Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 34


The episode begins by Zoya running behind anwar to stop him.. Anwar asks her to stop following him and stay out of this matter. Zoya sees Asad and goes to him.
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Everything is happening because of u.
Asad : First tell me what happened..?
Zoya : I told everything to jiju..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. U know wat? I was about to say not to tell anything to ur jiju until u find ur parents..
Zoya : What..? cant u tell before..?
Asad : u never listened to me.. Asusual..
Zoya : Asusual u said only Ms.Farukhi Ms.Farukhi Ms.Farukhi.. Before u complete a sentence, a year gets completed..
Asad : (shouts angrily..) Ms.Farukhi..
Zoya : see.. I said right.. (funny tune plays.. Asad hits his head by himself..)

Najma comes there and hugs zoya and says “Zoya.. congrads.. Ur visa is extended.. Now no one can make u leave this house..” Zoya gets glad and hugs najma.. Asad gets happy and smiles.. (mitwa plays.) When zoya sees him, he hides his smile.
Zoya : “Wow najma.. Superb right.. I m so happy..”
Najma : “Its time for celebration..”
Zoya : “Yeah najma.. Lets celebrate..”
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. Is it a time for celebration..??
Zoya : Allah miya.. whats wrong with me..?
Najma : What happened..?
Asad : I will tell u later tamatar.. Lets go zoya..

Anwar goes to Dil’s room and looks angrily at Dil. Dil asks “What happened anwar..?” Anwar replies “U r asking what happened.. Dont u know whats going on between Asad and Zoya..?
Dil and Anwar smiles at looking each other..

Flashback : On the day, when zeenat says to Dil that they are leaving back to US.. On that day, Dil calls Anwar and explains all situation to him.
Dil : They are in love. But they need some time to realise and express it..
Anwar : But api.. How can u be sure..? If it is so, then they would never get seperate..
Dil : But Anwar. Zeenat is very angry.. I think its not good to explain her everything. Thats y I called u..
Anwar : yes api.. I had tried to come with Zeenat but she stopped me..
Dil : I m so scared anwar..
Anwar : Dont worry api.. Only I can handle Zeenat.. I will come tomorrow.. Dont tell to anyone..

On the day, Anwar arrives to India and Asad stops Zoya from leaving. Anwar sees this and realises their feelings. Anwar says to Dil ,
Anwar : api.. u were right.. I saw love in Asad’s eyes.. When Asad holds Zoya’s hands, Zoya’s eyes shine on happiness..
Dil : I said right.. They are perfect for each other..
Anwar : I think we should help them to express their love api.. What do u say..?
Dil : haan… And thanks anwar for understanding me and come here.. But how will we convince Zeenat..?
Anwar : Always Zeenat opposes first. But later she will agree.. Because she cares a lot for Zoya.. I will handle her..
Dil and Anwar shakes hands and says “Mission Starts..”

Flashback ends..

Dil : shshhh.. Speak slowly..
Dil : yesterday Asad tries to tell something. But I ignored him.. Because I know what he wants to say..
Anwar : But api.. Zoya says all truth to me.. I thought she wont speak about this to me..
Dil : ya allah.. anwar… u.. Its ok.. Act like I didnt know anything. If Asad knows, then It will be very difficult to handle him.

They hears Asad and Zoya coming there and changes the topic. Anwar says to Dil “Api.. u take rest.. I will see u later..” Zoya looks at Anwar.. Asad asks “What happened..?” Dil says “Just head ache Asad..” Asad makes Dil to rest. While leaving Anwar winks at Dilshad..(funny tune plays..)

Zoya asks “Jiju.. What did u say to phuppi..?”
Anwar : Actually I went to ask Dilshad api.. But I thought If I say truth to her, then Zeenat too came to know about this. then zeenat will take u from here.. Thats y I didnt said anything to Dil api..
Asad : Thank god u didnt tell ammi.. I think until Zoya finds her parents, we should maintain this lie..
Anwar : Still Asad.. Whats the need to say such a big lie..? u should have think twice before saying such a big lie..
Asad : I didnt say lie..
Zoya looks at Asad..(piano tune plays..)
Asad : I mean.. I dont know how to react in that situation.. Thats y..
Zoya : Jiju.. I will soon find my parents.. We will leave from here soon..
Asad looks at Zoya..(mitwa sad tune plays..). Zoya leaves from there.. Asad looks at Zoya..

Anwar calls “Asad..” and hugs him.. Asad is amazed.
Anwar : I know u care about Zoya.. Thank u so much..
Asad : Actually I should thank u.. U understand situation and helping us. Zoya is lucky to have a jiju like u..

The screen freezes on Asad and Anwar’s face..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Awesome, lovely episode, loved it very much, jiju n dil r awesome. …keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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  3. Wow…. lovely episode. …. Last scene and flashbacks was Fab…. dil and Anwar scene was very funny. .. waiting for the next episode

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  7. wow it’s awesome. I like dilsad and anwer part. It’s realy funny. Omg whats going on to me i am realy crazy and addict ur ff. Waiting 4 ur next updates dr.

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  8. Really awrsome dear sweet hear…u should become a writter for story or for daily shops…gul khan should have choose u for asya story if liked that thn i s

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