Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 33


The episode begins with Asad speaking to Dil.
Asad : Ammi.. u know about me.. I never tell lie for small matters.. I was very tensed when I say..
Dil : Ya allah..
Asad : what happened ammi..?
Dil : Tension.. Zeenat asked me for Bp tablets.. I will go and give her..
Asad thinks “What a timing..?” Asad sees Zoya hiding there and goes to her. Zoya is sad and goes from there without saying a word. Asad feels strange and follows her..

Zoya is in garden. Asad stands behind her. On realising asad is behind her,
Zoya : I m sorry Mr.Khan… I know that u have no interest in this marriage.. And even I think marriage as most important relation in my life. Its a big commitment. Once marriage happens, Then that relation can never be broken. I too dont want to force u to continue this relation. i mean this lie.. Tomorrow I will tell everything to my jiju and u too tell everything to phuppi.. I m here for my parents.. I will leave when time comes..

Zoya tries to leave silently.. Asad holds her hands and says ” Time has not yet come for u to leave..” Zoya looks at him.. A small eyelock. (Mitwa plays..) Asad thinks “I wish that time will never come..” Zoya’s eyes filled up with tears. Asad sees that and leaves her hand.Tear falls from her eyes and Zoya looks her hand which is left by Asad.

Asad : What did u say..? ur parents..
Zoya : haaann… I m here to search my parents..
Asad : I cant understand u.. Search ur parents means..?
Zoya : Thats ur problem Mr.Khan.. U never understand others feeling… What I mean is I m orphan.. I m adopted by my api.. I m here to search my parents.. Do u understand or I will explain more..? (Zoya speaks angrily with tears in her eyes..)
Asad is shocked and speechless.. Zoya leaves from there.. Asad remembers moments when he scold Zoya by comparing with her parents. He remembers scolding Zoya “Thank god ur parents will not come with u else u will put them also in danger..”.. Asad remembers Zoya’s note that she will feel Dil as her mom.. Asad too got tears in his eyes.. He keeps his both hands on his head and falls down in ground. Zoya in his room too falls on floor and cries a lot.. The split screen is shown as Asad and Zoya in ground crying out..

Asad regrets for hurting her and goes to Zoya’s room. Zoya is sleeping in ground by placing her head in bed. Asad sees her and sits down. He cares her hair. Zoya’s hand is about to fall. Asad holds her hand. Zoya is about to wake up but not. Asad says “I m sorry Zoya..”.. . Asad places her hand softly. He gets up and his tears falls on Zoya’s hand. Zoya wakes up and finds no one..

Zoya sees tears in her hands and realises Asad’s voice saying “I m sorry Zoya..” Zoya says “Mr.Khan…” Asad opens door and shows his head.. (Piano tune plays..) Zoya sees him and shocked.. Asad shakes his head like asking “What..??” Zoya shakes her head like saying “Nothing…” Asad signals her to sleep and leaves.. Zoya smiles.. She thinks “It means.. Thats not dream.. Mr.Khan really said sorry to me.. Allah Miya.. Whats going on..??”..They went to sleep thinking about each other..

Next morning, Zoya smiles on seeing Asad. Asad goes without smile.. Zoya thinks “Mr.Khan again became angry bird.. I think its better not to ask anything to him.. And I should say everything to jiju before he scold me..” Asad thinks “I should say her not to tell anything to her jiju until she find her parents..”

Asad : Ms.Farukhi..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I m gonna say with my jiju.. So please dont start scolding..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. What I meant to say is..?
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I said that I will tell to my jiju.. U didnt believe me right.. Wait..

zoya goes to anwar and says “jiju.. I want speak important matter to u privately..” Zoya gives “see.. I did what I say” expression. Asad hits his head by himself and says “What should I do with this Stupid girl..?”

Zoya says all truth to her jiju.. Anwar gets shocked and gets angry.. He says “How dare did Asad say such a big lie…? Did he think love as joke..? Dilshad api is responsible for everything. I will go and ask her..” and leaves from there angrily.. Zoya is shocked and tells that “phuppi too dont know anything.. There is no fault in her jiju..” Anwar doesnt listen to her and goes inside home angrily..
The screen freezes on Zoya’s face..

Precap : Zoya scolds Asad because everything is happening because of him.. Anwar angrily goes to Dilshad room.. Dil sees angry anwar and asks what happened..?

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Wow …… Asad and zoya scene was very touchy. …….. Anwar and asya scenes was wonderful

    1. Kab se wait kar rahi ti didi. ….I and my sister are waiting for tanveer ‘ s entry. … Wonderful episode

    2. thank u sunehri and zoya.. just wait a little for tanu’s entry..

  2. No words to say Anwar ‘ s reaction was very funny. … Rolf

    1. Waiting for the next episode and I and my sister are waiting for tanveer. ….

  3. Wowwww, lovely awesome episode, loving this asya fights n heart touching convo very much…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thank u roma.. 🙂

  4. today after my xam the first thing i’ve done is reading kalais qh…… My fav… U hv super talent dear…… Other than this update you should write a new story wid ur own characters…… N i wanna read that or watch it as a movie on big screen or as a serial in any famous channels n i’m sure that will be a super super hit work. I’m damn serious kalai, think abt it coz u r talented

    1. OMG.. Infact I dont have this much confidence in me lachu.. .. really thanks a lot dr.. I would thank u 1000 times for such a wonderful compliment..

  5. The episode was wonderful like always. Ur writing skills r so nice and so beautifully u r expressing the situation. Waiting eagerly for the next episode. It was awesome. But Precap was very much scary. What will happen now???????

  6. seriously kalai ur awesome too gud dr
    wat an epi amazing fab
    ASYA moments were so touchy I felt like cryg
    waitg fr Tanu entry
    eagerly waiting fr 2mrws epi .
    love u babes

  7. kalai its upto u wthr u wanna be independant with ur amazing talend or depending on such dramas like qh. Confidence is nt to be created but taken out from deep within ur heart. U even created a different story on zoya n asad, u can create a different story wid different characters n different situation, just enter into ur new workshop for amazing new characters. But dont leave our zoya, asad, ayan, humaira n our spcl qh. Keep on writing our qh for us. I’m a big fan of kalais qh n the writer kalai. Love u loooooot dear

    1. thank u so much lachu.. u r absolutely right.. love u lachu..

      1. so i hope i can c ur work soon…… Right???

  8. kalai dear plz dont disappoint ur biggest fan ( that is me ) of ur’s. Iwant my special qh n ur independant work too.

  9. where is my ep 34

  10. wowwww….its really awesome.asaya scene was commendable.hats off to u friend,
    kalai.waiting for ur updates…

  11. wonderful

  12. thank u frnds.. 🙂

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