Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 30


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The scene begins by showing Zeenat takes Zoya with her by holding Zoya’s hands.. Zoya looks back at Asad with teary eyes.. Asad able to feel her pain and closes his eyes and says to himself “Dont go Zoya…”.. Zoya thinks “Do something Mr.Khan..” Dil and Naj also in tears. Everyone is feeling helpless..

Zoya stands in middle way and asks Zeenat “api.. please.. Let me..” Zeenat says “Shut up Zoya.. come..”. Zeenat holds her hands and drags her. Zoya is standing steadily.. Zeenat is shocked and turns and looks at Zoya.. Zoya too turns behind.. Asad is shown holding Zoya’s hands.. (Mitwa piano plays..) The screen is freezed a little by showing Zeenat and Asad holding Zoya’s hands on both sides and Zoya is standing in middle shockingly looking at Asad..

Asad : (says to zeenat) U can’t take Zoya without her permission. I m sorry if u think I am disrespecting u.. But..
Zeenat : Will u please stop it Asad..? Who are you to stop her..? Why are u stopping her..?
Asad : Because.. I love her.. (Mitwa plays..)

Zoya looks at Asad.. Zeenat leaves Zoya’s hand.. Zoya looks at Zeenat.. Dil is shocked and keeps her hand on her mouth.. Naj widens her eyes shockingly..
Zoya : Mr.Khan…
Asad : Dont worry Zoya.. I wont let u leave this house..

Zeenat is in tears.. She thinks “Ya allah.. What I thought it should not happen, it happened..? Now what should I Do..” Zoya thinks to go to Zeenat and stops suddenly.. She cries loudly by closing her face.. A hand is shown placing on Zeenat’s shoulder. Zeenat turns and looks back.. Surprisingly, she hugs that person.. And its none other than Anwar (Zeenat’s husband..).. Zeenat hugs him and cries and Anwar tries to convince her.. Anwar angrily goes to Zoya..

Anwar : I had great belief in u Zoya.. Thats y I allowed u to come India alone.. But u had broke my trust..
Zoya : jiju.. Its not like that..
Anwar : No need for explanation.. U should come with me.. come..
Zoya : jiju.. please try to understand me..
Anwar : I know what u will say.. I know how ur heart feel when u go away from ur love.. Me and Zeenat also did love marriage.. We can understand ur feelings.. But I never allow u to hurt Zeenat.. U have to come with me.. Anwar drags Zoya..

Zeenat stops Anwar.. Anwar is shocked.. Zeenat says “I want to speak with u privately anwar.. come with me..”. Zeenat goes forward.. Anwar winks his eyes and signals to Asad and Zoya.. (funny tune plays..) Everyone gets surprised and smiles..

Anwar : Why did u stop me Zeenat..? Its my mistake to send Zoya here.. How dare she love someone..?
Zeenat : Whats wrong in loving someone Anwar.. Infact we too did love marriage right..
Anwar : What..? It means u r supporting her love.. Thank god.. Then its ok for me too.. I thought u wont agree..
Zeenat : Asad is very nice guy. He knows how to respect others.. He is very traditional and perfect for Zoya..
Anwar : Then Y r u sad Zeenat..?
Zeenat : I m scared because our Zoya is in India.. U understand right.. If she knows about her family, then she will go away from us..
Anwar : Zeenat.. However she should go to another house after marriage. I think u should understand that Zoya has grown up. U cant stop her from knowing the truth. She is matured enough. If u take her back to US, she will lie to u again and come back to India. Now she is having reason to stay in India. She is in love. And u know very well that no one can live without their true love..
Zeenat : I understand anwar.. But still..
Anwar : U think that Zoya will leave us after finding her parents. Still I cant believe that how could u think like this..? Dont u have belief in Zoya..? Do u think she can be able to forgot us..? Impossible Zeenat.. Just think and decide.. Its just about perception. U r thinking in ur view only. But think in Zoya’s view. U will find everything easy..

Zeenat hugs anwar..
Zeenat : “I know my Zoya.. She cant able to let us go away from her life.. I trust her.. Thanks anwar.. If u were not on time, then I may did big mistake..”
Anwar : Dont cry.. everything will be alright..

