Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 31


The scene begins by Asad saying “I m the one who express love infront of everyone..” Zoya looks shockingly..
Zoya : I still cant believe my ears Mr.Khan.. Really its …
Ayan comes there and says “Its strange right Zoya.. Are wahh.. Finally u made Bhai propose u.. ”
Asad : Shut up Ayan.. I m sorry Zoya.. Without ur permission I did such a big drama..
Zoya : Drama.. (Zoya’s smile fades out.. and looks surprisingly at Asad and Ayan..)
Asad : Yes.. Me and Ayan think a lot to stop u.. Finally Ayan gave me this idea..

Flashback : In bridge when Ayan says to Asad that he is his own brother. On that day , Asad says to Ayan that Zoya is leaving tomorrow..
Ayan : What..? Bhai.. How could u leave her..?
Asad : What should I do..? I know that she is here for more important work. Else she wont come here opposing her api. But how could I make her api understand. We have to do something Ayan..
Asad and Ayan walks here and there.
Ayan : Ask Zoya to act like her leg is broken..
Asad : Her api will found out.. U know right. Zoya is stupid..
Ayan : Ok.. Make her leg broke by hitting her..
Asad : (hits ayan’s head) Are u mad..? It will be more painful to her..
Ayan : Oh.. How sweet bhai.. U cant see her in pain right..
Asad : Stop kidding.. think seriously..

Ayan : Idea.. U tell to her api that u love Zoya and u wont let her leave from here..
Asad : What..? Are u mad..? Suppose her api didnt like love, then she will get angry and take Zoya to US then she will never let zoya back to India because of me.. Stupid Idea..
Ayan : Bhai.. anyway she is going to take Zoya back.. Y not we try this..? May be she will agree for ur love..? May be she let Zoya stay here..? Allah knows..
Asad : Suppose her api agree then..
Ayan : then.. then what.. We will see that later Bhai.. First we should stop zoya.. Its because of her, We are together.. Its because of her, Our najma is alive… We should do some help to her..
Asad : No Ayan.. Its stupid idea.. I will talk to Zoya and make some plan.. Zoya knows her api well so she may give some idea..
Ayan : Ok Bhai.. But dont let Zoya go from here.. U cant able to tolerate that..
Asad : Nothing like that Ayan… I can live without her.. If no plan works out, then she have to leave..We cant help her..
Flashback ends..

Ayan : “Bhai.. U said u never lie. But U lied.. And u said u never fall in love.. But finally U did and u proposed a girl..ha ha ha..”
Asad remains silent and looks at zoya.. Zoya looks at Asad and Ayan shockingly with tears.. Asad is surprised to see Zoya in tears.. Zoya wipes her tears and runs back to home..
Asad : What happened to her..? (Asad follows her calling Zoya..)
Ayan smiles and thinks “Bhai.. Still u cant able to understand whats going on.. I wish u realise ur love soon..”

Zoya goes to her room and cries.. Humaira watches this and goes to Zoya’s room.
Humaira : Are u in love with Asad ?
Zoya : (wipes her tears) ahhh,. vo.. No.. I dont love him..
Humaira : Then y r u crying zoya..? U should be happy that he stopped u right..
zoya : But he lied to me.
Humaira : Really.. U dont love him.. Then why should u care..? Sometimes Our heart doesnt understand our own feelings. Think well Zoya.. (she leaves..)

Zoya sees humaira and thinks “Whats going on..? Am I in love with Mr.Khan..? Why should I feel when he lied..?” Asad comes there and asks “Are u ok Ms.Farukhi..?”
Zoya : Why did u tell such a big lie Mr.Khan..?
Asad : sshh.. Dont shout.. I came yesterday to speak with u. But u didnt let me speak.. I cant help u and I cant able to see u leave from this house.. At that time, I dont know what to do..Thats why..

Zoya : Why cant u able to see me leaving from here Mr.Khan.. (Piano tune plays..)
Asad : ahhh.. vo… Ammi and Naj were very sad.. So..
Zoya : But u should have feel happy right.. U always wanted me to go away from u right.. Then Y did u stop me.?
Asad : I dont know Zoya.. Thats the only part I cant understand about myself.. (mitwa plays..)

Asad leaves.. Zoya looks on and thinks “Mr.Khan is really strange.. I cant understand him..”
Everyone is chatting in hall.. Dil says “Atlast Asad shared his feelings.. Dont know when will others express their love..” (Indirectly pointing to Ayan and Humaira) Ayan and humaira looks each other and gets embarassed. Humaira leaves to kitchen by telling “I will go and help Najma..” Asad and Zoya comes to hall..

