Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 39

The scene begins by showing zoya doubting tanveer.
Zoya : U r orphan right… So with whom u r speaking..? With ghosts..?
Tanveer : It was my friend. My class mate..
Zoya : Oh really.. whats ur class mate name.?
Tanveer : Her name is shraddha…
Zoya calls najma and asks her “Do u have a class mate named shraddha..?”
Najma : yes zoya.
Zoya : call her and ask whether tanveer call her now or not..
Najma : what happened zoya..?
Tanveer : why are u doubting me..? I didnt want to stay in ur home.. u insisted me to stay here.. I think its better to leave from this house.
Zoya : I heard ur speech tanu.. u said that we are thinking u as orphan.. It means u r not orphan right.. U have boy friend. and u hide this from us.. Am I right..?
Tanveer : U r speaking too much zoya.. I dont want to stay here.. I will leave this minute..

Zoya holds tanveer and says “U cant leave in night time. And why are u scared..? If u say the truth then, we will not disturb u right.. ” Najma comes there and says “Zoya.. tanveer didnt make call to shraddha.. She is lying..”

Zoya says “See tanveer.. Now what new lie u r going to say..? I took pity on u and u took advantage over us right.. Tell us the truth, else we will call police..” Tanveer is scared and starts crying.. Zoya asks her to stop acting and tell the truth.

Tanveer : Whatever I said to u about my hostel and that boys was true.. I didnt say lie. U can verify it by asking girls who stayed with me..
Zoya : We know thats true because police is taking action against them. And I just want to know whom u r speaking to now.
Najma : Tanveer just say the truth.. We can help u..
Tanveer cries and says something………. Naj and Zoya gets convinced and asks her not to cry.
Zoya : Sorry tanveer. Dont worry.. u can stay here as long as u want..
Najma : I m really sorry tanveer. I thought u wrong.
Tanveer : Dont say sorry to me.. Its my fault to hide this from u.
Zoya and Najma leaves.. Tanveer smiles..

Next morning, Zoya thinks “today I should go and meet Rashid uncle.. I want to make clear whether he has changed or not..” and leaves from home.. Asad too goes and meets Rashid..

Rashid : How r u Asad?
Asad : Why did u call me? What did u know about Zuleika..?
Rashid : I m not sure, she is zuleika. But yesterday I saw a mad lady. And one more lady follows her calling Zuleika.. Suddenly I remember that girl who is with u..
Asad : Mad lady.. Do u know where she is?
Rashid : I m not sure.. But I saw her running and I tried to follow her but i missed her..
Asad remembers meeting a mad lady at the day when he went to Ayan’s home.
Rashid : who is that girl Asad?
Asad : Zoya..
Rashid : Is she ur lover?
Asad looks at him and stays silent and smiles very lightly.(mitwa plays..) Rashid smiles.. Asad backs to angry mood. Asad replies “Nothing like that.. If u knw any information, just inform me.” Zoya sees Asad and Rashid talking. Zoya thinks “Allah miya.. whats wrong with Mr.Khan..? He is acting like he hates rashid uncle infront of me. But he is talking to him hidingly.”

Rashid asks “How is Dilshad..? Is she still angry on me..? And how is najma? I saw her on hospital. Now how she is feeling?” Asad leaves from there without saying a word. Rashid feels hurt and thinks “I know u wont forgive me easily Asad.. But I m glad that atleast I meet u..”

Asad goes inside car and is shocked to see Zoya in car.
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. what are u doing here?
Zoya : What are u doing here Mr.khan,,? I know u came here to see ur dad. But whats the need to hide this from everyone.. U know what mr.khan.. I m so happy that u forgive ur father. Phuppi also told to forgive the person who is close to our heart.
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. How could u speak non-stop? atleast take breathe.. And who said that I forgive him?
Zoya : what? Didnt u forgive him?
Asad : Wait a minute.. how did u know that he is my father.?
Zoya : It means that u didnt forgive him. Then y u came here to meet him..?
Asad : For u…
Zoya : for me..
(mitwa plays..)
The screen freezes on Asad and Zoya’s eyelock…

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  1. Fabulous. …. what is the mystery behind tanveer’s truth???…. Asad ‘s reaction when rashid asks him whether Zoya is his girlfriend was cute…… Asya scenes were fantastic. …….

    1. Luvly episode. …….

    2. In what intention is tanveer smiling? ??? As zoya and naj are helping her or she is having any plan???

    3. thank u sunehri.. soon u will know abt tanveer..

  2. ofcrs its coz of her plan she is smiling sunehri. N yeah asads reaction was so cute , waiting for more asya moments. Kalai lov u dear

  3. Really nyc yaar its getting intresting more n more

  4. This was yesterdays episode na
    wers todays episode??

    1. S kiya.. Now oly i m updating Today’s episode..

  5. nice episode. What is the truth behind tanu? I think she say lie infront of zoya,naj. I like rashid-asad part.

    1. thank u kavi.

  6. Where is todays epi

    1. soon they will publish renu..

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