : For u its not important.. its my personal..
Zoya widens her mouth and gives angry look. Zoya begins to speak something.
Asad : And dont speak.. i m driving..
Zoya remains silent by giving cute expression. Asad watches her and smiles and starts driving. They reached home..

Rashid goes to Ayan and says “Today I met Asad..” Ayan gets shocked.
Ayan : “Did he speak harshly to u abbu..?”
Rashid : (smiles ) “I expect only harsh words from him. So it doesn’t matter to me. But i saw unexpected thing from him.”
Ayan : what happened abbu?
Rashid : I thought that I cant see his smile infront of me because he hate me that much. But when I asked about Zoya, I saw smile from him.. That moment i realised that he is in love with her..
Ayan : are wahh abbu.. U had noticed this much about bhai.. superbb..
Rashid : I saw the same love in your eyes for Humaira.. Ayan.. I know that u love Humaira.. But u never expressed ur love..
Ayan remains silent and smiles thinking about Humaira’s smile, her naughtiness, her teasing speech, etc.
Rashid : (smiles.) Tell her soon.. I m waiting to hear marriage news of u and humaira..

Rashid leaves. Ayan thinks “abbu said easily to express love. Why its very difficult for me to say humaira.?” Humaira comes there with coffee and asks “Whats difficult for u..?” (ayan humaira tune plays..) Ayan looks at her and smiles. He holds her hand and replies “Its difficult for me to say that ur coffee is really very very bad..” Humaira widens her mouth and hits Ayan.. Rashid looks at this and thinks “He is same like Asad…”

Tanveer : Zoya what happened?
Zoya : Dont worry tanveer. I had arranged everything. Trust me.. Everything will be fine.
Tanveer : Thank u zoya..
Tanveer hugs her.. Zoya too hugs her.. Asad watches them and asks “Whats going on..?”
Zoya : (stammers…) vo.. nothing Mr.Khan.. We were just talking.
Asad : tanu.. did u like kachori..?
Zoya : tanu… (shocked to hear nick name from Asad) (funny tune plays..)
tanu : Yes Asad.. I like a lot..
Asad : Ok.. I will buy it for u..

Asad sees zoya’s expression and leaves by counting “1…2..” .. Zoya shockingly sees and runs behind Asad and calls “Mr.Khan”.. Asad thinks “3… So fast zoya.. before counting 3 u called me..”
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Call me..
Asad : What..? u r here.. Y should I call u?
Zoya : just call my name Mr.Khan..
Asad : Are u mad Ms.Farukhi..?
Zoya : How did u call tanveer?
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. what happened to u?
Zoya : U call me by my second name as Ms.Farukhiiii… But u call tanveer as tannuuuuuu…
Asad : Oh.. thats y u r feeling jealous right..?
Zoya : I m not feeling jealous.. I m just asking u how could u be so friendly to her but not to me…
Asad : First Admit that u are jealous.. then I will tell why i m friendly to her and not to u..
Zoya : Ok.. I m jealous.. Now tell me..
Asad : (steps forward towards Zoya..) I heard that jealousy will exists only in love ..
Zoya steps backward when asad steps forward. Zoya remembers last night Asad comes close to her. she starts stammering..
Zoya : Ahhh.. Mr.Khannn.. I..
Asad : U..
Zoya gets nervous and runs away.. Asad watches this and smiles. Asad thinks “Its fun to see u jealous Ms.Farukhi.. Now u will see this angry bird’s another face…” Zoya goes inside room and keeps his hand on her heart and thinks “Allah miya.. Whats wrong with my heart..?” Zoya remembers about Asad and smiles.. The split screen is shown with Asad and Zoya thinking about each other and smile..
Zeenat and Anwar comes to Zoya’s room and sees her smiling by keeping hand in her heart. They see each other and goes to Zoya..
Anwar : What happened zoya..? any heart attack??
Zeenat : yes anwar.. Asad attacked her heart with love.. Am I right zoya..?
Zoya : not with love api.. with his angry look.
Anwar : Wow.. u fell in love with his angry look.. strange..
Zoya : jiju.. u too.. u know everything right..
Zeenat : what did u know anwar..?

Zoya and Anwar looks shockingly.. Zeenat asks “are u hiding something from me..?”.
The screen freezes.

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Credit to: Kalai

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    1. thank u sravya…

  1. super yaar n rocking

    1. thank u sneha

  2. Asya jealously to cute really lyk ur update n kalai just wanna to ask if dat ff of forever …..ASYA Is yours??

    1. thank u kiya..:)

  3. Lovely episode kalai
    I think the writer of qubool hau series shud take training from u

    1. i also agree with are just rocking ,kalai.luv ur updates…

    2. U r absolutely right dear…. Gullane khan ko apse tip lena chahiye ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Gul khan *

    4. Omg.. If gul khan hears this he would have kill me.. ๐Ÿ˜› .. Thank u so much frnds.. I m feeling like flying on sky while reading these comments..

  4. Il always luv asad nd zoyas story but recently d qubool hai episodes have gone too bad

    1. thats y we brought our Asad and Zoya.. hetal..

  5. Asad and Zoya scenes were fantastic. …. angry bird’s another face…. lol…… Asad hacked zoya s heart. …. fabulous. … Make asad jealous of zoya. …. Wonderful episode. .

    1. I think for the 1st time zoya and tanveer hugged; )

    2. thank u sunehri..

  6. You rocked it yar

    1. thank u sindhu..

  7. Osm n awesome kalai jaan ๐Ÿ™‚ :-). :-). :-). :-). :-). :-). :-). Love u soooo much ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thank u amu.. Seeing ur comments after long time.. How was ur and Odet’s exam amu..?

  8. no words kalai……. It was that awesom………. Asya scene n ayans joke…. Everything n every word was really really awesom……… Lov u loooooot frnd……….

    1. thank u lachu.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Didi where’s today’s episode??? i’m waiting….

  10. Hey …..
    This is the first time I read ur episode
    Must say ….. I am impressed…
    It must be shown on TV
    U are a very good writer
    Ur script and the real qubool hai team would take the show on a completely different level……
    Keep writing …..
    Just don’t give the turns which are same as that which was shown on TV…
    It will spoil ur work
    Other than that

    1. thank u frnd.. No I dont want to collapse the story by entering black magic..

      1. Didi when will they publish today’s episode

      2. Just now I m going to update sunehri.. Probably in midnight..

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