Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 27


The scene begins by showing everyone shocked. Zoya is shocked and in teary eyes.. The lady again raises her hand to slap Zoya. Asad holds that lady’s hand and asks “How dare u raise hand on Zoya..?” Zoya holds Asad’s shirt and hides behind him. (Mitwa plays..)

Dil comes there and says ” Asad.. This is Zoya’s sister.. Zeenat..” Zeenat’s face is shown.. Asad is shocked and leaves Zeenat’s hand. Zeenat drags Zoya and says “How dare u come to India without informing me..? U said u were going to Japan for attending seminar right.. Is this Japan..?” Asad is shocked hearing this and steps away from Zoya..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. U came here without informing anyone.. How could a girl behave like this..? I didnt expect this from u..
Zoya : Mr.Khan…
Asad signals “Stop..” and leaves from there.
Zoya : api..
Zeenat : Dont speak a single word..

Zeenat too leaves.. Zoya looks at Asad and Zeenat and looks confusingly “Ya allah.. Whom should I convince..?” Dil understands her and signals to go and speak with her sister. Dil and Naj goes behind Asad..
Zoya : Api.. U know why I came here.. Dont u think its important for me to know who am I.? Who is my ammi and abbu..?
Zeenat : I know zoya.. But it doesnt mean that u lie to me and come here..
Zoya : then what should I do api..? U didnt give me permission..
Zeenat : Yes.. I didnt give permission. Because I am scared that when u come to India, u will go away from me.. Zoya.. U know right.. I consider u as my child.. I dont want to lose u..
Zoya hugs her.. Zeenat too cries and hugs her.

Asad : ammi.. Did u see..? She came here without informing anyone..
Dil : Asad.. We dont know her situation. We cant blame her. Bechari ladki.(poor girl..).
Asad : Ammi.. She is not bechari.. Anyways u always take her side. U may forgive her.. But I cant..
Asad leaves from there..

Naj comes there and asks “Ammi.. u said that her jiju called u and requests u to let her stay here..”
Dil : yes najma.. It seems that Her jiju knows but her api didnt know..
Naj : ammi.. But I really cant understand Y Bhai jaan is overreacting for Zoya’s doings..
Dil : U know about Asad right.. Asad expects a perfect girl to enter in his life as life partner. Thats y he cant able to accept Zoya completely.. But his heart cant able to avoid Zoya..

Asad enters home.. Zoya looks at him and says “Mr.Khan.. Please listen to me..” Asad leaves without listening her.. Zeenat thanks dilshad for taking care of Zoya.. Dilshad replies “Dont thank me and make us outsider.”

Dil : How is anwar(Zeenat’s husband and Zoya’s jiju..)..? Didnt he came here..?
Zeenat : He is fine.. If he comes here, he will take Zoya’s side.. Thats y I didnt bring him here.. By the way.. I will take Zoya to US day after tomorrow..

Asad hears this and stops.. He turns and looks Zoya.. Zoya too shocked and looks at Asad.. (Mitwa sad tune plays.)

Zoya : api please.. (with teary eyes..)
Dil : But Y..? I mean.. Whats the urgency..? stay here for some days..
Zeenat : Its k .. U had done big favour on taking care of Zoya.. We should leave from here as soon as possible. (she looks at zoya with teary eyes and controls her emotions)
Dil : Ok.. Now go and take rest.. We will speak tomorrow..
Everyone leaves from there..

Asad walks here and there in his room and remembers moments with Zoya.. He thinks about Zoya saying “I came here for important work. after finishing my work I will leave from here..” and “I want to find Zuleika..” Asad thinks “Who is this Zuleika..? May be she came here for very important work.. But she should not come here without informing everyone.. Ya allah.. this girl is driving me crazy.. I cant able to understand her.. ”

Zoya thinks Zeenat saying thet they will leave day after tomorrow.. Zoya thinks to herself “Allah miya.. whats wrong with api.. ? How could I make her understand its important for me to stay here..”

Asad goes near window and remembers meteor shower scene. He thinks Zoya saying “Hereafter u will never misunderstand me Mr.Khan..” and thinks to himself “Am I breaking Zoya’s trust.? I should listen to her once.. May be she needs help…” and gets restless that she will leave day after tomorrow..

Zoya too goes near window and thinks “I thought Mr.Khan will understand me and help me.. But he is the first to break my hope.. Hereafter I will never expect help from him. I hate u Mr.Khan..”

The screen freezes on Asad and Zoya’s face..

Precap : Ayan goes to Asad and tells “Bhai.. I am Ayan.. Ur Ayan..” Asad is shocked..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Day by day ur fan fiction is going very interested. ….. I thought the lady would be tanveer or Zulieka. …. but didn’t know it was zee nat …… I really loved zeenat and zoya scenes…… The most romantic part was asad remembering the meteor moment and zoya thinking about asad…… bring tanveer as a good character. … I’m very glad to read ur fan fiction kalai…… u r a very good writer. …. waiting for the next episode kalai…. good job ….

    1. thank u sunehri.. 🙂

  2. Hey kalai I really love ur fan fiction. ….. waiting eagerly for next episode day by day……

  3. Lvvvvvvv it. Kalai

  4. Omg, kalai plz don’t separate asya…

  5. Wowwww awesome episode kalai.’s getting interesting more and more with each episode. ..kalai you’re amazingly awesoooooome writer…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..asya is rocking along with all other characters…you’re giving each role very good dialogues n importance. you…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. thank u so much roma.. love u a lot..

      1. Kalai I wanna ask u smthng. I wrote ff of swaragini in tellyupdates page. Will it cm in swaragini’s page. If not then I will write it again.

      2. I think it will come in swaragini page only sahima.. Sometimes it may get delay. But they will definitely publish ur ff..

  6. And yaar ur ff z super amazing. Can’t wait to see d next episode. I luv ir ff d most from all other ff. I never watched qubool hain in starting. Wen sana aahil story started then only I started watching. So u don’t know also wat happened between asya. But after reading ur ff . I have became a fan of asya. Bcoz of u I started liking them. Tnk u so much for writing asya luck story.

    1. thank u so much sahima.. I am glad that because of my ff u had become Asya fan. But see Asya scenes in QH youtube.. U ll enjoy a lot..

      1. Ok. Tnk u for telling.

  7. Wow . I’m waiting for the next update

  8. Hey sahima i full qubool seasons
    Season 1 is the bestest
    If you watch them in youtube u will bwcome more crazy for asad and zoya

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