Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 26


The scene begins by showing Zoya walking in her room here and there thinking “how to go to Mr.Khan’s office.. How to know about Ayan..” Zoya gets idea and goes to Asad..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I need ur laptop..
Asad : But why.. What happened to ur ipad..?
Zoya : Ahhh.. My ipad is not working.. I have important work.. give me fast..(she acts that she is in hurry..) (funny tune plays..)
Asad : ok ok.. wait..

Asad gives laptop and zoya runs taking laptop to her room and closes door.. (funny tune plays..) Zoya tells to herself “woww.. zoya.. u r brilliant.. I will access his company’s details by hacking his account. Then I can able to see Ayan’s information without going to his office.. ” Zoya hacks his account and read details of Ayan.. Zoya thinks “Ayan Rashid Ahmed Khan.. It means u r Ayan.. Asad’s Brother..”

Zoya goes to retun laptop to Asad..
Asad : Did ur work over..?
Zoya : yes Mr.Khan.. thank u so much.. and Mr.Khan.. Keep this CD.. I have installed Anti hacking software in this CD.. Keep this.. It will be more useful for u.. Keep ur account safe from hackers..
Asad : (gives strange expression..he doesnt understand.) Y r u telling me this..?
Zoya : just for safety Mr.Khan.. (hands over CD and leaves laughingly..)
Zoya thinks “Mr.Khan is so Stupid ..”
Asad thinks “Stupid girl..” (funny tune plays..)

Zoya calls Ayan and asks him to meet her in park.. Ayan comes there thinking to tease Zoya by asking about Asad..
Ayan : (teasingly) What happened Zoya..? Bhai didnt come with u..?
Zoya : Why Mr.Ayan Rashid Ahmed Khan..? U had lived without ur brother for past 15 years.. Cant u live without seeing him for one day..?
Ayan : (Shocked.. his face turn freezed..) What are u blabbering…?
Zoya : Dont act.. I know everything about u.. U r Mr.Khan’s brother right.. Y didnt u tell him truth..? Why are u trying to cheat him..?
Ayan : Stop it.. Who are u to interfere in this matter..? If u tell anything to Bhai… I will kill u.. Dont u dare..
(ayan leaves.. Zoya goes behind him talking..)
Zoya : Do u think its easy to play with Mr.Khan’s feelings.? He thinks u as his world eventhough he didnt see u….But u r… I think u didnt love ur brother..
Ayan : (gets anger.. holds Zoya’s neck..)
Zoya gets shocked.. (Ayan and Asad tune plays..) Ayan remembers Asad’s childhood moments, they playing together, etc..

Zoya : (smiles..) I want to see this love in ur eyes for ur brother.. (ayan leaves her..)
Ayan : (still in shocked state..)
Zoya : Now I m sure that U too think him as ur world.. Then y u didnt tell him that u r his brother..
Ayan gets teary eyed and collapses into ground.. Zoya convinces him..

Ayan : When I saw him first, I feel emotionally connected with him.. I didnt know that he is my brother until I see Dilshad ammi.. I want to say them truth.. But what if they hate me because of my abbu..? I cant see hate for me in their eyes.. Thats y I hide the truth..
Zoya : Ayan.. U r misunderstanding them.. Mr.Khan also feeling emotionally attached with u.. While talking about u I saw pain in his eyes.. He is longing for ur love Ayan.. He thinks that u would have forgotten him.. If he knows u r his brother, he will be very happy.. If he knows that u r still living in his memories, he will flatter in sky.. U cant even imagine how happy he will be..
Ayan : Really Zoya.. Bhai will not hate me right.. He will love me like this right.
Zoya : Trust me Ayan.. Everything will be alright.. Just Tell him that u r his brother.. u r his Ayan..
Ayan : U r right Zoya.. Whatever may happen.. I ll tell my Bhai.. I trust him.. He cant able to hate me.. Thanks Zoya.. Thank u so much..

Zoya smiles… Ayan runs to office and asks about Asad.. Manager tells that Asad went early to home..

Zoya returns home happily.. Dil asks “Whats the matter Zoya.. U r looking so happy..” Zoya replies “I m so happy phuppi..” Zoya takes flower pot and dances with it..

Asad comes home.. Zoya hits Asad and flower pot falls down and breaks.. Asad gives angry look and says “Ms.Farukhi.. Y r u always breaking things..Cant u ever be a responsible person..? .” Zoya smiles and says “Mr.Khan.. Today onwards u ll never think me irresponsible.. Infact HEREAFTER U WILL NEVER MISUNDERSTAND ME… I hope.. Everything will be alright..”

Someone knocks door.. Najma goes and opens door.. A lady (her face is not shown) sees Zoya speaking to Asad.. She goes to Zoya and turns her.. She slaps her hard.. Dil,Naj and Asad shocked.. Zoya keeps her hand in her cheeks and looks at that lady with teary eyes..

Precap : Zoya requests Asad to listen her. Asad gets angry and leaves without listening her..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  1. Pls dont bring tanveer

  2. Wonderful episode kalai…….. I loved that part when zoya hacked asad laptop. ….. and the most touchy part was ayaan and zoya ‘ s . Good job yaar……. and who’s that lady who slapped zoya????? Waiting for next episode

    1. thank u sunehri.. stay tuned..

  3. I think that lady is shirin

    1. no sindhu.. its not shirin.. shirin is dead. read previous episode wen ayan comes to asad’s home first he tells tht shirin is dead in an accident..

  4. Wou that was

    1. thank u maha.. 🙂

  5. Hey kalai dear…u know what u r only n only the best ff writter for AsYa…i really want to meet u n appreciate ur telent yaar..n plz no need to call me amayra..u can call me amu as my frnds call me coz u r also my frnd now u soo much..???

    1. woww amu.. thank u so much.. really feeling great to have u as friend.. i also want to meet u yaar..

  6. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thnk u roma..

  7. Wow asya luv story z amazing. A ya z d best couple in qubool hai. Bit why did that lady slapped zoya???????not able to understand.

    1. u ll understand in today’s update sahima.. 🙂

  8. no sindhu.. shirin is dead.. read previous episodes when ayan first meets dilshad. he will tell tht shirin is dead in accident..

  9. no sindhu.. its not shirin.. shirin is dead. read previous episode wen ayan comes to asad’s home first he tells tht shirin is dead in an accident..

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