Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 36


The scene begins by showing Asad and Zoya’s hug in parking lot. Asad leaves zoya and looks at her..(Piano tune plays.)
Asad : Lets go home..
Zoya : Are u k Mr.Khan..?
Asad : yeah..

They are leaving in car.. Zoya thinks about rashid’s words about pain and asad’s reaction on seeing Rashid. Zoya thinks to herself “That uncle seems nice to me.. i can realise pain in his speech. why mr.Khan feels emotional on seeing him?”
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Y did u react angrily on seeing him..?
Asad : nothing like that..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. if u dont want to share with me then say it directly.. Dont tell lie to me.. lie doesnt suit u..
Asad looks at her hand and remembers that he hurts her hand and hugs her, etc. Asad sees her and thinks “I m always hurting u.. still Why u care for me Ms.Farukhi..?” Zoya looks at him and says “Look at road and drive Mr.Khan..”

Asad looks at road and suddenly jerks and stops the car rushingly.. They were shocked to see a girl who falls on their car. Few persons were running behind her. After seeing asad, they ran away.. That girl cries and zoya consoles her..
Asad : Who r u? where do u want to go? tell us we will drop u..
The girl introduces herself as tanveer and says “she is orphan..” Zoya feels sad for her as she is also an orphan..
Tanveer : Thank u so much for saving me.. Those persons had gone.. I will go by myself..
Zoya : No tanveer.. we cant leave u alone.. we will drop u..

Tanveer doesnt agree and goes few steps forward and faints.. Zoya holds her and asks Asad “Mr.Khan.. what r u seeing..? come and help me..” Asad goes and lifts tanveer and places her on car’s back seat. Zoya looks at him angrily and asks “Mr.Khan.. I just asked u to help me.. But whats the need to lift her..? (funny tune plays..)
Asad : Are u crazy Ms.Farukhi..
Zoya : I m not crazy.. u r crazy.. crazzyyyyy khan….
Asad : What..? crazy khan..
Zoya : yes.. crazy.. (gets into the car..)
Asad : Badtameez ladki…

They went to hospital. Doctor says that she didnt eat for past few days and she is so weak she needs complete rest and care. Zoya says “Mr.khan.. lets take her to our home until she gets normal..” Asad agrees. Zoya convinces tanveer and they leaves for home.. They reaches home. Dil greets her well.. Najma comes there and says “Tanveer… U here…” Everyone shocked and asks “Najma.. u know her..” Tanveer asks “Is this ur home najma..?” Naj nodes yes and asks “what happened? Y r u crying..?” Tanveer goes and hugs her..

Zoya says “Najma.. some goons were chasing her and she is so weak. so we take her here. but how did u know her..?” Naj replies “She is my class mate.. and she was staying in hostel.. ” tanveer replies “In my hostel, some boys used to come in without permission and tortures girls.. They forced us to have drugs and they behave badly.. So i tried to leave that hostel but they were following me for 2 days.. I m tired of hiding from them and running from them..” she cries..They all consoles her and asks her to take rest. Asad calls police and asks to take action about that boys immediately. Zoya remembers asad lifting tanveer and looks at Asad angrily and leaves from there. Dil notices and asks “Asad… did u fight with her..? why she is angry with u?”
Asad : Ammi.. I cant understand her.. She only asked me to help her in lifting tanveer. but when i lift tanveer she started to scold me.. stupid girl..

Dil : (laughs..) it happens in love asad.. She is feeling jealous on tanveer.. may b thats y she is angry.. try to convince her.. (dil leaves.)
Asad : jealous.. ms.farukhi.. (smiles lightly..) she is unbelievable..

Zeenat and anwar comes home with kachori for zoya.. zoya sees kachori and says “Wow.. kachori.. i love it.. thank u api and jiju..” Asad sees her by standing at his room’s door and smiles on seeing her eating kachori like kid..
zeenat : zoya.. r u a kid..? eat neatly..
Zoya : see jiju.. api always says me as her child but she scold me when i behave like kid..
Anwar : correct zoya.. my lovely zoya will always eat like kid.. let her eat.. dont scold her while eating zeenat..

Zeenat : very good anwar. make her sit in ur lap and feed her kachori.. (funny tune plays..)
Anwar and zoya look at each other and laughs out loudly.. Zeenat gets irritated and hits zoya.. Zoya hugs zeenat and anwar.. Asad sees this and smiles on seeing her happiness..
The screen freezes..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Wow…. finally tanveer is on…. luv ur episodes. …. asya rocked today. ….. waiting for the next episode of the most popular fan fiction. …

    1. thank u sunehri

  2. wow nice episode. She is innocent like a kid. Now i’m waiting for tanveer’s reality. Asya rocks. Kalai good work yar

    1. thank u lachu..

  3. Superb

    1. thank u fransi..

  4. U r rocking…..
    Compare to all serial’s ff urs is fantastic….

    1. thank u jasmine..

  5. Till now I m a silent reader but I can’t control myself from commenting nd I love when asad says badtameez ladki nd last part was so funny nd nice

    1. thank u anu.. finally a silent reader came out.. thank god..

    1. thnk u shifa..

  6. Nice one..kalai I m using my play store I’d I don’t have email I’d I give u 3 likes out of 5 plz u should also give me hints… Plz 🙂

    1. hints?? I cant understand amu..

  7. nice… will tanveersnegative or positive here

    1. I entered tanveer because u all requested.. So its ur wish meghs…. u want tanveer good or bad..?

  8. fantastic kalai dr
    congrats to u coz more ppl r commenting in ur ff
    today’s epi WS awesome
    last part WS so gud
    nic I lk e way u come up vit such a different & opposite of wat hpnd in real serial
    I lk tanu entry vy much how Asad & Zoya querel fr her lol
    seriously ur a grt writer yr
    I wish I could meet u
    love u a lot ummmmahhhhh

    1. more comments ah?? just now i started receiving comments anjum.. thank u so much anjum.. 🙂

  9. Very nice episode, awesome. Keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thank u roma..

  10. Really nyc
    I just saw this wu today n gone through all 36 updates today itself really nyc amazing talent u gt KALAI THUMBS Up

    1. all episodes in one day.. great yaar kiya.

  11. Nice episode. I love the part of zoya’s jealous. It’s awesome ya. Waiting 4 ur next episode.

    1. thank u kavi.. 🙂

  12. Hi i am a silent reader upto now but i wanted to comment today really kalai you are great i just love your ff pls continue and i have a doubt is tanveer going to be a positive character or a negative character pls i would like her as a positive character

    1. wow.. nice. all silent readers are commenting today.. happy..
      thank u bhagi..
      if u want, thn v can make tanveer positive..

  13. kalai dr just listen dont ask us whether tanveer shud b negative or positive …u just make it by urself so dat it shud b great suspense fo us …coz ur talent is just wow …okay ?

    1. Ok divi.. 🙂

  14. Khushnuma Afzal

    Hii kalai!!!
    I am reading ur updates from 1st episode…Your updates are really good nd bestest…

    1. thank u afsal..

  15. wonderful

    1. thank u taifa..

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