Anwar asks her to smile and tickles her.. Zeenat laughs and hits anwar lightly..
Zeenat asks “U didnt tell me that u r going to come India..”
Anwar : If I tell u earlier, u wont let me come India. Thats y I didnt say u..
Zeenat : U r the one who spoils Zoya’s habits… Thats y she is having same behaviour like u..
They smiles.. Everyone hides and hears their talk. Zoya runs and hugs Zeenat.. Zoya hugs anwar and says “Thanks jiju.. U r the best..” Asad watches Zoya smiling and he too smiles by wiping his tears. Dil and Naj sees this..

Dil : Asad… U had taken very right decision in choosing ur life partner. Zoya is the only perfect partner to u..
Naj : Yes Bhai jaan.. I m really happy.. I cant even imagine a day without Zoya.. Thank u so much Bhai jaan.. Atlast u expressed ur love..
Asad smiles and looks at Zoya.. Zoya too looks at Asad.. (Mitwa plays..)

Zoya in her room thinks “I can’t believe that Mr.Khan react like that.. ” She thinks about Asad stops her by holding her hand and gets happy. She blushes.. Asad too thinks about the same incidence.. He thinks to himself “I cant believe that I say I love her.. Whats going on..?”

In night, Asad is in lawn.. Zoya comes there.. They look each other..(Piano tune plays..) They begins to speak at same time..
Zoya : U tell first Mr.Khan..
Asad : I think this is the First time in Zoya’s history.. U r allowing me to tell something… U never let me speak and never listen to me..
Zoya : What..? Did I never let u speak..? U know what Mr.Khan.. U tell everything in slow motion.. U dont know to express urself.. Thats y u r blaming me..
Asad : slow motion.. (funny tune plays..) U r telling me unexpressive.. Dont forget that I m the one who express love infront of everyone..

Zoya looks at Asad shockingly.. The screen freezes on Asad and Zoya’s face..

Precap : Dil and Zeenat speaks about Zoya and Asad’s marriage.. Asad and Zoya look each other shockingly. Anwar teases Zoya by telling “Bechari asad..”..

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  1. Thanks for accepting my friend request in Facebook didi finally Asad proposed zoya….. Precap was quite funny….. I love ur episodes a lot didi thank u for updating ….. In last scene asad’s dialogue was fab………. Waiting for the next episode ……. Good job didi

    1. Didi for male character u have use “BECHARA”. bechari is used for female characters

      1. thnk u sunehri. i dont knw hindi tht much. thts y.

  2. how great and nice they have a happy marriage they live happilly ever after right or not

  3. Itna zaldi.propose kiya asad nai.and wow what episode and ur writting skills are super
    And one more u also make some cute bonding between zoya and anwar
    And teasing zeenat like jijju and salli relation u know its just my idea

    1. thnk u sindhu

  4. Hurrah!! Yippee! !! At last Asad and zoya realised their love Asad saying I love her to zoya was the best part. Wow . Ur ff z very nyc and beautiful. No words to express. I can’t express my happiness 2 u. I can only say…….
    That today’s episode was the best episode. The way he expressed his feelings was the best part of ur whole story.

    I was waiting for this episode from such a long time. And today finally it happened.

    The Precap z also very interesting. Can’t wait for d next episode. Plz update it fast.

    1. thank u sahima.. 🙂

  5. kalai i have been reading ur episode for a longtime………………. u r a wonderful writer…………… u have to write a book…………….. u have lot of creativity………………………………….. by the way i’m sunehri’s sister

    1. wow.. thnk u so much zoya..

  6. Todays serial stories need beautiful writers like u who write the story in such a beautiful way, such that the readers are not bored from ur episodes

    1. really.. thanks a lot anhsaa.. by hearing such a good compliment my hope is getting double stronger..

  7. How cute episode dear kalai…asad comfesed his love so soon.i can’t believe this..n sry to say but i don’t have fb a/c i will try to create it plz u send ur full id information…love u so much…

    1. if u create fb id like this page amu.. i ll send u request by seeing ur like..

  8. Hi.kalai i need one help
    I am writing some diffferent ff in fanfiction after post how much time it will take to visible in fanfiction

    1. I m not sure sindhu.. Sometimes they publish within 5 mins sometimes they take more than 8 hours.. what ff u r writing sindhu..? Is they taking more time to publish..?

  9. I am ankoii kahanai
    Pairs are like laksh swara
    Ragini sankar
    Dev snd durga
    Arjun and sheena
    Its 5 hour then i found it fanfiction just read it pass ur opinion

    1. sure sindhu.. 🙂

  10. its really awsome..

  11. O kalai, it’s awesome, superb episode, very interesting n unexpected confession from asad, everything was really very sweet, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thank u roma..

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