Anwar : Asad.. I dont know how will u handle Zoya.. Its not possible to control her.. Bechara Asad..(Poor Asad..)
Asad : Thank god.. Atleast u agreed that i m bechara not Zoya..
Anwar laughs.. Zoya and Zeenat gives angry look to anwar by standing on his sides.. anwar keeps quiet..(funny tune plays..)

Dil says “Dont tell anything about my bahu(Daughter-in-law). She is bechari..” and hugs Zoya.. Zoya too hugs her.. Ayan says “First let them marry, then u will call her bahu..” Asad and Zoya gives angry look to Ayan(funny tune plays.)
Dil says “U r right Ayan.. This month we will arrange marriage for them.. What do u all say..?” Zeenat and Anwar gets glad and agrees..

Asad asks ” Why are u urging for marriage..? Anwar “U cant able to escape Asad.. Anyway u r gonna get marry right..Then y not this month.” Asad and Zoya gives fake smile and look at each other.. The screen freezes on whole family..

Precap : Asad asks “how to stop this marriage.?” Zoya says “I dont know.. U decide by urself..” Asad gets angry..

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. omg ossum …n today early update …keep it up like dis way oly

    1. thank u divya.. 🙂

  2. n nyc twist dea …loved it

  3. My god!!!!!!! Asad and Zoya planning to stop their wedding? ROLF ….. Anwar’s part was awesome ……. Ayan and asad scene was wonderful …… Lovely episode can’t wait till next one …. Thanks for updating didi…..

    1. U r very talented kalai….. I and my sister sunehri are die hard fans of ur fan fiction …… No words to say today’s episode was outstanding….. Even my friends love ur fan fiction…… Zee tv should telecast ur story…… Good work

    2. Even my friends luv ur fan fiction

    3. thank u so much sunehri and zoya.. I never expected tht I will receive such good comments.. Really thanks a lot..

  4. i am also love ur story. I told all my frds to read in ur ff. They don’t see qh and asya’s part. First time They are know about asad-zoya. They like ur story.

    By the way 2day episode was awesome ya. Nice twist kalai. And i like anwer part. Waiting 4 ur next update.

    1. wow.. thank u so much kavi.. Asad and Zoya is the only best pair for this story.. Hope ur frnds too like it..

  5. Awesome yaar. What a twist it was!!! Amazing fabulous. Ur writing skills z just superb. Cant express in words. Ayan saying for marriage was the best part. Precap was nice. But don’t end ur ff after they will marry. Plz and keep it up dear.????☺☺. I will be waiting for ur next episode.

    1. thank u sahima.. U Dont want to end ah.? U may get bored right.?

  6. Really osm n too cute…see dear now all r becoming ur fans….now make a whatsapp group for ur all fans. Plz

    1. ha ha amu.. so sweet dr.. ppl may feel insecure in sharing mobile number publicly.. thats y i created fb page dr.. I m expecting u on that page.. when will u come fb.??

  7. Too cutee….n amu wtz this???kalai’s amu…hahaha..u r going mad for kalai..yaar….so sweet of u kalai dear

    1. really odet.. i cant believe.. so sweet of u guys..

  8. this is really awesome. After 2 days i have my university xam, but still i’m not able to stop reading this. I havn’t watched 1st season of qh. But this is awesome. I really love this. Thanku dear……….. U r really really talented……..

    1. thank u lachu.. Best of luck fr ur exams dr. Do well..

  9. thanku n plz continue ur updates. I assure that i’ll never miss any of ur updates coz i’m addicted to ur story line.

    1. thank u so much lachu..

  10. hey kalai
    sry dr I WS bszi all dis days so I didn’t comment BT I read Evy epi of ur ff
    super fab episodes ASYA rockssssss
    loved it by the of my heart ummmaaahhhhh
    tnxs fr ur ff
    superb twist plz bring villain bw ASYA It vil b vy nic to read
    marriage preparation shd b damakedar plz plz
    hope u vil do it

    1. thank u so much anjum.. Good to see ur comments after some days.. Do u want villain..? Tanveer entry ok va..? 🙂

      1. Ofc ok thaan didi…… Tanveer should be there….. Then it will be more interesting…

  11. Ur story is suppossed 2 go 2 zee
    They should know how good stories should be
    They spoiled the whole qubool hai by rebirths and stuffs uff
    Asad ans zoya the best
    When do u post ur story loke what all days?
    R u a tamilian i am a tamilian

    1. yes saalini.. Me too tamilian.. from salem.. Thank u so much saalini.. Daily I will post between 8 to 9PM..

      1. Even i am from salem
        But i live in qatar rite now

  12. Awesome, lovely episode, wonderful twist, precap is very interesting….keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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