Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 35


The scene begins with Zoya telling to Dil “Phuppi. I m going out.. I ll come soon..”. Asad comes there and says “Come.. I will drop u on the way..” Zoya replies ” No thanks Mr.Khan.. I will go by myself..” and leaves.. Asad thinks “Badtameez ladki..” and leaves. Zoya is trying to stop auto.. Asad sees this and stops his car and asks zoya to come in.. Zoya stands silently..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. I just want to help u in finding ur parents.. Now I m going to habib ganj.. come..
Zoya : (gives angry look) and gets in..
Asad : U should have agree to come with me at home itself.. Whats the need to create scene??
Zoya : I m not creating scene.. U r creating scene infront of everyone that u care for me..
Asad : Does this seem like creating scene to u..?
Zoya : Ofcourse.. Then what do u mean..? U really care for me..? (Piano tune plays…)
Asad : (looks at her..) Its better not to speak with u..

On the way Asad asks “How did u know that ur parents are here..?”
Zoya : On that village, I met a person and he told that his friend see my ammi here many times…
Asad : Dont u have any photo..?
Zoya : Allah miya.. Whats wrong with u Mr.khan.. Dont u think logically.. If i had photo, then I would have find my ammi and by this time I would have leave from ur house..
Asad : Why u always talking about leaving from our house..? Dont u have any thought except that..
Zoya : No Mr.Khan… Nowadays I m just thinking that when will I leave your house.. Dont know why.. If I see u, I will get hurt.. (sad mitwa plays..)
Asad : (stops his car rushly.. and tells) Get out Ms.Farukhi…
Zoya : (gets irritated..) Soon I will get out of ur life too.. And I know how to reach Habib ganj.. I dont need ur car or ride.. Thank u so much..

Zoya gets down from the car and walks forward. Suddenly she stops and sees around.. Its habib ganj and Asad asked her to get down because they reached their destination. Zoya realises this and hits her head by herself. Zoya turns and looks at Asad. Asad is standing by keeping his legs as giving support on his car door and looks at Zoya.. Asad thinks “I know that I always hurt u alot Zoya.. But Dont know why.. I always want to see happiness in ur eyes..” Zoya sees his eyes and thinks “Why his eyes always telling me that he is feeling something for me..?”

Zoya goes towards him and asks “Do u have any work here.? ”
Asad : No.. I dont have any work. I came here for u..
Zoya : for me..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi. will u please stop this interrogation and tell me what help should i do for u?
Zoya : (smiles lightly..)
Asad : I will go and park car in parking lot.

They part in different directions and asks details about zuleika.. Rashid is having tea in a road side shop. Zoya goes to that shop and asks shop owner.. While turning, she hits rashid and hot tea falls on rashid.. Zoya says “I m sorry..” A person standing nearby started to scold zoya that can’t she see and walk.. Rashid calms him and says “Leave it… She didnt do it intentionally..”
Zoya : I m really sorry.. Does it hurt a lot..?
Rashid : no problem beta.. Its not paining because I m used to pain..
Zoya : Oh.. people always pour tea on urself ah..? Thats why u used to it ah..?
Rashid : (laughs.. and says) Not like that beta.. This pain is very less when compared to pain in heart..
Zoya : (looks at him sympathetically) U r looking very calm and cool.. nice to see a person like u..
Rashid : nice to see u too beta..

Asad sees Rashid talking to Zoya.. He remembers moments when rashid leave him in childhood and gets angry.. Asad walks towards Rashid and Zoya.. (serious tune plays..)
Zoya : By the way.. Did u know anyone here having name zuleika..? she may be 40-50 years old..
Rashid : No beta.. I never heard a person like that here..
Zoya : (face gets dull) Oh.. K.. thank u…
Rashid : (keeps his hand on her head and blesses) Soon u will find what u wanted beta.. Allah will give all happiness to u..
Zoya smiles at rashid..

Asad stands behind Zoya and looks at Rashid angrily.. Rashid sees him and gets shocked.. Rashid is teary eyed and says “Asad..” Zoya turns and sees him.. She says “Mr.Khan.. Did u get any information.?” Zoya realises something is wrong and looks at Rashid and Asad.. Zoya is standing in between them mysteriously.. Rashid with teary eyes tries to keep his hand on Asad’s face caringly.. But Asad holds his hand and stops him. Asad’s eyes also filled up with tears.. While leaving Rashid’s hand, Asad’s tears falls on rashid’s hand. Asad holds Zoya’s hand and drags her to car. Rashid thinks “U didnt say anything Asad.. But This one drop of tear says a lot to me.. I can see angry in ur eyes but not hate.. Thats enough for me Asad..”

Asad drags zoya to parking lot near car and holds her hand tightly because of his angry on rashid and closes his eyes.. Zoya feels pain and say “Mr.Khan.. Its paining..” Asad doesnt listen and still holds her hand… Zoya tolerates that pain by closing her eyes.. (She thinks in some way asad should express his anger and feel relax. So she stays silent while asad tighly holds her hand..)

After few seconds, Asad opens his eyes and realises that he is hurting zoya.. He admires her and loosens his grip and leaves her hand.. Zoya opens her eyes and tears fall from her eyes.. Zoya manages to wipe her tears and looks at him with a smile.. Asad look at her and says “I m sorry Zoya…” and hugs her.. Asad vents out his anger and consoles himself by hugging her.. Zoya is shocked and hugs him back.

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Wow very touchy episode. …… asya scene was outstanding…… rashid and asad part was emotional. … waiting for tanveer ‘ s entry. … and next episode. …

  2. Wow its vry emotional

  3. asad rashid scene was emotional

  4. Waaah… episode. …am still crying…

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  8. awesome episode kalai dear. I got emotional with rashid n asad scene. But this episode was too short. May be because i’m greedy. I wanna read all episode till climax. So never think abt stoping ur update. If u do so then i swear i’m gonna find u n make u write entire episodes. Love you loooooot asya n lov u loooooooooooot kalai

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  10. nice episode kalai dr. Azad-rashid scene was out standing. Love u loooot….

  11. Nice epi kalai did you know the serial dill mill gayye

    1. ya shifa.. i know but i saw 50 episodes of season 1 only..

  12. thank u frnds..

  13. Awesome episode, it’s heart touching and emotional, asad n rashid’s scene was emotional n asya hug was heart touching. ..lovely episode. .keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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  14. awesome yaar are just outstanding.i didn’t used to wait soo much eagerly even for watching them on tv that i do for ur updates.eagerly waiting for the upcoming twists

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