Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 37

Zoya goes to najma and calls her.. Najma didnt respond her. Zoya goes to her and asks “What are u thinking..?”
Naj : nothing zoya.. when did u come..?
Zoya : both brother and sister are same. they always hide everything from me..
Naj : what did Bhai jaan hide from u?
Zoya : Leave about that crazy khan.. I want to see ur family photos and old photos.. If u dont mind, please….
Naj : Y should I mind zoya.. now u r part of our family. u have right to ask everything.. wait..
Zoya : oh.. so sweet tamatar..
Naj gives all albums. Zoya looks at it and teases about asad and naj’s childhood expressions. She see a photo of Rashid and surprised.
Zoya : who is this..?
Naj : my abbu.. Rashid ahmed khan..
Zoya : I m sorry to ask.. but what do u think about him najma?
Naj : I know nothing about him zoya.. But i just know that because of him, my ammi’s heart is always feeling pain…
Zoya thinks “My doubt was right.. now its clear to me y mr.khan was angry on seeing Rashid uncle.. I should know whats in phuppi’s mind..”

Naj : zoya.. what do u think about tanveer..?
Zoya : Nothing najma.. i just pity on her.. she dont have anyone with her in this world..
Naj : She is my class mate. but i didnt know much about her. infact i speak very rarely to her. but zoya.. I m sure that she have a boy friend.. she used to meet him frequently.. but dont know for the past few weeks he was disappeared. And now she is saying that there is some problem in her hostel and came to our house.. I m feeling strange..
Zoya : what..?? boy friend..?? but she didnt say anything about it..? may be he was just her friend.. how could u be so sure najma..?
Naj : whatever.. we should make clear zoya..
Zoya : u r right najma.. i ll go and speak to her now..

Zoya comes out of the room.. Asad comes from hall in opposite direction. Tanveer is coming from the steps which is in between Asad and zoya.. Tanveer slips from the steps and Asad holds her. Zoya looks at this and widens her mouth.(funny tune plays..) Asad leaves tanveer and asks her “be careful tanveer..” Tanveer says “thank u so much Asad.. and u can call me tanu..” Asad says “Ok.. where is najma..?” tanveer says “she is in her room” and leaves from there..

Asad turns and shocked to see zoya in jealous mood.. Asad thinks “ya allah.. this stupid girl will start blabbering again for this.. where am I stuck… ?”

Zoya : Mr.Khan.. how do u know that she will fall..? why r u always interested in holding her..? I cant understand how timing favours u..
Asad : (smiles at her..)
Zoya : Y r u smiling…? Am I joking..?
Asad : I m smiling because u r jealous..
Zoya : jealous.. me… Allah miya.. whats wrong with u mr.Khan..?
Asad : Thn y r u making big scene for this silly matters.
Zoya : aahhhh.. I m just asking.. whatever u want, do it..hold her or hug her … I dont mind..

Asad goes close to her. Zoya steps back lightly… (mitwa plays..) zoya’s heart beats fast… Asad gets close to her and says to her ears “Dont hit tanveer because of ur jealousy..?”.. Asad smiles and leaves.
(piano tune plays..)
Zoya wonders “what happened to my heart..? Its beating fast.. ya allah.. hawww.. And what happened to Mr.Khan..? He came close to me intentionally just to say “dont hit tanveer..”.. he always maintain 10 feet distance to speak caring words.. but today he… Something is weird.. allah miya.. whats going on…?”

Asad in his room thinks about zoya’s jealous feeling.. He receives call and attends it.. Asad is shocked because it is Rashid.
Rashid : Asad Dont cut the call.. I didnt call to discuss about our past. just listen to me..
Asad : who asked u to call me?? i dont want to hear ur nonsense.
Rashid says something… Asad hears and started listening him. Asad says “Ok.. I will come to meet u tmrw morning..” Rashid asks “How is dil and najma..?” Asad replies”U dont need to care about them…” and cuts the call..
Rashid smiles and says “atlast i got a chance to meet u again asad..”

Zoya sees Dil going to her room. Zoya goes to dil’s room. Dil is sitting in bed. Zoya goes and places her head on dil’s lap. (emotional tune plays..)
Dil : what happened zoya..?
Zoya : nothing phuppi..
Dil cares zoya’s head. Zoya closes her eyes and remains silent for a while..

The screen freezes..

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Credit to: Kalai


  1. Sunehri

    Zoya jealous of Asad???? ROLF……….. asya rocked today’s episode……… Becoz of tanveer they are indeed getting closer……… love ur episodes a lot didi………. waiting for the next one……..

  2. Khushnuma Afzal

    As usual today’s episide was suprb…
    Especially the scene in which asad comes close to zoya nd tells her don’t hit hit tanveer…
    Nd u can call me Khush…

  3. Kiya

    Its ok KALAI nw coz may b there’s a problem with the site hope dey publjsh it asap m waiting frm morning to read

  4. meher

    wonderfulllll…..both your’s and Josefine’s story are best in bests.both of you rocz.i eagerly wait for this two updates…kp rocking guyz…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.