Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 28


The scene begins by showing Asad in office being restless thinking about Zoya will leave tomorrow.. ayan comes there and says “Bhai.. I want to speak with u..” Asad says “Tell Ayan..” Ayan replies “Not here Bhai.. Will u come with me..?” Asad agrees and goes with Ayan.. Ayan takes asad to a bridge.

Asad remembers his childhood memories spent with Ayan at that bridge. Asad remembers he and ayan in childhood sits on that bridge’s edge and playing for long time..

Ayan goes and sits on that bridge’s edge and asks Asad to come and sit. Asad feels strange when ayan calls him like childhood ayan.. Asad too goes and sits beside him.. Ayan says “Bhai.. Did u ever think that we will be in the same spot after 15 years..? Time has changed… This place has changed a lot.. But we still have same love in our hearts for each other..Strange right.. ” Asad looks at Ayan Shockingly.. Ayan says “U didnt understood yet.. Bhai..”

Asad remembers – Ayan’s first meet, Ayan saying “we both have same surname Ahmed khan..”, ayan hugs dil when he sees dil first, his angry speech with Mr.Siddiq for Najma, etc. Asad is in tears and gets up from there.

Ayan is shocked on Asad’s behaviour and he too gets up from there.. Ayan tells “Bhai.. I m ur Ayan.. I m the same Ayan whom u see before 15 years.. Bhai.. Please speak something. Ur silence is killing me..” Asad is still standing shockingly.. Suddenly he holds Ayan’s shirt. Ayan is shocked..

Asad : Now only u have time to say that u r my brother.. If I give a punch then u will know not to delay for anything..?

Asad hugs him tightly.. Ayan gets glad.. (asad and ayan tune plays..) Asad and Ayan is in tears sharing their happiness.. They share about their past 15 years. Asad feels about shirin’s death..

Asad : ‘Dont tell ammi that u r ayan.. She will then ask about Mr.Rashid… She is still fighting with her heart to forget Mr.Rashid. If ammi knows he is here, she will get disturbed again..”
Ayan : Ok bhai. But tell me one thing.. U r still angry with abbu.. He left all his properties and came to India.. He has changed now..
Asad : Ayan.. Its better we will not speak about that man..
Ayan : Ok Bhai.. Leave it.. I am so happy today.. I m feeling very light.. If Zoya didnt give me hope, I still cant able to express truth to u.. Zoya is unbelievable..
Asad : Zoya..
Ayan : Yes Bhai.. Zoya really cares for ur family.. Especially she cares about u and respects ur feelings.. (ayan tells everything zoya said about asad’s feelings..)
Asad is in tears and smiles.. He feels great that Zoya understands him well.. Suddenly he remembers his attitude towards zoya and Zeenat saying “They are leaving tomorrow..” Asad tells Ayan that Zoya is leaving tomorrow.. Ayan too gets shocked..

Zeenat and Dil having coffee in evening.

Asad comes out of his room and goes to Zoya’s room. He thinks “I should speak to her today. Because today is the only option left to me.. I should help her.” He knocks Zoya’s door.. Zoya opens door and sees Asad..

Asad calls “Zoya.. I…” She thinks last night when Asad didnt listen to her and leaves. She gets angry and shuts door. (funny tune plays..) Asad is shocked and gets angry. He too leaves from there and goes to his room and shuts his door fastly. Dil and Zeenat watches this.. But Asad didnt notice them..

Zoya thinks to herself “What did Mr.Khan thinks of himself..? Whenever he thinks come to me and scold me.. How rude.. !” She remembers Asad knocks door and calls “Zoya.. I..” (piano tune plays..)She again thinks to herself ” But.. It doesnt seems like he come to scold me.. May be he come to speak with me.. Allah miya.. whats wrong with me..? U r really mad zoya.. I should go and ask him Y he came here..”

Zoya goes to Asad’s room and knocks door.. Asad opens door and sees Zoya and shuts his door without listening zoya.. (funny tune plays..) Zoya again gets angry and goes back to her room. Dil and Zeenat sees all this and sees each other..

Zeenat : Y r they behaving like child..? Whats going on here..?
Dil : (smiles.) Wait and see.. u will understand automatically..

Asad and Zoya again comes out of the room at same time and sees each other.. (Mitwa plays..) They comes towards each other.. They tries to speak and says “I want to..” at same time.. Suddenly phone rings and they look at hall.. Asad and Zoya realises Dil and Zeenat watching them for long time.. They gets embarassed and dont know how to react.. Dil and Zeenat acts like they are not watching them.. (funny tune plays..) They goes back to their room feeling uncomfortable..

Zeenat says “What happened to zoya suddenly.. I had ever seen her like this.. Something is wrong with her..” Dil replies “Same with Asad..” and leaves from there.. Zeenat thinks to herself “Ya allah.. Does Zoya started feeling for Asad..? Whatever.. I will never let her stay in India..”

Asad hidingly watches in hall.. Still Zeenat is in hall.. Asad thinks “How could I speak to her before her api..? I should meet her privately..” Asad calls Zoya.. She didnt see her mobile as it is in silent… Asad message her “Meet me at garden..” Asad waits in garden for long time.. Zoya didnt see her mobile and lost in thoughts of her ammi and tries to convince her api.

On dinner, Dil gives all special food made by her to Zoya as this is her last dinner in that home.. Zeenat watches this and feels glad that they are taking care of Zoya this much.. Zoya’s face is so sad. Dil and Naj too looks sad.

When Asad comes to home, Zoya completed her breakfast and starts leaving to her room.. Asad gives angry look to zoya. Zoya doesnt understand and thinks “What happened to this angry bird..? Crazy Khan..”(funny tune plays..) Dil asks Asad to have dinner but asad refuses and goes to his room..

Asad thinks “Asad.. Do something..” Asad goes near window and again calls her mobile. She didnt pick her mobile. Asad remembers zoya jumps through the window and gives first aid to his wounds.. (Mitwa plays..) The screen freezes on Asad and Zoya’s face..

Precap : Zoya says good bye to dil and Naj.. Asad is standing there helpless. Zeenat holds Zoya’s hand and takes her.. Zoya is crying.. (sad violin tune plays..)

To read previous episodes type “Asad aur Zoya ke beech ep (number) ” in google.. or go to Qubool hai telly updates page.

Credit to: Kalai

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  4. Pls tell this episode date I want to see video

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  5. Awesome episode, but emotional in the end…asya rocks. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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