Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 3


The scene begins by showing stars at sky. Asad is trying to sleep. he hears a voice next to his room “save me.. save me..” . He knocks the door but zoya doesnt open. So he decides to enter the room. Light is off and he cant able to see who she is. He sees Zoya who is shouting in sleep.

Zoya is having dream that a lady and zoya (childhood zoya at age 4) is struck in jungle which caught fire. (zoya’s abbu tune plays). Zoya and the lady went near the river which is situated near forest. Zoya is in the boat and the lady’s cloth got stuck in a thorn plant in forest. Zoya’s boat starts moving and she screams “Ammi.. come fast.. Ammi.. Save me.. save me..”

He calls Ms.Farukhi but zoya doesnt wake up. So he decides to turn on the light by himself and stretches his hand to turn on the light switch. By that time Zoya holds his hand. Asad become nervous and starts saying “Ms.Farukhi open ur eyes.” While trying to turn on the light by his another hand, he loses his balance and falls on her bed. (Asya female humming plays). Zoya gets up shockingly and hugs Asad and says “Please dont leave me. Please..” Asad tries to pacify her. Finally he shakes her and shouts “wake up”. Zoya wakes shockingly and realises a man is with her. So she jumps over the bed and picks up her Pepper spray and starts shouting “thief.. thief..”

Asad says “stop it..” then turns on the light and is shocked to see her. zoya too shocked to see him and says “Mr.Gussa wala………..(angry man)”. (Asya Quarrel tune plays).
Dilshad and Najma enters Zoya’s room and shocked to see them.

Zoya : you.. How did you come here? What are you doing here? Who gave permission to enter this house?
Zoya : U behave rudely with me at airport and now u r here to take revenge from me right.. See here I have pepper spray .
Dil : Zoya.. Listen to me..
Zoya : Dont worry puppi.. I m here to save you. Hey Mr.Gussawala.. U know wat.. Here Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan stays.
If he comes he will kill u. U dont know about him..
Asad : (shouts angrily) U dont know about him. Its me u r talking about. I am Mr.Asad Ahmed Khan.
Zoya : What??? (shockingly looks Dil and Najma. Dil nodes her head)
Asad : Ammi, why did u allow this ladki into our house.?
Dil : Asad, Is this the way to speak to our guest ?
Zoya : Allah miya. puppi. Is he ur son..? How is this possible..?

Asad, Dil and najma says “What” at same time.. (funny tune).

Zoya : I mean puppi u r so nice bt ur son.. awww.. I m sorry puppi.. I mean how could i think ur son as thief. I m really sorry Mr.Khan.
Asad : If ur stupid talk gets over will u please stand down from the bed.

Zoya excuses herself and gets down from the bed. She tries to laugh at Asad but Asad leaves angrily from room.(Asad tune plays). The screen freezes on Zoya’s sad face, Dil and Naj ‘s confused face, Asad’s angry face.

Precap : Asad says to Dil not to let her stay in this house. Zoya hears this and says “Stop it Mr.Khan..” (Asya quarrel tune plays).

Happy Diwali frnds.. C u at thursday.. Enjoy Diwali with sweets and crackers..

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Ha ha ha asad zoya fight so cut

  2. superb kalai
    keep on gng plz
    I wish u update evyday plz plz
    miss this couple vy much
    I’m huge fan of KABHI
    I always see those epi in laptop
    plzzzzzzzzz this is humble request plz include ayan & Asad brotherhood in this ff
    gud luck

  3. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode,

  4. y guys so less. comments

    verr r e fans of ASYA who used 2 comment on each epi
    common guys pls. do comment
    kalai u keep on gng
    gud job
    eagerly waiting for next epi

  5. Kalai pls create 2day episode fast

  6. I miss asya so much. Luv u asya♥♥♥♥

  7. Only written episodes or we can watch it in TV,any one pls let me know

    1. no nafeesa.. its just written story.

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