Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 32


The scene begins by showing Asad and Zoya feeling embarassed by everyone’s speech about marriage.. Asad signals zoya to meet him alone.. She saw him and understands but acts like she didnt see him.. (funny tune

plays..) Zeenat says “Lets have engagement this week.. What do u all say..? Everyone agrees..” Asad tries to speak.. but no one let him to say.. They all gets busy in deciding about preparations. Asad gets irritated and

leaves from there.. Zoya smiles on seeing Asad’s expressions..

On the way, Humaira asks ” Ayan.. Dont u think strange between Zoya and Asad..? ”
Ayan : Ofcourse they are strange.. Because they are totally different from each other.. Their attitudes and behaviour is entierly different. But still They are perfect for each other.. Because their hearts are same.. Like ours..”
Humaira : What did u say..?
Ayan : Ahhh… Hmm.. I said their hearts are same..
Humaira : After that what u say?
Ayan : After that nothing.. Thats it.,,
Humaira : U r same like Asad… Totally unexpressive.
Ayan : Then what about u..? U too unexpressive.. Did u express anything to me.?
Humaira : there is nothing to express..
Ayan : Same here.. I too have nothing to express..
Humaira gets irritated and leaves forward..

In dining table, Asad is eatingly slowly waiting to speak with Zoya.. After having dinner one by one starts leaving.. Zoya is busy in eating.. After everyone leaves from there, Asad calls “Ms.Farukhi..” Zoya looks at Asad and

looks around. Zoya thinks “When did others go..? Allah miya.. Mr.Khan will ask lot of questions.. How to escape..?”
Asad : Ms.Farukhi..
Zoya tries to eat a lot and dumps food in her mouth to avoid speaking to him..
Asad : Are u mad.? Eat slowly..
Zoya coughs… Asad hits her head and gives her water.. Zoya looks at Asad and thinks “Mr.Khan.. Y are u cheating urself Mr.Khan.. Y cant u express ur feelings..?” (Mitwa plays..)

Asad : are u k..?
Zoya : Yeah.. I m ok Mr.Khan..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. Did u think something..?
Zoya : About what..?
Asad : About our marriage..? I mean.. How to stop this marriage..
Zoya : I dont know Mr.Khan.. U decide by urself.. I m gonna sleep..
Asad : How could be so relax..?
Zoya : What should I do Mr.Khan.. Did I ask u to say such a big lie..? U said by urself right.. Then it will be ur problem..
Asad : U r such a Selfish ..
Zoya : Then ok Mr.Khan.. U go to phuppi and tell that u lied.. She is ur mom.. She will understand u..
Asad : I know.. But I thought u would help in speaking with ammi..
Zoya : Y Mr.Khan.. Cant u able to speak with ur own ammi..
Asad : I m sorry Ms.Farukhi.. I ll manage myself.. U please shut ur mouth and leave..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I will speak with my jiju tomorrow and i will tell everything to him. U dont worry..
Asad : I will tell to ammi now.

Zoya looks on.. Asad goes to Dil’s room. First enters Dil’s room and gets out of room immediately because of nervousness.. Zoya looks at Asad and smiles.. Asad gives stern look and goes again..
Asad : Ammi.. I want to speak with u..
Dil : Me too Asad.. U know what..I always get tensed thinking that I may chose wrong girl for u.. But now I m relaxed that Zoya is perfect for u.. I have lots of imagination about ur marriage.. U first tell me how ur

engagement should happen. It should be simple or grand or traditional..
Asad : ammi.. Its ur wish.. whatever u do is ok for me..
Dil : But still, I should give respect to ur thoughts right. Tell me..
Asad tries to tell something.. Zoya hides and hears everything and gets shocked.. The screen freezes on Asad,Dil and Zoya’s split screen.

Precap : Zoya tells Anwar all truth about Asad’s lie.

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. thanku thanku thanku….fo puttin it on sunday too

  2. Wow asad and zoya….. Everyone are talking abt their marriage and they are trying to stop….. Precap…. Don’t know how Anwar’s is going to react ROLF……

  3. Kya baat hai yaar…… Marvellous ….. Plz bring tanveer… It will be interesting…plz

    1. Asya scenes extraordinary ….. Ayan humeira scene was funny….. Plz bring tanveer …. Thabi asad aur zoya kareeb aayenge… Plz

  4. Plz didi… Bring tanveer

    1. It’s our request plz bring tanveer…..

      1. We need tanveer as a good character plz….

    2. ok sunehri.. now only i came to know tanveer too has fans.. ha ha..

  5. thanku for ur sunday update dear. I lov it. Happy to knw that u r a tamilian, i’m from kerala but i knw tamil. Thanku for ur such a beautiful update. I’m expecting more funny n romantic n thrilling asya moments. Kalais qh is the best. Now i’m coming to telly updates only to read ur qh updates n not for the real one. Thanku dear thanku so much

    1. thank u so much lachu..

  6. Superb …thanks for updating on sunday also thanks dear…

  7. same hea lachu
    fantastic yr kalai keep it up dr
    I already told u ur ff r unique & vy interesting to read plz brg tanvir
    y is Zoya shocked suspence han???
    today epi WS. vy gud ASYA moment the way Asad is reactg towards his marriage I think he shall now call tanvir btw dis
    loveeeeeeeeeee u ASYA miss u 2gether

  8. Nice one but I don’t want tanveer

  9. Yeah..I also hate tanveer..plz kalai don’t enter tanveer..I m requesting u plz plz plz yaar

    1. no worries odet and amu… Lets try entering tanveer.. in real QH tanveer killed Asya right.. If u guys dont like her, then we will kill tanveer..ha ha ha..

  10. i hv bn reading ur ff from the first epi.really friend u r doing writing plzzz….

  11. O wowwww, very nice episode, asya rocks n ayra very funny…loved it very much, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  12. thank u so much frnds.. U all are great.. If u were not supporting me, I would have stopped writing.. Thanks a lot frnds..

  13. Many of u want tanveer right..? lets get her enter into the story.. and amu dont feel.. This time tanu will not be more evil person..

    1. Thank u didi…. 🙂 🙂

  14. nice episode ya. Plz bring tanveer. I know she always saparate asya. But u know what, when true loverls was saparate, their love will be increse… It’s my thought i don’t know u agree it or not

    1. i too agree kavi.. 🙂

  15. i am wonder bcoz i am also a tamilan.

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