Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 29


The scene begins by showing Asad is standing near window and remembers Zoya jumped through window scene.. He sees Zoya’s window is open.. He thinks to himself ” Lets go through window and speak to her.. But how could I go to a girl’s room like this.. Am I gone mad..? No.. Just think.. I should speak to Zoya..” Asad walks here and there in his room and got no idea.. So he decides to go through window..

Asad goes near window and knocks window’s door.. Zoya is in washroom so she doesnt hear knock sound.. Asad gets frustated on waiting and jumps through window. (funny tune plays..) Zeenat comes to Zoya’s room and knocks Zoya’s door.. Asad gets shocked.. Zoya comes out of washroom and gets shocked seeing Asad. Zoya screams “Mr.Khan.. What are..? ” Asad shuts her mouth and asks her to keep silent.. (Mitwa plays..) A small eyelock which was broken by Zeenat’s door knocking sound. Zoya removes his hand.

(in low tone voice..)
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. This is ur house.. Then Y r u getting scared..And by the way.. I closed the door inside.. How did u come in.?
Asad : I did magic and come here.. Stupid.. Dont u guess.. Through window… (funny tune plays..)
Zoya : (Keeps hand on her mouth shockingly..) Allah miya.. Whats wrong with u Mr.Khan..?
Zeenat : Zoya.. open the door soon..
Zoya : api.. I m coming.. 2 minutes..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Go through window soon..
The window is open.. But Zoya CLOSES the opened window and asks him to go soon.. (funny tune plays..)
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. R u mad..? How could I go through closed window..
Zoya : Oh.. I am so sorry Mr.Khan.. In tension, I closed the windows thinking that I am opening the window.. I m so sorry.. (funny tune plays..)
Zoya tries to open the window.. but window got stuck.. Asad too tries.. They look at each other shockingly..

Zeenat screams “Zoya.. How long I have to wait..?”
Zoya : Coming api.. Mr.Khan.. Go and hide somewhere..
Asad and Zoya runs here and there searching for a place to hide.. Zoya asks Asad to hide in suit case.. Asad asks “Are u mad Ms.Farukhi.. ? How could I..?”

Zoya opens the door.. Zeenat comes inside and sees clothes spread here and there..
Zeenat : Zoya.. U didnt pack things yet..
Zoya : I will pack now api.. Y did u come here..?
Zeenat : I know u wont do packing.. Thats y I came here to help u..
Zeenat goes and opens suit case..
Zoya shouts “api..”
Zeenat looks shockingly and asks “Y r u screaming..? ”
Zoya : I want to change dress.. I will pack myself.. u go soon..
Zeenat : Ok I m leaving.. (she thinks y she is behaving strange..)
Zeenat leaves from there. Zoya closes door and Asad was standing behind door.

Zoya : Mr.Khan.. leave here soon.. If api sees, she will misunderstand.
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. I want to speak with u urgently. I called ur mobile and message u.. But Y didnt u reply..
Zoya : Oh.. I m so sorry Mr.Khan.. I kept my mobile in silent.

Zeenat hears Asad’s voice and thinks Something is fishy.. She leaves from there angrily..

Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. I just want to know y u want to stay here..? Who is Zuleika..?
Zoya : Y r u asking this Mr.Khan..?
Asad : I just want to help u..
Zoya : But its too late Mr.Khan.. Tomorrow api will take me.. (zoya gets teary eyed..) U know what.. I thought u will understand me and help me.. But no Mr.Khan.. U r the only person who misunderstand me, who never beleive me.. I agree that I came here opposing api.. But Cant u able to guess I m here for more important work..? Allah miya.. whats wrong with me..? Y am I saying this to u.. Just leave Mr.Khan..

Asad sees Zoya in tears and goes forward to convince her. But Zoya turns away and says “Please leave from here Mr.Khan..” Asad feels more guilty and leaves from there through door… Zeenat sees Asad leaving from Zoya’s room.. Zeenat thinks “Whats going on here..? I should share this to Anwar(Zoya’s jiju..)..” and calls Anwar and his mobile is switched off..

Next morning.. Dil, Naj and Zoya shares emotional scenes with each other.. Zoya looks at Asad with teary eyes. Asad sees Zoya feeling helpless. Asad tries to controls his emotions but cant..

The screen freezes on Asad and Zoya’s teary face in between Zeenat.

Precap : Zoya looks at Dil, Naj and Asad with tears saying Bye. Zeenat is dragging Zoya.

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. The precap was veryyyyy touchy……… Asad acted very strange today…….. Asad zoya scenes were veryyyy funny ROLF……… I loved today’s episode…… I’m very happy to say that the very talented fan fiction writer kalai who’s staying in my hometown Tamil Nadu is one of my best friend …… Good job kalai……. R u a collage student…… Or school? I’m a school girl

    1. thnk u sunehri.. i completed college and just now started working in IT company sunehri..

  2. I love ur episodes ….. Kalai u r the best

    1. u both sunehri are different persons or same person??

      1. Don’t get confused re…. :p

  3. Hey kalai…its really sad that we can’t meet eachother coz i m frm gujarat state..yeah if u have faith on me n if u have ur whatsapp account thn u can share ur no with me if u like i m not forcing u n obviouslly i don’t have right abt it so….n yes really nice episode…

    1. i cant share my number in public amu.. u understand na.. give me ur fb id amu..

      1. Hey can u share ur fb ID with me???

      2. If u can didi….. I’m not forcing u

      3. my fb name kalaivani baskaran

      4. Didi can u plz tell ur profile picture ……

      5. How it exactly looks like

      6. flowers with pink corners.. can u find it..?

      7. Didi my fb I’d is Sunehri khan

      8. I have sent the request

  4. I want the old Qubool Hai back, i
    Miss the background music – Mitwa and Junoon

    1. s.. even i too dont like these black magic track..

  5. Really funny n also sad amu is also sad abt that she can’t meet u…but yeah if u have chance to come gujarat thn plz come dear…love u

    1. s odet.. if i had a chance to come gujarat i ll definitely try hard to meet u and amu..

  6. Wow the episode was very touching and sad one. I hope a sad will stop zoya from going.

  7. No words…qm speechless. …..such a wonderful update…tnk uu kalaiii

  8. thnk u so much frnds..

  9. nice… asya scence are superb.. missing mitwa tune n asya …
    now qubool hai mainly has black magic
    it already lost stry .. its tym for air off it

  10. I have sent the request

  11. nice episode kalai.

  12. Asya rocking, awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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