Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 38


The scene begins by Asad goes to Zoya’s room and didnt find her. He searches her everywhere and goes to Dil’s room. Asad opens Dil’s room door. Dil signals him to be silent because zoya is sleeping. Zoya lying in dil’s lap by closing her eyes. Asad goes and sits in a sofa silently. Zoya is facing opposite direction and she cant able to see Asad eventhough she opens her eyes. Zoya opens her eyes and asks dil.

Zoya : phuppi.. I m so confused.. My heart is saying something and my mind is saying something. I cant able to decide what to do..?
Dil : What happened zoya..?
Zoya : phuppi. Did u know why I came here..?
Dil : I wanted to ask u. But I thought u will tell by urself. So i didnt ask..
Zoya : I am adopted by zeenat api. I came to know that i was adopted from bhopal. And I have my ammi’s bangle which has some logo of a shop. So I came here with that bangle to search my parents. And i found that jeweller shop owner and came to know about my parents.
Zoya cries and tears falls on Dil’s lap. Dil feels it and looks at Asad. Asad signals to Dil “dont tell her that I m here..” Dil agrees. (mitwa piano tune plays..)

Zoya : u know what phuppi.. that jeweller shop owner says my abbu is bad person. my abbu is greedy and he loses all his money in gambling. One day he started to sell me and my ammi for money..

Zoya cries loudly. Dil feels bad and cries. Asad’s eyes too filled with tears. (sad tune plays..)

Zoya : After knowing this, my ammi takes me with her and escapes from my abbu. And I always have a dream that “A forest had catched fire and my ammi is stuck in that forest and I m in a boat seeing my ammi and asks her to come soon..” When I have this dream, it seems more realistic to me and I feel like I lost my ammi forever.

Asad remembers “zoya screaming in dream and he goes to her room, zoya hugs her. & Zoya reacts strangely on jungle and runs through the forest. after that asad consoles her and zoya places her head on asad’s shoulder.”

Asad came to know about the reason for her strange behaviours.
Zoya : That owner says my ammi might be in habib ganj. and he thinks my abbu is died and he is not sure about that. phuppi.. If i find my abbu, what should I do..? how should I react..? should I ask him y u leave me or should I slap him for his wrong behaviour..? I feel like i started hating my abbu before seeing him.
Dil : Zoya.. I never imagined that behind ur innocent smile u hide such a big pain.Some people may think money is important than anything in this world.. But allah will make them realise the importance of relationship. Keep faith in god zoya. May be, by this time ur father had realised everything and may be he too searching for u..

zoya gets up and asks dil with teary eyes..
Zoya : really?? phuppi… my father and ammi will search for me right… I m not in india. thats y they cant able to find me right.. they dont want to make me orphan intentionally right..
dil wipes zoya’s tears and says “yes my sweet zoya.. ur parents also search for u.. and see they will find u before u find them.. and ur abbu will say sorry to u..”
Zoya : if he say sorry to me, i wont forgive him.. i never forgive him..
Dil : dont say like that zoya.. Every human makes mistakes and its common. if u forgive him, ur relationship will be strong. and if u dont forgive him, relationship will broke.. U know what zoya, only love and forgive has the strength to make unbreakable relationship. So never bring ur hate/ego in between relationship. Did u get me?

Zoya : (shakes her head by saying yes..) and hugs dil. Dil too hugs her and looks at Asad. Asad wipes his tears and hides behind curtain.
Zoya : thank u so much phuppi.. u take rest.. i m leaving..
Dil : Always keep smiling like this zoya..

Zoya smiles and leaves from there. Asad comes out from the curtain and goes behind her. when zoya reaches the door, she had a feeling of someone is in dil’s room. she turns and looks at Dil’s room. Asad hides behind door. Dil looks at Asad and Zoya. Then zoya leaves from there. Dil goes to Asad and says “Asad.. We have to help zoya..bechari ladki.(poor girl.)” Asad shakes his head and hugs Dil….

In his room, Asad thinks “Mr.Rashid knows a lady called zuleika. I came to tell that to u. But now I decided zoya.. until i receive the correct information, i wont tell anything to u..”

Tanveer is talking to a person hidingly. Zoya sees this and stands behind her. Tanveer in phone says “I cant speak to u in this house. They think I m orphan. Once u come here, tell me. I want to tell many things to u.. Now cut the call..” Tanveer cuts the call and sees around and relaxed no one is there. Tanveer is shocked to see Zoya behind her. Zoya gives angry look and tanveer is shocked.

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Wow
    I didn’t see real serial
    But I like this…

    1. thank u sravya

  2. wow superb.. n its emotional..

  3. Finally dey published it nd ya todays episode was so emotional

  4. Wow,It’s emotional but I like it

  5. kalai 2days epi WS so painful and vy emotional
    I lk it vy much
    superb kalai keep it up dr
    miss u ASYA 2gether love u vyyyyyyyyyyy muchhh

    1. thank u anjum.

  6. Wow finally they posted. …. dil and zoya scene was very emotional ….. zoya feeling asad’ s presence was fantastic. …. With whom tanveer is talking? ?? Razia or I’m ran? ?? Waiting. … didi can u bring a character to make asad jealous. ….. plz. ….

  7. Ya me too agree wid u new character can b anwars younger bro or so

    1. ya i agree too… He maybe asad’s staff or anwar’s brother.

  8. superb episode dear, i should say that ur storyline has life in it unlike other updates n stories. Thats y kalais qh is number one for me. While v r reading the emotional portions even our eyes r filled wid tears. Keep it up dear. Am i right frnds???????

    1. Of course lachu u r right. …… 🙂

    2. thank u so much lachu..

  9. All your episodes are awesome . I read all the episodes today it interesting

    1. thank u noor..

  10. ya lachu ur right. Kalai’s story is realy awesome and kalai i request u plz continue this story. Plz don’t drop it.

    1. thnak u so much kavi..

  11. sure sunehri and kiya.. I wil enter new character frnds..

    1. 🙂 and who is the one tanveer is talking to? Razia or imran? ?

      1. soon u will know sunehri..

    2. tanq kalai

  12. Aree ny1 gt todays episode or dey did nt publish it??

    1. Me too waiting for a long time. ..

      1. Kya yaar hamesha hamein intaazaar karna padta hai

      2. This comment is deleted.

    2. Kiya tum sahi ke ha raheho. …. hamesha eisa hoti rehtiha. ….. kya kar sakte hai hum… hame toh intazaar karna padega. ……

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